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Copying News & Content from other websites
I have noticed a few members who are copying and posting exact content from other websites in the forum. Posting the exact content from other sites could end up getting our site removed from Google’s search results. Getting our site dropped from Google is a high price to pay for “borrowing” content from other sites.

You can copy content you want, you just have to make sure you also post a link to the source and name it as the source, which then means your content will be ranked much lower if at all because Google hides duplicates.

Reformulating the news or content as your own takes work but is also acceptable and might rank a bit higher with search engines. However, you still must name and point to the source. Hope this helps and those posting exact content from other websites in the forum will no longer continue to do.
Please ALL members READ THIS announcement before posting in the news and security news section

Also applies to other sections
Avoid exact copy of the whole article + add quotes + SOURCE

You can copy only part of the article or reformulate if possible
Thank you for explaining and help
Thank you for this information. This is good to know.

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