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Promo2day Contest Ashampoo Photo Commander 17: All-in-one image manager, editor and viewer!
[Image: aYn51OZ.jpg]

Edit, manage and view images

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 is the total solution to view, present, edit and organize your photos. Over 200 features cover all common photography-related tasks.

The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 is a comprehensive software solution to view, edit, and organize digital photos. Clever filter and grouping options help users keep track no matter how large their photo collections are. The program supports geotagging to sort photos by location and can visualize locations on a map. Photo Commander's image viewer features seamless transitions and is perfect for multi-display environments with high-res 4K resolutions. Features include automatic image optimization plus manual effects and various tools to recover faded images, remove scratches, fix red eyes and eliminate digital noise. The integrated batch processing is ideal for large numbers of images and supports conversion as well as common image manipulation features. Users can also create individual collages, calendars and photo cards based on multiple included templates and frame designs for quick results. Creating slideshows with smooth transitions and background music is equally easy. Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 is fully Windows 11 compatible and the first Photo Commander to feature native 64-bit support. Version 17 has been technologically overhauled and features significant speed improvements, e.g. with JPGs loading up to 40% faster.

Full Windows 11 compatibility
Native 64-bit support for optimal memory usage and speed
Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) support for optimized CPU usage
40% faster loading of JPGs
Numerous codec upgrades (PNG, WebP, JXR, etc.)
New burning and scanning technologies
Lightning-fast file browser to low memory footprint
Enhanced video playback
New wizards for slideshows, batch processing, and duplicate scans
Convert WebP into JPG

[Image: 8wX4OMG.png]


Release date: 2022/09/12
Trial Period: 30 days
Category: Multimedia Software

Pricing and languages
Price: EUR 49.99, USD 49.99, 

Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Argentina), Swedish, Turkish

Size: 585,00 MB

Download link (.exe) (585,00 MB)

Product Website:

System requirements:

Operating System
Windows 11, Windows 10 (x64)

Any device that supports the operating systems listed above. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Redistributable

An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.

Chockfull of features: More than 200 functions for your photos in a single software

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 is the complete solution to view, edit and organize your photos. Bring order to your collection, optimize any number of photos simultaneously and create stylish calendars, cards, or entire slideshows in no time! Turn any number of unsorted photos into a genuine collection in just a few clicks, whether beginner, enthusiast, or professional!

[Image: H7jIXuL.jpg]

Ashampoo Photo Commander is back!
A modern technology overhaul for a classic
Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 offers the necessary technology upgrade for blazing performance, up-to-date image formats, and full Windows 11 compatibility. Thanks to more efficient 64-bit memory and CPU management, version 17 is up to 40% faster than version 16. This means faster image browsing and opening. We've also overhauled the burning and scanning routines and improved the codec support (PNG, WEBP, JXR, etc.). Get ready for a futureproof Photo Commander with modern visuals and top-notch performance!

Full Windows 11 compatibility
Native 64-bit support for optimal memory usage and speed
Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) support for optimized CPU usage
40% faster loading of JPGs
Numerous codec upgrades (PNG, WEBP, JXR, etc.)
New burning and scanning technologies
Lightning-fast file browser to low memory footprint
Enhanced video playback
New wizards for slideshows, batch processing, and duplicate scans
Convert WebP into JPG
Collages, cards and frames included
From birthdays to Christmas: Create just the right card in no time
Get creative: Photo Commander 17 lets you create stylish collages and elegant cards with the help of numerous included templates. Add nifty frames to your photos and combine images and texts to create greeting cards for holidays, parties, and special occasions.

Make the most out of your photos!

[Image: IMM3uxd.png]

The image viewer with the perfect overview
Smart-group and sort by capture date, time, or file name
With Ashampoo Photo Commander 17, you always stay on top of your photos. Clever filter and grouping options help you keep track no matter how large your photo collections are! Sort chronologically, thematically and by location or apply custom filters and instantly find every shot!

[Image: DXHM7AZ.png]

Design slideshows with ease

Create high-res slideshows with music
Create high-resolution 4K slideshows with fitting transitions and underline your shots with music in various formats. Finished projects are instantly previewable with the new video playbar and can be burned to disc straightaway.

Auto-enhance your photos

Smart algorithms for better colors or contrasts and less noise
Even underwhelming shots turn into precious vacation memories thanks to image auto-correction. Remove scratches and eliminate image noise or red eyes instantly! Auto-correction does most of the heavy lifting for you–even in batch processing mode so you can polish your entire library in one go! Optimize colors or contrasts and get rid of compression artifacts at the click of a button!

Present your photos in style

Versatile presentation mode for every occasion
Whether you're enjoying your photos on your own or with friends and family, the new presentation mode is simply genius–especially in multi-display environments. You control the presentation on one display and your viewers get to enjoy the results on another, e.g. a video projector. You can even make live adjustments without leaving the presentation!

Apply geotags

No more confusion about shooting locations
Modern cameras and cellphones use geotagging to save location information along with each shot. Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 not only uses these tags for sorting but can also edit and create them. You'll get precise information down to street level! Want to see all photos from Paris? No problem. You can even view each location in Google Maps instantly!

Crop and edit photos

Beginner or professional user: Make the most of your shots
Crop your photos with ease, straighten image horizons and accentuate colors. Cut out individual people and objects and modify image perspective at your convenience. Play with numerous great photo effects and go professional with gradation curves and tonal value correction! Whether quick fix or detailed post-processing: Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 has got you covered!

