Ubuntu 22.10: What’s New?
Quote:Ubuntu 22.10 is primed, ready to release on October 20 and to help ratchet up the excitement I’ve put together a short video to showcase the release’s most exciting new features.

Not that much of it of will be a surprise if you read this blog often enough ?!

All told, Ubuntu 22.10 is a fairly modest update to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The inclusion of GNOME 43 and the switch to PipeWire as the underlying audio stack are both significant changes, but there’s little else to lure long-term support users away from the luxurious bosom (oo-er) of stability.

Not that it’s a total non-event, mind.

As mentioned, GNOME 43 and its new pod-like Quick Settings menu is the star attraction (being able to quickly switch wi-fi network from the menu itself was long overdue). Plus, an adaptive Nautilus, and out-of-the-box support for WebP images (meme makers rejoice) are welcome additions.

A refreshed set of software ships as standard, though there are some lineup changes. Few will end up tearful over the loss of the no-frills To Do app, and the decision to replace esteemed text editor Gedit with GNOME’s new libadwaita-based equivalent is likely to excite as much as it enrages!

There’s a newer Linux kernel (5.19, though not the very latest, 6.0) and gamers are certain appreciate the inclusion of a newer Mesa snapshot — all expected changes in a fixed-release distro like Ubuntu.


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