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[Tip] Find Your Lost Android Mobile Phone Without Installing 3rd Party Apps
All of us have an idea about how to find lost iPhone

This article discuss a good topic that is useful to a lot of users who own an android phone

Quote:Today in this article we are going to share tips for getting your lost or stolen mobile phone back. Almost all of us use smartphones and most of them are Google Android based mobile phones. We always have risk of losing our mobile phones. Sometimes we can drop our mobile phones somewhere and sometimes someone can steal our mobile phone. In such conditions its almost impossible for us to get our mobile phone back. But if we use some built-in features and settings of our mobile phone, we can have good chances of getting our lost phone back.
In this tutorial we'll tell you about two important and must use features available in Android mobile phones which can help you in recovering your stolen or lost cell phone.
First feature which we are going to talk about can be found in almost all Android based mobiles but the second feature is an exclusive feature of Samsung Galaxy smartphones such as S6, S4.

Read the full article HERE

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