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Giveaway "Modern API Development with Spring and Spring Boot Free
"Modern API Development with Spring and Spring Boot ($33.99 Value) FREE for a Limited Time"

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The philosophy of API development has evolved over the years to serve the modern needs of enterprise architecture.

Developers need to know how to adapt to these modern API design principles. Apps are now developed with APIs that enable ease of integration for the cloud environment and distributed systems. With this Spring book, you'll discover various kinds of production-ready API implementation using REST APIs and explore async using the reactive paradigm, gRPC, and GraphQL.
You'll learn how to design evolving REST-based APIs supported by HATEOAS and ETAGs and develop reactive, async, non-blocking APIs. After that, you'll see how to secure REST APIs using Spring Security and find out how the APIs that you develop are consumed by the app's UI. The book then takes you through the process of testing, deploying, logging, and monitoring your APIs. You'll also explore API development using gRPC and GraphQL and design modern scalable architecture with microservices. The book helps you gain practical knowledge of modern API implementation using a sample e-commerce app.
By the end of this Spring book, you'll be able to develop, test, and deploy highly scalable, maintainable, and developer-friendly APIs to help your customers to transform their business.
Offer Expires 3/23/2023

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