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calculator quickey multi

Quickey Multi Calculator
[Image: org.whiteglow.quickeycalculator_Screensh...845209.png]

Free easy calculator with multiple calculators built inside:
Scientific calculator and discount percentage calculator built into one single calculator app.
This advanced calculator is full of functions that will find suitable for many of your calculation needs.
* Easy scientific calculator.
* Discount percentage calculator for sale discounts along with sale tax.
* The calculator shows the work in the top area of the calculator.
* Calculator with memory plus and memory minus keys.
* Calculator with percentage key (%) to calculate percentage increase, percentage change, percentage off,...
* Decimal to fraction display of the calculation result. Proper fraction and improper fraction display modes.
* Answer key.
* Calculation history similar to a calculator with tape.
* Scientific or engineering display of the math result of big numbers.
* Uses RPN for the math formula or equation (similar to an RPN calculator).
* Free calculator app for download.
Scientific Calculator Features:
* Trigonometry functions (sine cosine tangent), inverse trigonometry functions (inverse of sine cosine tangent) and hyperbolic trigonometry functions (hyper of sine cosine tangent).
* Calculator with degrees and radians modes.
* Calculator with pi.
* Calculator with powers (square, cube).
* Logarithmic function (log) and natural logarithmic function (natural log or ln).
* Calculator with factorial.
* Exponent function. The calculator can handle negative exponent, large exponent and decimal exponent.
* Square root and cubic root.
* Imaginary numbers function.
* Absolute variable function.

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Usefull app.
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