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Promo2day Contest Emergency Boot Kit
[Image: Q7B6EgH.png]

Emergency Boot Kit - a boot disk with a set of tools for restoring the Windows operating system. It includes a file manager, a registry editor, a disk and partition manager, and a tool for resetting and changing a forgotten Windows password.
Using the Emergency Boot Kit, you can work with files, folders, partitions, and disks if the operating system is damaged, infected with viruses, or does not boot. Using the partition manager, you can back up and restore partitions from image files, as well as edit the boot sector. Using the Password Reset wizard, you can change the forgotten password for any user or administrator account.
Emergency Boot Kit consists of a utility for creating a bootable USB media or CD / DVD and does not require the use of third-party programs. Run the utility, select the desired media, and the utility will create a bootable version of Emergency Boot Kit on it. The boot disk has a simple menu with a text interface and keyboard navigation.

[Image: tzsXdT6.png]

Emergency Boot Kit Features
• A two-panel file manager with Unicode and NTFS support.
• Reset passwords for Windows user accounts.
• Defragment the registry to speed up the operating system.
• Registry editor with support for importing and exporting branches and keys.
• Section manager for creating, editing, deleting, and editing sections.
• Boot Sector editor for troubleshooting boot problems and reassigning drive letters.

[Image: fF8q4QH.png]

A powerful toolset for data recovery and fixing unbootable computers
Emergency Boot Kit is a self-contained bootable OS on USB thumbdrive for fixing unbootable computers and full-scale data recovery. Bootable file manager lets you explore your disk C: and other disks even if Windows is not bootable. Then you can save your files from local hard disk to a USB thumbdrive, or restore them back from USB thumbdrive if necessary. Builtin viewer and editor for text files allows rapid configuration changes. In addition to letting you get back into your files and save them, Emergency Boot Kit also provides you with a set of useful tools that make managing your computer simple and easy. Windows Password Wizard gives you powerful access to your PC even when you completely forget the password for your Windows user account. Next up – Registry Editor, handy for making changes to the Registry even if Windows is unbootable. For example, it lets you fix various boot problems caused by installing wrong drivers, or by switching between AHCI/IDE disk controller modes. And along with that, there’s Mount and Boot Center, which lets you reassign and fix missing drive letters, edit boot menus, and most importantly, repair boot records and active partition flags. Finally, a Partition Manager can be used to create, format, delete, and wipe partitions. Also it can backup partitions to image files, restore them, and even copy from partition to partition! Emergency Boot Kit supports both old computers (based on BIOS) and a new ones (based on UEFI). With all of these wonderful utilities on one disk, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have Emergency Boot Kit in your arsenal!

Emergency Boot Kit (formerly Emergency Boot CD) is a powerful toolset for data recovery and fixing unbootable computers. It is a self-contained bootable OS on USB thumbdrive with the following features:
[Image: PrVTZWE.png]
-File Manager:
Backup and restore files without Windows (has full support for Unicode and NTFS)

-Windows Password Wizard:
Restore access to your PC when you forgot the password for Windows user account
[Image: I4WQlGM.png]
-Registry Tools:
Registry Editor (edit Registry even if Windows is not bootable) and Registry Defragmenter (reorganize Registry in such way that logically adjacent data is located physically nearby, so Registry works faster).
[Image: D6PktGq.png]
-Mount & Boot Center:
Fix various boot problems and reassign drive letters outside of Windows.
[Image: DtkNrfK.png]
-Partition Manager:
Create, format, delete and wipe partitions; backup partitions to image files, restore them back, and copy partition-to-partition.

Technical Details:
Developed by Prime Expert
Version is v1.6n
Download size is 27.6 MB
Supports Windows 11,XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)




Getting Started:

Guide in PDF format Emergency Boot Kit:

We have 5 Lifetime Licenses for Emergency Boot Kit. Each license worth 41$
With the next update

[Image: 8YG8RSM.png]

Winners will be selected using


If you want to have a chance to win this RARE giveaway, please follow these simple rules:

1. Reply here why you need this application [In a few sentences]

2. Share the giveaway on your social media or other websites or forums: (include forum title and giveaway name for valid share link):

3. [OPTIONAL] Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and you will never miss any giveaway

4.  PM me within 2 days after winners announcement to claim license

Good luck for all!.
The Giveaway is open
Thanks for this giveaway. I have a very old computer that often runs into problems. This software would be very helpful.

Here's my share:
Thanks for this valuable giveaway. 
This software would be very helpful to PC hardware technician or home user to solve accidental PC OS matters.
Like to have a license for me.
Count me in p/s....

My Share :
Wow what an excellent program.  I do occasionally repair Computers for associates. this is a very much needed  tool in my bag of tricks! Thank You!

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I need Emergency Boot Kit to rescue my computer every time the operating system crashes or gets infected with the virus.
I need the Emergency Boot Kit to save my aging PC.

I have often had boot problems and always had to reinstall.
With this great collection of tools I can get around that.

So please, count me in Big Grin

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Thanks for this contest, Emergency Boot Kit has interesting utilities that can help to recover Windows OS when needed.

i want it to repair my pc especially os when down
Thanks for the giveaway.
I need an Emergency Boot Kit application to restore the Windows operating system.
Emergency Boot Kit includes a file manager, registry editor, disk and partition manager, as well as a tool for resetting and changing a forgotten Windows password.

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