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Promo2day Giveaway Fast Video Downloader - 20 Licenses
[Image: Wn87rro.jpg]

[Image: jvvGh1C.png]

With videos becoming the new normal you need access to premium tools such as Fast Video Downloader which you can use to download videos from several sources. With the help of Fast Video Downloader, you can download videos and playlists in 8K, 4K, and HD video formats and sizes. You can download videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, Bing, and much more. Moreover, you can convert the videos to iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, PSP devices including 3GP and AVI formats. The Fast Video Downloader is capable of handling batch video downloading with full support for 1080P. The scheduling module enables users to save valuable time and connectivity charges. The software automatically detects video URL from the clipboard. You can modify resolution of the video without changing format. You can record screen with no time limits using microphone and audio as per your requirement. You can configure time to automatically stop screen recording after a pre-defined time.

The Fast Video Downloader can be installed quickly. The relevant license code will be included in the purchase email.

Working with Fast Video Downloader

To work with Fast Video Downloader, you should double-click on the icon from the desktop. The dashboard looks like as shown below.

[Image: Be6t8Fo.png]

To download a video, you have to navigate to the original video source and copy the URL. The relevant URL will appear inside the textbox as shown below.

[Image: 6H74nvH.jpg]

The URL will appear as soon as you copy it from the browser’s address bar. You can also disable this functionality. A progress bar will be displayed during the downloading process.

[Image: rfVSb9C.png]

Alternatively, you can select the video quality, format, and resolution. You can even select the subtitle language. The Fast Video Downloader also enables users to schedule the video download as per your preferences. The downloaded videos will appear inside the “Download List” section. You can even play the video directly from the Fast Video Downloader.

Searching Videos

The Fast Video Downloader also enables users to search for videos and then download them if required. You can provide the keyword and the tool will pull the selected videos.

[Image: zFUJzmw.png]

Using Screen Recorder

The Fast Video Downloader also includes a handy screen recorder module using which you can record your screen. This module can be used to create educational videos and other media content. If you select “Record Video” option, the required options will be displayed in Rectangle format. You can choose the screen dimensions and can also activate/deactivate web camera and microphone. You can also stop recording after specified time.

[Image: DZ11ZNv.jpg]


The Fast Video Downloader is easy to use and the user interface is very simple to understand. You just need to copy the video URL and the rest of the work is done by the handy tool. The integrated screen recorder can be used to create educational videos, e-learning materials, and much more. Even though the program can be used to download videos from various sources, you should be aware about the copyright issues. You should use the downloaded videos only for your personal usage.

Review thanks to Anand Narayanaswamy editor-in-chief of


To celebrate our Promo2day Anniversary I would like to thank sales at for this donation of 20 licenses to be rewarded to our forum members.

If you are interested in a Fast Video Downloader license - Valid for 1 year, and Lifetime Free Updates just follow the simple rules below and you will be entered in this giveaway contest.

Note: If anyone is interested and can post a complete review on Youtube or Tech Blog like Medium etc., they will be a guaranteed winner.


1.) You must be a member of the Promo2day Forum to enter this giveaway.

2.) Post a comment along with your share link of this giveaway (on social media or other forums) if possible.

3.) The giveaway begins today and entry will end August 20, 2022.

4.) The winners will be selected by using the List Randomizer and selected winners must claim his/her win within 3 days of the draw or the win will be void.

5.) Non members can enter this contest but must first register to the forum HERE

Good Luck to all
I have used 1 year-licensed Fast Video Downloader to download videos from YouTube.
Unfortunately, it has been expired. So I want to win another copy and use it for another year.
Thank you Mike for arranging this contest and I really hope to win a license.

My Tweet
Why do I want to win a one-year license for Fast Video Downloader?

Because "Fast Video Downloader" is the best user-friendly downloader of videos that I have ever used ... and I have tried a lot of them. ... My wife asks me very often to find a song on or some other media platform that may have it and try to download it. With this software, I am usually successful in making her happy. ... Fast Video Downloader is the way to download the video and have it very easily converted to MP3 format. ... GREAT SOFTWARE APP !!! Smile

*Thanks, Mike, for putting this contest together for all of us. Thumb
Thanks Mike for the Fast Video Downloader giveaway.

I have not used Fast Video Downloader as yet. It has loads of  features.
It would be great to win a license.

It works with lots of websites:-
[Image: Gc9snkl.png]


Happy Anniversary.
[Image: hLGQlmp.jpg]
Hello! I need a new downloader to replave my expired IDM. I'd certainly use FVD!
Thanks for the giveaway

I would like a license for Fast Video Downloader for downloading videos from many sources like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Thanks for this contest,  Fast Video Downloader is easy to use anf has many options to choose as desired

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Thanks a lot for the giveaway, very useful software

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Thanks a lot for the giveaway mike. I haven't use this before but I have used some similar products in the past. I will very much like to try it. 

Thanks, I am using Fast Video Downloader but my license is expiring, hope I could win a license to contine to use this wonderful program.


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