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Hard Disk Sentinel (standard) Review and Giveaway

Hard Disk Sentinel is a useful utility for checking your hard disk drive status and see if it’s performing at peak performance. It also lets you know if your cooling is good and shows the health of the hard drive. Information you need is easily shown with a good overview of your hard drive and tabs showing you more specifics of the hard drive. Hard Disk Sentinel has improved in its recent release with a much better system overview and now has faster testing of your disk from the short test to full surface test. This information you already know from various reviews throughout the internet but on a regular use Hard Disk Sentinel gives you a better glance at how your hard drive is currently working and helps you improve on how to manage your information inside the hard drives from ever losing anything. You are also able to manage them before something happens. 

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Hard Disk Sentinel gives you a perfect view of your hard drives and it does help you in keeping a lookout if it’s time  to make a backup of that particular drive or not. On my occasions of using it, it has helped on identifying if I need to make a backup before the drive decides to stop working. Because it takes a look at the health and sectors of the hard drive it would give you a percentage of the hard drives health and details and could let you know if it is something serious that could go wrong any moment or just something small that it would still last for months to come.

With two occasions that I assisted my family members with Hard Disk Sentinel we were able to find out that the drives had to be replaced and were able to save data as a couple of days after checking the drives started acting up and unusable. If in case they had it for longer and had it since the start, we wouldn’t have found out that the hard drives where below 45% and finding one not being able to be recoverable or one not able to make a copy due to bad sectors that made the computer not want to work normal. If known earlier we could have prevented any problems or having to reinstall a new drive and they would have had an easier conversion to the new drive.

Hard Disk Sentinel also has helped in finding out about bad sectors on hard drives which would help you in avoiding from having to lose that information and help you in finding ways to back up before something happens. Recently I had a hard drive with 60% health and some bad sectors which was easy to help save without problems. This way you are able to know if it is about time to get a new one and use it to backup and manage the bad drive as a temporary one or decide to destroy it if in case it is completely bad.

There might not be a need for constant use and depending on the computer use you don’t have to have it running 24/7 unless you run intensive programs that could heat up components and being able to see the temperatures on the taskbar would come in handy. As several might know that overheating Hard Drives can really put the hard drive in danger and knowing if it gets up to a certain temperature could help you from knowing if it needs a better way of cooling or you might have to decide on letting the computer cool before continuing.

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Hard Disk Sentinel is probably the best software to have for your hard drive information and keeps you informed of the status of your hard drive with very good detail of what’s going on. It could help you from losing any great information that you really want to save from being lost because the drive was near its death and you didn’t know about it. Using Hard disk sentinel would help in making sure what you have is saved and your able to be sure about it. It does offer ways to get an alert if problems occur or expected to occur. Hard Disk Sentinel is a great utility and you can get more info at: http://www.hdsentinel.com/hard_disk_sentinel.php

Review by Lmanlo

Thanks to Janos Mathe I am able to giveaway 20 lifetime licenses of Hard Disk Sentinel (standard) which also include free updates to all future versions. For a chance to win one of these licenses just follow the rules below. The winners will be randomly selected from all qualifying entries once the giveaway has ended on 10/21/2015.


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