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Abelssoft Undeleter 2016 free for 72 hours
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Huge Problem - Simple Solution!

Rescues lost files 
Oh no! That happens really fast: Accidentally, you deleted an important file within a second, although it was still needed - gone forever! Most of the Windows user already had that experience once in their lifetime.
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Abelssoft Tagman [PC]
Abelssoft Tagman 2016

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Tagman is an application that allows you to organize your music library. Tagman just needs one click to add titles, artists, albums and more to the id3 tag of your mp3 files. These are read by all common media players to display information about the song you're listening to.

Giveaway Page: http://www.heise.de/download/special-der...52351.html

Note: less than 24 hours
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Abelssoft Recordify [PC]
Abelssoft Recordify 2016

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Music from the streaming services like Spotify is very popular, but unfortunately the free Spotify version doesn't let you save the music offline. Recordify has been developed exactly for this. It works like live recording and saves every song as a single MP3 or FLAC file. It's brilliant!

Recodify was developed to save music from all the popular music-streaming-services in high quality. Currently, in additi
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Abelssoft MovieCut 2016 - 8.90 €
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Abelssoft Undeleter 2016
Abelssoft Undeleter 2016

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Rescues lost files Oh no! That happens really fast: Accidentally, you deleted an important file within a second, although it was still needed - gone forever! Abelssoft Undeleter helps.

With SMART Scan you can search your harddisk even faster. The search algorithm filters damaged files and only shows you the ones that are recoverable.

DEEP Scan is a special algorithm finds every little file - even the on
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Abelssoft PC Fresh 2016
Visit here:




2. Install

3. Complete the registration form : add your name and a valid email address and then click “Get free unlock mail now” .

4. Check your e-mail for
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Abelssoft Recordify
Recordify is like a tape recorder for your PC. Everything is played on your computer may be included with the program. So, perfect to enhance your music collection for free.

Before you can use Recordify, you must first register with an e-mail address for free from the manufacturer. This works directly after installing the software from the program interface.

Giveaway Page:

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Abelssoft AntiLogger 2016
Abelssoft AntiLogger 2016 

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Free Abelssoft CheckDrive [for PC]
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[quote]The hard disk of your PC is a consumable item. All the more reason to check them regularly for errors and damage. With "Check Drive 2016" you complete these tasks with a few clicks and fix the errors found. For a short time available exclusively from us the full version of the tool free to download.

 Under the "Tasks" tab, you can schedule automatic scanning your drives in advance.At your disposal are a one-week, three-we
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Abelssoft ActiveProtect Plus 2016 for free
[color=#000000][quote]Stopps Viruses, Malware & Co.
[size=small]The next-generation anti-virus tool utilizies the power of more than 50 virus scanner at once and combines them in a unique tool. Common gateways like download or desktop folders get a special protection. Viruses, malwares & Co. will be terminated once discovered.

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