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Promo2day Giveaway 1 x Sonic Generations Collection [CLOSED]
[Image: capsule_616x353.jpg?t=1633021734] [Image: ss_a9c40b56c70350a9c5c0374ad56adcd493fa3...1633021734]
[Image: ss_ddeb53d017933cd4d044f1d25384252fd741f...1633021734] [Image: 62a52b0402536225babbe98c112d66d7.gif]

Some more Sonic courtesy of the current 30 Anni bundle. 
Its Sonic Generations, the best ever Sonic game perhaps after mania.
Write below to take part. Can post Sonic trivia, gif anything if you wish, its OPTIONAL.
Will run for a week, then randomise.

WINNER: phobic

Steam page:

[Image: sonic-generations.gif] [Image: sonic-generations-aww-you-guys.gif]

Disclaimer: I get some of these games from friends & take these in good faith. You can understand that its impossible to check if serial is working or already redeemed, unless you activate it on Steam. So if a key turns out to be a duplicate its unfortunate & hopefully I can offer a different replacement game if I have it. You have to active it on Steam & hope all are ok & you get the game. This is the only term/condition I got for such personal giveaways of mine. Pictures used are from steam pages & internet & only used for fair use. This game code may have regional locks.
Well the first (and only also tbh) Sonic I played was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Master System that my cousin gave me when I was a kid in the late nineties. Back in that time it was quite hard games with no saves, etc, so when you achiever to pass a late level you were clearly happy, and excited to discover the next one. I'd be pleased to test this one now, especially if it's a good one.
When Sonic the Hedgehog was first in development, he was actually called Mr Needlemouse.
20 years of Sonic, ALL AT ONCE, THAT's speed of light Smile thanks for the contest Dances
Sonic the fastest hedgehog in the world...Thank you so much
Me thinking what kind of picture or joke to post

[Image: tumblr_n47acbpJcG1sxudx7o1_r1_500.gif]
Maybe a little sonic-like workout is in order?  Smile
[Image: SiudHUt.jpg]
thank you for the giveaway Thank you
thank you for the giveaway, please do count me in.
Thank you for the giveaway, Tregs!

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