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amp yearly 20x password sticky lifetime licenses premium 3x

ahmadkhajePromo2day Giveaway Sticky Password Premium 3x lifetime & 20x yearly licenses
[Image: lbzYCXH.png]

Sticky Password Premium does everything you'd expect from a password manager and more
Just about everything you do on the internet today requires a login and password. But unless you're using a strong, unique password for each of your accounts, you are at risk. And it's even harder, because you have to remember them all!
Enjoying Sticky Password? Do you want to help your family and friends to be more secure online and be able to securely share passwords with them, too? Then now is the best time to give the gift of password security.

[Image: TPYJE07.png]

We recommend Sticky Password Premium for just that purpose. An award-winning password manager that stores your passwords securely and enters them for you whenever you need.
You’ll get these Premium features:

Cloud sync & backup across devices - your data will be synced across your devices and backed up automatically in case your device gets lost, stolen or broken.
Local Wi-Fi sync - optionally synchronize over your local Wi-Fi so that your encrypted data never leaves your devices.
Secure password sharing - the convenient and safe way to share logins and passwords.
Premium customer support - Sticky Password Premium customers have priority access to the support team for all their questions.
All future updates - you'll always have the latest functionality and security

[Image: Ikjx47Y.png]

With all that you do online, it’s a challenge to create and remember passwords for your favorite sites and apps – whether it be email, social networks, shopping, banking, magazines and other subscriptions, or school and community groups. With Sticky Password, one click logs you into

[Image: DfV1nyb.png]

Are you asking yourself, “What was the password for my PayPal account again? Same as for the email inbox? Or another one?” Every day we are confronted with the challenge of logging in with different usernames and passwords on various websites.

Recent surveys of security experts agreed that unless you are using a strong, unique password for each of your accounts, you are at serious risk. Unfortunately; the majority of people use very weak passwords and even reuse them on many websites. Using the same password everywhere puts you at high risk of being hacked. However, remembering all the various or even cryptic passwords without losing track of any is a monumental task

[Image: C0tPrGm.png]

AES‑256 encryption.
The world's most advanced encryption standard used by the US military and government is implemented with PBKDF2 to provide the strongest protection.

2‑factor authentication.
When activated, two independent pieces of information provide extra protection for your data: your Master Password and a uniquely generated security code.

[Image: 3h8BnlL.png]

Master Password:
only in your head.
Your Master Password isn't saved anywhere — we never save it on our servers or send it over the Internet. By default, we don’t even save it on your devices.

Local WiFi sync.
When activated, synchronization can be made over your local WiFi — your data never leaves your devices. You control the devices and the network your data is synced over.

[Image: 806L8EK.png]

Fingerprint scanning.

No other password manager offers more in terms of biometric authentication. Verify your identity with a swipe of a finger on supported Android and iOS devices.

[Image: 4yclTDU.png]

I would like to Thank Sticky Password Premium for sponsoring this giveaway exclusive for our Promo2day Members.

Giveaway Details:

Number of Licenses:

We have 3x lifetime license to Sticky Password Premium (MSRP is $199.99) 20x yearly license to Sticky Password Premium (MSRP is $29.99) for the giveaway

Giveaway Duration: 3 Weeks.
Winners will be selected by


To have a chance to be one of our lucky winners, please follow these simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. If you don't have account; share on other forum.

2. Reply to this topic with your share link and comment [What is your favorite features?/Why you want to win a license?]

3. Subscribe to our Newsletter and have all news delivered directly to your email.

4. PM Me Within 2 days after Winners announcement.


Good Luck for all!

Home page:

Buy Sticky password:

SUPPORT Sticky Password Premium:

Download Sticky Password Premium:
Black Friday deal - 85% off to lifetime license:
Thanks for this contest, the portable version is good to carry passwords, continuing use Sticky Password makes it more friendly to the user.

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I use Sticky Password Maneger every day. This is the best password management program for me. My favorite feature is storing passwords in the cloud.
Hello and good luck to all.
With Stickypassword, I have the ability to securely store very complex passwords and also offers the ability to have a portable version.
I'm joining the contest.
Thank you Stickypassword and Promo2day for this gift.

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Thanks for the Giveaway !
1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter.
Facebook sharing link :

2. Reply to this topic with your share link and comment [What is your favorite features?/
Why you want to win a license?]
Sticky Password will help you stay safe online, recognize your password-protected sites and provide effective protection against phishing schemes, concealed keyloggers, and identity theft; each license also includes the portable version and can install easily on your USB device or flash memory stick with your passwords wherever you need them. With such favorite features provided by the software, I am anxious to win this license.
I use Sticky Password Maneger every day. This is the best password management program for me. My favorite feature is storing passwords in the cloud.

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I need to find a replacement of Lastpass!

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Thanks for the giveaway.

Sticky Password has a great interface, and offers solid features that are on-par with the competition. I have used Sticky Password before, but always with a 1-year license, this time I hope to win a Lifetime License.
I need Sticky Password Premium to store, secure and organize my passwords because I'm using a lot of these.
Thank you ahmadkhaje for arranging this great giveaway contest and I really hope to win a lifetime license.


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