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Group Buy

I would like to suggest group buy. Many software licenses are expensive and if many users are interested to have multi-user license to be used on a single device for each user, we can arrange this through contact with the developer

If many users are interested, I will create a new section for these requests to be opened as separate topics for each request

This topic is only to see users interest and suggestions
If needed we can open a PayPal account where everyone can feel more secure on payment for the license purchase. Some vendors might even give a promo code for individual purchases.
I agree to join this group. At least to see the offers and maybe we'll have great deals.
I hope to have more interested members so that we create new section and many groups can be started
Very good idea. Please add me to the group as well. Maybe we can buy something for an attractive price.
OK, We have 2 members till now. If more users are interested, simply reply to this topic
Group discounts, Great idea.
Good idea please add me
4 members till now

I think users need to imagine that they can have expensive software for good discount through group buy and contact with developers
Maybe do a poll listing twenty programs people would most like.

Approach top 5 and see what discount promo2day can get.

Advertise the results. That would create community interaction on the subject.


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