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It is one of the services that provides decentralized and point-to-point web services, in the sense that blockchain and bit-torrent network method are used to launch the website. It is written in Python programming language and is open source. In this system, instead of IP address, The public key is used as the cryptographic address, the private key also allows the website owner to make and publish changes to the website

Features of this service:

Point-to-point communication: Your content is distributed directly to other visitors without a central server.
Uncensored: Due to the use of blockchain, this is not the place because it is everywhere! ‌
No Hosting Fees: Sites are hosted by visitors.
Always available: Websites are available as long as there are visitors
Easy to use: no configuration required, download, open and start using it.
Ability to use the .bit domain
No password: Your account is encrypted like a Bitcoin wallet.
Instant updates and the possibility of multiple uses
Ability to use in new browsers on Windows, Linux or Mac
Anonymity: The ability to use the Tor network to hide an IP address
Ability to use offline

Below you can create a website, email, personal page for chat, group
Upload video and many other things

Ziront is uncensored and is a means of communication between users in cases of severe and definite filtering of the net.

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