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tarekma7Update Forum DONATION
[Image: hcqDxop.png]

Want to show how much you care about our forum? With web hosting, domain, and advertising costs it's quite expensive to keep our forum up and running. 

Currently and since the start of this forum all of these expenses come out of the head administrator's pocket (Mike). 

We have decided to now offer a method for members to donate and help us stay online! 

We will be thankful for ALL donations given, rather it be big or small. 

The forum has no ads to keep the website clean and well designed. Also, revenues from ads are not enough to cover the cost

None of the money collected will be used for our personal expenses. 100% of the donations received will be used just for Promo2day forum expenses. To get started simply visit the blog and click on the Donate button as shown below. Enter the amount and select how you would like to donate.

Thanks for all your help.
What are the benefits you get from Donation?

FIRST and most important:  keep the forum online

Second: we think about many offers to the users who donate

Special group for those who donate.
No need to claim license, they would be unlimited time to claim.
Exclusive giveaways at the time of forum domain renew.
THIRD Benefit:  Your permission to post in our giveaways:

5$- 10$ :         3 Month double entry in any giveaways.
10$-15$ :         6 Month double entry in any giveaways.
15$-20$ :          9 Month double entry in any giveaways.
More than 20$ : 12 Month double entry in any giveaways.

Coming soon

Why this donation is required?

To keep the forum running and cover the costs of web hosting, domain, and advertising

Why not to use ads to cover these costs?

The ads do not generate enough revenue for the server costs.

Who is currently doing Payment for these costs?

Admin Mike from his own pocket

What do I get after donations?

Till now, we will add special group, exclusive giveaways at time of domain renewal, more options to reply in our contests and unlimited license claim (See above post)

Do Promo2day staff get any money / profit out of this?

All staff members here are volunteers and get nothing out of it. It is all for the forum to continue

Why makes Promo2day exclusive and unique website?

Promo2day is a non-profit site that helps all members to get free licenses, good reviews, exclusive discount offers, guides and tutorials and many other good things here in the forum.  All the money will only cover the costs of running and maintaining our website. So, it is for you, the staff team will not get any thing

Feel free to ask or suggest about it.
Topic is open for your replies and suggestions
We would appreciate if you could donate even 1$. There is no minimum donation limit.

I think if anyone could help for donation bar at the homepage , would be appreciate, like any plugin or extension for forum.

We would also appreciate if you could buy something from Mike affiliate link, of some web sites, like amazon.

We would ask Mike to provide his affiliate link, if he doesn't have then we would tell him to create.

Thanks a lot for your message Tarek. I donated $20 in the past and i will donate $10 soon after i get my payment. 
I think it's important for all of us to contribute for keeping the forum going. The contribution of each of us is important and each can contribute in its own way, some by doing great reviews and organising giveaways and others by supporting the functional costs. The result is that in the end all of us will benefit as a result of our gesture. 

I will be donating in the very near future Big Grin  Thumb
Please include a direct link to do this.
Mike, and the administrators, you are making a very good mission of allowing poor people around the world to use good software.
Good luck to you.

Thumbs Up
Donation details

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