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Promo2day Giveaway Spooktober and Halloween giveaways [CLOSED]
Right pumpkin: Ow! This cat is scratching the back of my head ! It hurts !
Middle pumpkin: Oh my, and this dog ?! He may not looks like but he weight a lot !
Left pumpkin: Haha, and what you both don't know, is that they're going to piss on you !

Sorry  Big Grin
If you want to take those pumpkins,you'll have to deal with us first Eyebrow
OK, Animal_Rights win this time.
Anyone up for Halloween themed game this time?  So we will use NG kids game page Halloween themed funny fill-in for this round. It is really a short and fun game for kids.

Visit this page:

Then fill up the game as you wish and copy the result paragraph here in reply.

Funniest answer paragraph will win a game.

Disclaimer: External page funny fill-in used for fair usage only.
Here is Mine Smile

It was a creepy scene: My friends and I decided to make a(n) Terrifying movie at night on a set that looked like a(n) 1000 -year-old graveyard. We turned on our Cam, and I put on a(n) Spider costume. Just then, I heard a(n) Fart. “It was probably just the Windy,” I said. But then the sound moved closer. And closer. Suddenly I saw a big, shadowy BigFoot. “Craze!” I screamed. My friends Crazed over each other as they tried to escape Crazily. As I ran, I closed my Eyes and Rushed into a(n) Tree. But then Thor pointed a(n) Shape into the distance. “It’s just a(n) Dog,” (s)he said. We all Yelled in relief. Guess this Bowled movie can wait until next Super Bowl.
Hmm no more entries, so ha14 wins.

Last 3 days of the month when it is the spookiest time, we will do a daily giveaway with some small horror games codes I found. 
More game?

[Image: PyRvXIGf_400x400.jpeg] [Image: 10548176.jpg]
Alright, post funny Halloween dress up pics you find, best ones win mystery game.

[Image: halloween-costume.gif]
tregs, you made a funny distribution Clap

Cool dude...........
[img][Image: infant-pumpkin-costume.jpg][/img]

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