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avira 30 avast years antivirus? which is experience best vs

mrtroutAvira vs Avast: 30 years experience, but which is the best antivirus?
#1        Avira vs Avast: 30 years experience, but which is the best antivirus?
Jul 14, 2021       
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Avira and Avast, two popular antivirus powerhouses, always looking to upstage each other! But...which one is better in 2021?

0:00 intro
00:57 Avira vs Avast: features
3:02 Antivirus security comparison
3:23 Avira vs. Avast: performance
4:37 User friendliness
5:23 Customer support
5:48 Which offers the best plans & pricing?
7:23 Which is the best antivirus overall?

Between both free and paid versions of these providers! Both Avira and Avast provide real-time protection in their baseline antivirus offerings, meaning they have the ability to stop malicious processes in their tracks. Avast, however, has a few additional features included in its free subscription, including ransomware protection, which gives it an edge. Not to be completely outdone, however, Avira has great machine-learning technology for malware detection that makes it a stronger force for overall malware detection and security. This is a forward-looking functionality that Avast sadly lacks.

? How do they stack up from a SECURITY standpoint?
On paper, both are evenly matched having received top marks from independent evaluators. The closer we look, however, the more we do see some differentiators. AV-Test Institute, for example, noted Avira worked better on macOS while Avast had a performance edge on Windows and Android. Both earned Top Product certificates. AV-Comparatives, on the other hand, found Avast had better offline detection rates and fewer false positives. But both still earned Advanced+ evaluations. SE Lands gave AAA ratings to both products. But, that’s not all, we decided to carry out our own tests, in order to give you guys a completely transparent comparison. We like to live on the edge, so naturally...we put 10 different types of malware files onto our PC. Next, we crossed our fingers, and ran a full system scan. Through this test Avira was a clear star, detecting 9 out of 10 infected files. Avast on the other hand...not as great, only detecting 8.

Avira is more robust from a cybersecurity perspective and more lightweight from a user perspective thanks to its integration of cloud-scanning into real-time protection. Avast’s protection, by comparison, was somewhat spotty and has a disappointing lack of machine-learning to help future-proof its malware detection. Avira also completed full system scans significantly faster in about 30 minutes, whereas Avast was on average closer to 50.

Yes, both apps provide easy installation, simple and easy-to-navigate layouts, and lightweight UIs. One nasty catch we found though - Avast sneaks in a secure browser add-on by default that harvests tons of user data, and an immediate invasion of privacy.

So, we covered pros and cons in all, and thoroughly tested these providers, and our final winner is……Avira! What it may lack in overall features for both its free plans and paid plans, it more than makes up for in desktop performance (particularly on macOS), user-friendly and more cost-effective pricing options, and overall security and usability.

Affiliation disclaimer: “We are affiliated but not sponsored by any service provider. This means we may receive a small commission when you click on the provided links, but keep our reviews to be legit.”

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