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email sender auto

tarekma7Auto Email Sender
[Image: ERs8z18.jpg]

Auto Email Sender is a small and neat free automatic SMTP email sending tool. As long as you add a list of email addresses, it can automatically send emails or Newsletters to all email addresses one by one via SMTP. You can set the interval time to let the program send emails at a low speed or a high speed.

Auto Email Sender supports both HTML and plain text email formats, and also supports adding multiple attachments. In addition to these, it also has a log recording window, failed sending email list window, and an SSL encryption function. The file size of Auto Email Sender is extremely small: the installer is 0.9 MB, and the ZIP portable package is only 60KB!

Highlights of Auto Email Sender

- Simple interface, easy to use.
- Allow to set the sending interval and speed.
- Both HTML and plain text formats are supported.
- Support adding multiple attachments.
- One-by-one sending, simulating manual sending to each recipient.
- Anti-spam: use standard SMTP to send mail.
- Failure log: Save all email addresses that failed to send, so that users can try to resend the wrong emails again.
- Delete duplicate email addresses with one click, ensuring that each email address is sent only once.
- Support SSL encryption protocol.
- No limit to the number of email addresses in the list.
- Error log: check the reason for the failure of sending.
- Totally free, small, portable and clean.

Program Info:

Name of the program: Auto Email Sender
Version: 1.0
Name of the editor: AutoClose
Site of the editor:
Download link (.exe):
Language: English
Type of license: Freeware
Type of platform: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (32/64 bit) and Servers

This looks like exactly what I wanted, but will it work with a proxy or through a VPN?

I'd preferably like to send through a dedicated IP I have for sending out, rather than through a residential IP.

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