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5KPlayer- 20,000,000 Downloads+Enter to win $1475 Thanksgiving gifts
[Image: https://d.radikal.ru/d32/1911/a4/04c1c91b813b.png]

5KPlayer- 20,000,000 Downloads+Enter to win $1475 Thanksgiving gifts

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Over 28,000 .uk web domains suspended for criminal activity
Over 28,000 .united kingdom domains have been suspended within the remaining yr over studies of illegal activity. Nominet, which is chargeable for holding the .united kingdom web infrastructure protected, can droop domain names following notification from the police or different legislation enforcement businesses that the area is getting used for illegal activity.

[color=#333333][size=large][color=#333333]Domain names which can be suspended can’t be
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Win $26,000 in Prizes
[Image: https://d36eyd5j1kt1m6.cloudfront.net/us...eam_en.jpg]

[quote]We've lost our minds!

To celebrate the MAD Lions rebranding and entering the LEC, we're doing our biggest giveaway yet. 49 prizes from brands like Razer, ASUS ROG, Samsung and Noble Chairs worth a total of more than €26.000!

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Full Gaming PC Setup Giveaway (worth over £ 3.000)
[quote] Scan has  teamed up with AKRacing,  AMD and  Iiyama[color=#3a3a3a][size=medium][font=-apple-system, system-ui, BlinkMacSystemFont,] to gift one of their fans with  a [b]full gaming PC se
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$10,000+ in prizes will be given away
[Image: https://b.radikal.ru/b16/2003/70/0e0f90513bc3.jpg]

$10,000+ in prizes will be given away between March 5th and March 10th. Enter for your chance to win here:


[color=#b20080][size=medium][b]All the prizes in the picture, I think there is no ne
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Work From Home Hackers Make $130,000 In 48 Hours From Windows 10 Exploits
[quote] As coronavirus impacts every facet of life, these work from home hackers haven’t let it stop them from breaking Windows and making big bucks

As the coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip, more and more people are working from home. 

[size=large][font=Georgia, Cambria,][url=https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelsandler/2020/03/19/california-a
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More than 4,000 Android apps silently access your installed software
[quote] Android API lets apps collect a list of all other installed apps, no permission needed.

[size=large][color=#000000][font=opensans]More than 4,000 Google Play apps silently collect a list of all other installed apps in a data grab that allows developers and advertisers to build detailed profiles of users, a recently published research paper found.

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My Abandonware - 15,000 old games for Free
My Abandonware was created in February 2009 as a revival of oldware.net. Over the years, thousands of games have been added to the site. We want to create the best video game museum on the web and let everyone around the world enjoy the incredible amount of great software created in the 80s and 90s.

Until now, we have focused our work on the DOS era, with some very rare titles found in the deep web, and some sent by our awesome visitors. More recent games and other platforms are available now
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$10,000 NordLocker Bounty
$ 10,000 NordLocker Bounty

Be the first to open our locker and win the bounty.

For professionals

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Email provider got hacked, data of 600,000 users now sold on the dark web
[quote] Italian email provider Email.it confirms security breach.

The data of more than 600,000 Email.it users is currently being sold on the dark web, ZDNet has learned following a tip from one of our readers.

[color=#080e14][size=large]"Unfortunately, we must confirm that we have suffered a hacker attack," the It