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Introducing the Proton VPN browser extension
The Proton VPN browser extension provides a convenient and secure way to protect your privacy online.

You asked, we listened. We are excited to announce the Proton VPN browser extension in beta, one of our most requested features. With the browser extension, you can:

Easily protect your browser traffic with the VPN, without affecting speeds or the IP address of the other apps on your system. For example, you can browse privately without affecting the ping rates for online games. Or you can stream from another country in one browser while shopping for the best local deals in a different browser.
Connect to different VPN servers in different browsers
Browse privately on your work computer while connected to your company VPN
Browse privately on devices where you don’t have the admin rights to install a full VPN app
Protect your privacy on low-end devices that struggle to run a full VPN app
The Proton VPN browser extension is available for Chromium-based browsers (such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Chromium, Opera, and Vivaldi) and Firefox-based browsers (including Firefox itself, LibreWolf, and Waterfox).

It is a premium feature available to everyone with a paid Proton VPN plan (including Proton Unlimited and Proton Visionary).

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