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Google Play Games for PC is now available in the U.S, Canada and 6 more Countries
[Image: ohpmvpm.jpg]

Google is expanding support Play Games for PC to 8 more Countries. The platform, which was announced nearly a year ago, was designed to allow Windows users to play Android games on their PC.

Google Play Games for PC is now available in 8 more Countries
In August 2022, the Silicon Valley giant soft-launched the Beta for the service to users in Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Today, Google Play Games for PC is available for users in the following regions: Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, and the U.S.

How to sign up for Google Play Games for PC (beta)
You can sign up to access the open beta for Google Play Games on PC at the official website. If you're in one of the Countries where the service is available, you will get an email with a link to download the desktop client. Install it on your PC, and you will be able to download and play the Android games on your Windows computer. The current catalog has over 40 games including Asphalt 9: Legends, Cookie Run, Horizon Chase to name a few. A user has posted a full list of the available games here.

Google has lowered the system requirements for its emulator. Here is what you will need to run it on your PC.

Google Play Games for PC System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 10 v2004
Storage: Solid state drive (SSD) with 10 GB of space
Memory: 8GB of RAM
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU or a Gaming-class GPU like Nvidia GeForce MX450
Processor: 4 CPU physical cores
Other requirements : Windows admin account, Hardware virtualization must be turned on

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