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test review manager 41 giveaway annual licenses v 12 internet download

Contest Internet Download Manager V6.41 Review and 12x Annual Licenses Giveaway
[Image: wjCFRcw.png]
Internet Download Manager V6.41 Review and 12x 1 year Licenses Giveaway

[Image: r5KtBiA.gif]

We would like to thank the Tonec FZE team for sponsoring this giveaway exclusive for our Promo2day users and visitors.

What is Internet Download Manager? - also known as IDM:-

IDM is developed by Tonec FZE which is currently celebrating its 20-year anniversary with 2,000,000+ registered users.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is hands-down, the best-in-class downloader software.

It can increase download speeds by up to 5 times, schedule downloads, repair broken and resume interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or power outages. Speed limiter allows downloading your files at a slower speed, therefore not impacting slow computers or computers with bloatware. Integrates with all popular browsers, including portable versions.

[Image: Pr3qnt2.png]

Program Description:-

Name:- Internet Download Manager  (also known as IDM)

Program Category:- Download Accelerator

Current release version:- 6.41 Build 2

The current version was released:- May 31, 2022

Updates:- frequently - releases and dates:-

Language:- multi-language support, the default is English (languages listed further down)

Operating System support:- Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11


Download Size:- 10.74 Mb


download the file idman641build2.exe from

Free trial:-

All features and uses of the program can be used for 30 days with no limitation entirely for free.  After the trial period, you will need a license to continue using the program. This is available on the official website - link below.

To buy:-

[Image: icW9TTg.png]

Internet Download Manager feature List:-
  • Download Speed Acceleration
  • Download all file types from your favorite websites
  • All popular browsers are supported including portable versions
  • Easy downloading with one click
  • Dark theme
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • Download Resume
  • Built-in Scheduler
  • IDM includes website spider and grabber
  • Customizable Interface
  • Download Categories
  • Download All Links feature
  • IDM is multilingual
  • Quick update
  • Download limits
  • Automatic Antivirus checking
  • Simple installation wizard
  • IDM supports many types of proxy servers
  • IDM supports main authentication protocols: Basic, Negotiate, NTLM, and Kerberos
  • Drag and drop
  • Advanced Browser integration
  • Download several types of video streams

link to detailed feature list:-

Download Speed Acceleration

Internet Download Manager will accelerate downloads by up to 5 times due to its smart dynamic file segmentation technology. Unlike other download managers and accelerators, Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during the download process, and it reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve the best possible acceleration performance.

Download all file types from your favorite websites

After installing the "IDM integration module" browser extension, just continue surfing the Internet, and you will be amazed at how easy is to download everything you want from your favorite websites.

All popular browsers are supported including portable versions.

IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, MSN Explorer, AOL, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, Maxthon, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads.

[Image: 381Yrba.png]

Easy downloading with one click

When you click on a download link in a browser, IDM will take over the download and accelerate it. You don't need to do anything special, just browse the Internet as you usually do. IDM will catch your downloads and accelerate them. IDM supports HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, and MMS protocols.

Under Options and download

[Image: hrYRIR5.png]

Dark theme

IDM's dark theme displays dark surfaces across the majority of its UI. It was designed as a supplemental mode to the default (or light) theme. The dark theme reduces the luminance emitted by your screen, while still meeting minimum color contrast ratios. It helps to improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, adjusting brightness to current lighting conditions, and facilitating screen use in dark environments while conserving power.

Dark Mode is only supported for windows 10  (I am running windows 7- this option is not available.)

Under the Menu/View, there is a Dark mode support option.

Image from IDM website

[Image: IuL4MHA.png]

Dynamic segmentation

Internet Download Manager has optimized file download logic. IDM divides downloaded file on file segments dynamically, unlike other download accelerators that divide downloaded file in segments once just before the download process starts. Dynamic segmentation gives significant download performance improvement. When file download starts, it's unclear how many connections may be opened. When new connection becomes available IDM finds the largest segment to download and divide it in half. Thus new connection starts downloading file from the half of the largest file segment. IDM minimizes the time needed for negotiations with servers and keeps all connections busy.

[Image: dbaokDf.png]

Download Resume

Internet Download Manager will resume unfinished download from the place where they left off. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost or dropped connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

[Image: 0uGD8UL.png]

Built-in Scheduler

Internet Download Manager can connect to the Internet at a set time, download the files you want, disconnect, or shut down your computer when it's done. You can also synchronize changes using periodic synchronization of files. It's possible to create and schedule several download queues for downloading or synchronization.

[Image: a1Jvy1T.png]

IDM includes web site spider and grabber

IDM downloads all required files that are specified with filters from web sites, for example all pictures from a web site, or subsets of web sites, or complete web sites for offline browsing. It's possible to schedule multiple grabber projects to run them once at a specified time, stop them at a specified time, or run periodically to synchronize changes.

[Image: 6kC029y.png]

Customizable Interface

You may choose the order, buttons, and columns to appear on the main IDM window. There are several different skins for the toolbar with different button styles. All skins can be downloaded from IDM home site. Also users can design their own skins.


Some of the toolbar looks :-

[Image: Se9xSID.png]

[Image: kFWJ1u6.png]

Download Categories

Internet Download Manager can be used to organize downloads automatically using defined download categories.