A real feature beast for your photos

20 years in the making–and it shows!
Ashampoo Photo Commander includes over 200 photo-related functions and is rightly called "feature beast" by its fans. And it's true: You can click your way through he program and keep discovering new handy features and tools that other companies would gladly sell you as separate apps. Your fun journey into the world of photo editing begins today!

Salvage or create

Breathe new life into bad shots or create stunning panoramic pictures
Not every shot is a hit! Photo Commander 17 includes a special auto-feature that fixes overexposed or washed out colors with great results. You can also apply effects individually to add more vibrancy and structure to your shots, or combine them into breathtaking panoramic views.

Batch-processing done right

Process entire photo libraries in one go
Convert multiple images into different formats at once and adjust image size and aspect ratio in the process. Add watermarks or frames to your photos and rotate or mirror them to your needs. Modify brightness and contrast settings or eliminate image noise. You can do all that with batch-processing and save loads of time and effort!

Find duplicates, edit metadata, smart-search for files

Find the one vacation shot you've been looking for among hundreds of photos!
Ashampoo Photo Commander is handy indeed! It scans your library for duplicates and helps you filter your photos by name, EXIF/IPTC data, or comments. Looking for a needle in a haystack has just become super-easy. You can even add missing metadata manually so you'll never lose track of your photos again!

Fast multi-purpose image editing

A quick fix for common image issues
Discover tools that optimize your photos, add filters and polish contrasts and colors. Straighten image horizons, clone areas, and accentuate details with the focus or tilt-shift effect. Adjust image size and rotation or crop your photos perfectly. Why buy several programs when you can just get the one that does it all in a single interface?

Helpful wizards

Step-by-step guidance
Ashampoo Photo Commander comes with multiple wizards that offer step-by-step assistance for various tasks. Whether you're designing a calendar, creating a collage, or batch-processing hundreds of photos, there's a wizard that will guide you through the process, no previous knowledge required. Pick your photos, select an option, and you're good to go!

A powerful helper for your photo collection

A single application to review, sort and enhance your photos!
20 years ago, beautiful photos were scarce. 10 years ago, memory was scarce. Today, we've got both–but we've also got a veritable file chaos, thanks to hundreds of files! Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 not only turns chaos into neat photo collections but it also turns good into great shots, and can even make collages, greetings cards, and slideshows. Convert your photos, even automatically and in batches, add watermarks, and sort your files by location for instant visual clarity. Photo Commander is the all-in-one solution for you!

Full Windows 11 compatibility and 64-bit support

Maximum performance for all current Windows versions
Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 is not only Windows 11 compatible but has also been completely overhauled for true native 64-bit support and optimal memory management. It's the best-looking, fastest, and most stable Photo Commander yet. Whether you're editing single images or entire libraries, you'll feel the difference right away!

New technologies for more speed

Loads JPGs up to 40% faster
Version 17 pulls out all the stops: The program makes full use of the available memory and supports AVX for lightning-fast results. Numerous codec upgrades, new burning and scanning technologies, significantly snappier file management, and new handy wizards will have you breeze through your work. And it doesn't stop there: We've also enhanced video playback.

I would like to Thank Ashampoo Team for sponsoring this giveaway exclusive for our Promo2day Members.

Giveaway Details:

Number of Licenses: 5

Value of the license:  $49.99

Giveaway Duration:  3 Weeks

Winners will be selected by


To have a chance to be one of our lucky winners, please Register and follow these simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. If you don't have account; share on other forum.

2. Reply to this topic with your share link and comment: Why you want to win a license?

3. Subscribe to our Newsletter and have all news delivered directly to your email.

4. PM me within 3 days after winners announcement.

Good Luck!
Giveaway is OPEN
Own the previous version of this program. It is an excellent program to edit and manage photo. I would very much wish to win this new version.
Thanks for the review and giveaway.
I want to win an Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 license for viewing, editing, optimizing and organizing photos.
Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 has a simple and user-friendly interface, can create slide shows, enhance photos, convert photos and much more.

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Thanks for the great review and giveaway. Thumb

Why you want to win a license? ... because Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 is a multi-functional program for cataloging, editing and correcting photos. I currently have version 16 of this software. I have been using Ashampoo software for many years as it is high quality software.

My Share: Twitter
Thank you tarekma7  for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

Ashampoo Photo Commander 17 wants to win because it is a universal tool for viewing, editing and organizing your photos. This new version of the program allows for even better and more trouble-free management of huge photo libraries, and in addition to the classic photo sorting options, the latest version supports the geolocation function. This allows you to add and process geo-tags from photos, changing longitude and latitude entries to specific countries, cities, or streets and displaying them on the map. The new presentation mode allows you to separate devices (e.g. monitors or projectors) and control the presentation on separate devices. Batch processing allows you to speed up the application of effects or optimization for many photos at the same time, and saving settings and importing them make your work easier. More than 50 new features and improvements have been added in the new version.

Thanks a lot for the giveaway @tarekma7 
Ashampoo Photo Commander is a software that I haven't used lately and would like to see how they improved in all this time.
I expect to discover a light processing software with useful features and user friendly experience. 
I like a lot they updated the codecs to be compatible with the latest hardware. 

My share is below: giveaway share
Ashampoo Photo Commander is an all-in-one solution that will allow you to organize, retouch, export or even lay out your personal or professional photos. It is software that offers a wide range of tools and features allowing beginners and experienced users to manage a photo library from A to Z: retouching, organization, creation, sharing and editing are part of the program. In short, an essential tool for managing your images!
One of the best image editing tool, been using since V11.
I always have many pics to modify to improve thier lighting & colour, that is very easy with photo commander.
Thanks for the giveaway Tarek.
Thanks for this contest. It's not only Photo Editor but also a good video editor and can make HTML albums.

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