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How To Make Good Youtube Videos (Beginner’s Guide From Start To Finish)
Quote:YouTube is a huge online platform for posting videos of all types. Individuals can take advantage of this fantastic platform to express themselves artistically and make a living from it.

This article provides a guide to making quality YouTube videos. Our objective here is to walk you through the many components of making a YouTube video ranging from brainstorming the video content to the equipment and software needed. Our purpose here is to walk you through the various aspects of making a YouTube video.

Finally, we’ll touch upon the video creation process. We look to simplify the entire process for beginners and provide tips that may help the more advanced Youtuber as well.

This article is, in large part, a summary of Think Media’s excellent guide. We have been following their advice to grow some of our Youtube channels.

However, rather than watch a two-hour video, we thought there should be an article that summarizes the great video’s main points. We added a lot of our own information and omitted some of the video’s content.

1 Content Creation

1.1 Educational Video vs. Expression of Creativity
1.2 Creating a Catchy Title
1.3 Broad vs. Niche Topics
1.4 Video Scripting
1.5 A-Roll vs. B-Roll
1.6 Scene Setup
2 Video Equipment and Accessories
2.1 Video Camera
2.2 Webcam
2.3 Lens Kit
2.4 Microphone
2.4.1 Desktop Microphone
2.4.2 Shotgun Microphone
2.4.3 Lavalier Microphone
2.5 Tripod
2.6 Secure Digital (SD) Cards
3 Common Video Recording Settings for your DSLR or Mirrorless
4 Video Editing Process
4.1 Video Editing Workflow (Editing Sequence of Events)
4.2 Intro and Outro
5 Thumbnail Photography
5.1 Crafting The Perfect Thumbnail Image For Your Video
6 Software Tools
6.1 Video Editing Software
6.1.1 PowerDirector 365
6.1.2 Adobe Creative Cloud
6.2 Photography Editing Software
7 Music and Sound Effects
8 YouTube Studio and Help Page
9 Building Up Experience
10 Youtube Monetization
10.1 Google Adsense
10.2 Sponsorships
10.3 Affiliate Commission
10.4 Subscriptions
10.5 Donations
10.6 Other Ways to Make Money
11 Conclusion

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