[Image: FW9mjUA.png]

Download All Links feature

IDM can add all downloads linked to the current page. It's easy to download multiple files with this feature.

[Image: YgexR2f.png]

IDM is multilingual

IDM is translated to Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijan, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, etc.

List of all languages supported and how to install:-

[Image: 1cH5ijQ.png]

Quick update

Quick update may check for new versions of IDM and update IDM once per week. Quick updates feature lists all new features added to the latest version and asks a user if he wants to update IDM to the latest version.

[Image: lmDDtLr.png]

Download limits

Progressive downloading with quotas feature limits downloading to defined number of megabytes per hour. The feature is useful for connections that use fair access policy (or FAP) like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.

[Image: dJKx8qn.png]

Automatic Antivirus checking

Antivirus checking makes your downloads free from viruses and trojans. IDM can automatically run a scanner on download completion, like AdAware, Avast, Spybot, AVG Anti-Virus, McAfee, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, SpywareBlaster, CCleaner and others to protect users from harmful downloaded files.

from the link:-  Please note that for antiviruses that have some kind of real-time protection it is not necessary to add any settings in IDM. They will scan all downloaded files automatically.

I am running windows 7 IDM is not showing this setting for me. The video version is from IDM V6.27

The screenshot is taken from-

[Image: YpOiqVu.png]

Simple installation wizard

Quick and easy installation program will make necessary settings for you, and check your connection at the end to ensure trouble free installation of Internet Download Manager.

link to tutorial - Installation / Registration

[Tutorial]Internet Download Manager v6.41-Installation Registration Process

IDM supports many types of proxy servers

For example, IDM works with Microsoft ISA, and FTP proxy servers.

[Image: peay6ti.png]

IDM supports main authentication protocols: 

Basic, Negotiate, NTLM, and Kerberos

Thus IDM can access many Internet and proxy servers using login name and password.

Drag and drop

You may simply drag & drop links to IDM, and drag & drop downloaded files out of Internet Download Manager.

Advanced Browser integration

When enabled, the feature can be used to catch any download from any application. None of the other download managers have this feature.

help on Browser  integration per browser

Be aware:-

Fake Chrome extension 'Internet Download Manager' has 200,000 installs

promo2day article

Real Extension

Ensure you add the real IDM extension.

It is called:-      IDM Integration module.

[Image: mGRGjXN.png]

Firefox extension:-

Article chrome extension:-

Articles on IDM installation per browser:-

My two cents worth.

I have used Internet download manager for many years on many laptops and pcs with different versions of windows, from XP to Windows 10. It is by far the best downloader available. I have a number of Microsoft certifications and have worked in several companies in different industries and different countries. IDM has enabled me to do research for work and certifications easily: downloading documents, software, and live streams, and categorizing the downloads. I load up a number of files on a low-speed limit and let them download in the background without impacting the use of my computers, even on low-spec laptops. In general, I use offshoots of the standard browsers such as Brave, Vivaldi, Waterfox, and librewolf, both installed and portable. IDM integrates with all browsers I have tested and works flawlessly.

IDM is an industry-standard. This is a great chance to win a free license. While waiting on the giveaway, download the fully functional 30-day trial. Good luck.
We would like to thank the Tonec FZE team for sponsoring this giveaway exclusive for our Promo2day users and visitors.

We have 12 one year licenses for this giveaway. [11 winners + One license will be offered to the reviewer]

The giveaway will last for 3 weeks then winners will be selected using

Please don't use VPN or Proxy in this giveaway


If you want to win a license for this great software please follow these simple rules:

1. Share this giveaway on your social media or other forums and add the link here

2. Reply here about IDM and why you want to win a license? You can express in your own words. Short answers (such as best app, count me.... ) will not be counted

3. Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and have all news delivered to your email [OPTIONAL]

4. Follow us on social media and never miss any giveaway or news [OPTIONAL]

5. PM Tarekma7 within 2 days of the winners announcement to claim your license

Good luck for ALL!
Giveaway is OPEN....Please follow our SIMPLE RULES
Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe downloading technology to accelerate your downloads

Excellent swing. Everything is moving at a good speed. many customizations. Thanks

I have used Internet download manager in the past. But only for 30 days(trial period). At this time I am using another download manager. I have also tried many download managers like Jdownload manager, eagleget manager or free download manager but I still miss IDM. There is no match for its speed and resume capabilities. Also the extension catches all the downloads and videos on websites and that is the most wanted feature. Would like to try it again.


I would like to win a license for the program because it simplifies and speeds up the download of legal content.

Unfortunately, the trial version of the program doesn't allow you to enjoy this maintenance-free content download for a long time.


Thanks a lot for this perfect giveaway!
Internet download manager is the most needed one for me these days. My current license was expired and currently using FDM.
IDM is the #1 software for downloading for must-have list in my PC.
P/s count me in and thanks again...

My share:
I've been using Internet Download Manager for so long to speed up my downloads.
Unfortunately, my annual license have been expired for quite some time.
I need a new license to continue to use the full function of it.
Thank you for the giveaway contest and I really hope to win a new license.

It's more reliable to use a download manager to get the big files faster. Thanks for the contest.


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