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Contest Eazy Fix — Windows Time Machine
[Image: eazyfix.png]

Eazy Fix — Windows Time Machine


Eazy Fix is a Windows Time Machine! It lets users instantly undo computer problems by reverting Windows to the last hour, yesterday, last week, or last month before the problems happened. Eazy Fix will work even if the Windows O.S. does not boot.

O.S. Supported: 32/64-bit Windows 7/8/10/11 (Legacy/UEFI BIOS)

Eazy Fix Highlights
  • 1 minute to set up Eazy Fix
  • 5 seconds to create a snapshot of the computer
  • A snapshot contains 100% of the Windows system, user data, programs, and settings
  • 10 seconds to rollback Windows to a snapshot, even if Windows will not boot up

Eazy Fix Features

1. Use Eazy Fix to recover Windows if it will not boot up
2. Use Eazy Fix to recover deleted or corrupted files
3. Use Eazy Fix to clean up viruses, spyware, or ransomware infections
4. Use Eazy Fix to remove unwanted software installations
5. Use Eazy Fix to rollback failed software deployments
6. Use Eazy Fix to restore data up to the minute of the crash
7. Use Eazy Fix to reset the system to the desired snapshot or baseline
8. Use Eazy Fix to create test beds for software testing
9. Use Eazy Fix to protect your system and data from unauthorized access

Eazy Fix — Windows Time Machine Contest

I would like to thank the Eazy Fix team for the contest prizes

Contest Details

Eazy Fix v12
5 Perpetual Licenses
The license provides free updates for v12

Contest Rules

1. Share the contest on your Facebook or Twitter and post the share link here.
2. Message me within 2 days of the winners' announcement to claim the prize.

Contest Ends

February 4, 2023

Good luck
Thanks for the giveaway


I'd like to win a license of Eazy Fix to help me in case my Windows installation won't boot up.
hope to win 
i want it for rollback failed software deployments
Thank you for the giveaway. I would like to go back in time on my computer.
There are many times I'd like to change what I've done on/to my computer.

"Eazy Fix" is the best and most user-friendly software app that I have ever used to achieve system restoration -- when anything happens to my operating system that messes it up, or I don't like.  --- I want to be a winner in this contest because I need the newest version that works with the latest Windows operating system. Smile

*Thank you very much, Khanyash, for this contest.  ... Once again, you prove that you have a generous heart.  Thumb  
Thanks for the giveaway.

I used previous version of this software. In the new version, especially the program interface has a much more modern look. It is a good recovery software for Windows.
this is one of the giveaways that I've been waiting for, I hope to be lucky this time 
thank you
I want to utilize Eazy Fix to roll back windows if Windows O.S. fails to boot up. It creates a snapshot to roll back the computer. It's a unique protection for Windows users.
Thanks  khanyash for this GiveAway.
I have long wanted this program for my computer. I hope for good luck.
Thanks for the interesting share.


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