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Promo2day Giveaway Ashampoo Money
[Image: utHNqaL.jpg]

Ashampoo Money is a budget planner to track income and spending quickly and easily for single or multiple accounts. Recurring transactions, like tax and insurance payments, are easily added. The built-in overview shows balance progression over time, broken down by purpose (food, shopping, leisure, etc.). Users can see exactly where their money is going, even with hundreds of transactions present. Multiple filters help to search transactions by recipient, amount, and purpose. Users can also visually customize rows and columns for tabular displays. Finally, users can compare present and past balance developments to identify trends and to adjust their spending behavior meaningfully. Ashampoo Money seeks to replace Excel-based budget planning by offering better handling and visual minimalism that doesn't detract from what matters i.e., the numbers.

No-frills budget planner for income and expenses
Manage multiple accounts
Add and track recurring expenses
Visualize balance progression over time
Compare past and present balance developments
Filters for precise analyses
View expenses by purpose
Search by recipient, amount, and purpose
Individually customizable views for maximum clarity

Product Info:


Version: 1.2.5
Release date: 2023/05/15
Update release date : 2023/08/21
Category: Office Software
EUR 20, USD 20,

Languages: English, German

Size: 0,00 MB

Program links:

Download link (.exe) (0,00 MB)

Product Website:

System requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 11, Windows 10 (x64)


Any device that supports the operating systems listed above


An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.


Get a handle on your finances and download Ashampoo Money budget planner today!

Don't like Excel and don't want to trust your cellphone with sensitive financial information but still need to keep an eye on your budget? Then Ashampoo Money is the program for you!

Track multiple accounts

Create one or more accounts, enter your income and expenses, like rent, utility, and insurance, and get your running expenses under control. Is it time to save or is there still room for major purchases? Ashampoo Money will tell you!

Key figures always in view

Visualize your balance graphically and find out in seconds where your hard-earned cash is going. Compare past and present spending and spot important trends straight away. Understanding your finances has never been more important and Ashampoo Money will help you do it!

Just what you need

Ashampoo Money is customizable: Pick a timespan that matters to you and filter results by recipient, amount, or purpose to instantly spot individual transactions.

[Image: 18kgzEt.png]

[Image: Fy7ypgv.png]

[Image: sUruaCc.png]

I would like to Thank Ashampoo Team for sponsoring this giveaway for our Promo2day Members.

Giveaway Details:

Number of Licenses: 5 (20$ each license)

Giveaway Duration:  3 Weeks

Winners will be selected by


To have a chance to be one of our lucky winners, please Register and follow these simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. If you don't have account; share on other forum.

2. Reply to this topic with your share link and comment

3. PM me within 5 days after winners announcement.

4. [OPTIONAL] Follow our accounts on social media

Good Luck for all!
First Thank you 

I need it to monitor my daily and monthly income and expenses so that I can budget my money well.
Thank you Tarek for this nice and wonderful giveaway contest. I really hope to win a license.

More contribution is required here
hope to win
Thank you for the giveaway

Giveaway will end soon

Ashampoo Money would help me to  plan my budget for spendings and income.
Giveaway end, stay tuned for the winners
All users who posted here win a license 

PM me within 5 days to claim your license

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