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Promo2day Giveaway Spooktober and Halloween giveaways [CLOSED]
(10-26-2021 , 08:52 PM)Sasha Wrote: tregs, you made a funny distribution Clap

Cool dude...........
I agree I really like this too that's nice efforts as usual, also just when I search stuff to post for its giveaways I already get some laughs alone myself, so just that proves its ideas are fun xD

Last week giveaway with NG kids game page was very good too don't worry tregs, maybe the best one of this thread actually, I was about to fill my paragraph as well but I found no time this w-e, also as I tend to procrastinate eveyrthing... lol

But anyways I'm happy too as ha14 won this, cuz he deserves, hope he got a game he enjoys.  Smile
That's mine, hesitated between these two so I'll posts both, second is I guess ? xD an attempt to copy Kuato of Totall Recall

[Image: Cz2DFuT.jpg]

[Image: M4shrwa.jpg]
[Image: y2NjWUp.jpg]
[Image: p2dhal12.png]

More posts! Almost everyone will get scary game, party game, random game, or just normal game.

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