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v1 ntlite 4210

bazirollUpdate NTLite
NTLite 2.3.0 Build 8308

Changes in NTLite 2.3.0 Build 8308:

  • Updates: Win11 update cache folders 11.21h2.x64 and 11.Dev.x64
  • Updates: Server 2022 KB5005444 Dynamic Update support
  • UI: Clean dir preparation stage does not hang UI any more
  • Components: Server 2022 ‘Telemetry Client’ removal was causing a setup hang
  • Unattended: Server 2022 no product key entered would show a license error during setup
  • Updates: Server 2022 while also being 21H2, now properly filtered in the update lists from the client version (awaiting public updates)
  • UI: Prompting reboot now cleans before rebooting, instead on the next session
  • UI: Potential fix for the old and rare opening Apply page crash

    Homepage –

Updates: Windows 11 online update list
Updates: Windows Server 2022 online update list
Updates: Support for the new Windows 11 MSU update format
Components: ‘Device Update Center’ removal

Updates: Online update lists now have Windows Server names on the appropriate versions
Updates: ESD file type support for the Updates page (e.g. certain lang packs)
Components: Win11 ‘Windows Update’ component detection, also enables listing of related Settings
UI-Translation: Thanks for German (Cartman586)

Source: WinRE parallel processing with its parent install.wim exporting error fixed
Updates: Multiedition parallel integration now filters Dynamic Update for the loaded edition only
(it just needs to update common boot files once)
Updates: Language pack multiedition parallel integration fixed, and better use of its extracted cache

Homepage –

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