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Promo2day Giveaway Sticky Password Premium 1x lifetime & 10x yearly licenses
Thanks a lot for this great giveaway!  Thumb Smile

Without a great password manager like Sticky Password Premium it is quite inconvenient for me to enter and manage my individual passwords on all my devices like my cell phone, tablet, laptop and PC.

Most of my favorite sites I don't even visit on my cell phone or tablet, because I often make typos and it's too annoying for me to enter my passwords.

As passwords should be as secure as possible it's more difficult to remember them. So knowing all passwords by heart is not so easy either. The alternative option of using the same easy password on all sites would be very insecure.

This is where Sticky Password Premium comes in extremely handy. Anyone (even me Smile ) should be able to remember one single master password. Sticky Password Premium then takes over and enters the individual passwords on each password protected site. This is a very helpful! 

I especially like the "Local WiFi Sync" feature, as I don't want my passwords on any server - no matter how secure this server is in theory.

Therefore I would love to win a lifetime license for Sticky Password Premium.  Smile


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