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Personal Giveaway Xmas keys for everyone
This is a first come first get because i don't have time to randomize. I will post some keys i already have in my inventory (mostly from Fanatical bundles) on a daily basis so be quick Smile

Keys will then be sent through pm. Remember first come first get. 

Today's keys are:

The Plague:Kingdom Wars

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition
This is basically like last year's ga and a tribute to the community, i'll post some random games i have here on the main post, you chose one game and the first one to chose a specific key i'll send it through pm. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
I'd like to have Medieval Kingdom Wars if possible.
Thank you very much!
thank you so much The Plague:Kingdom Wars
I report after 
Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition 
pm's sent to the winners
I already got my key and it activated fine! Thank you very much!  Thumb Smile

[Image: fuX7fIo.png]
thank you so much i already got my key and activated Heart
I also succeeded

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