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How To Remove default apps from Windows 8?

[Image: http://i.imgur.com/x4Jq9q0.jpg]

What is it:

Windows 8 App Remover is a handy tool for Windows 8.x users who want to uninstall some of the default apps the operating system ships with. While it is also possible to hide them from the Start Screen instead, you can free up storage space if you remove apps that you have no intention of using.


The windows 8 operating system ships with a set of default appl
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Microsoft Now Allows Stable Windows 10 Users to Test Updates, Apps, and Drivers
All of these come with “minimal risk to devices”

Microsoft has just rolled out a new ring for the Windows Insider program that gives users the possibility of testing early updates, apps, and drivers with minimal risk to their devices.

Called “Release Preview,” this new ring is specifically aimed at users who want to stay on the current branch, but still want to try out updates and new apps before they get the green light for the public. In other words, starting with this new release
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Microsoft Now Shows the Apps That Were Built for Windows 10 in the Store
Built for Windows 10” label added to the Windows Store
The latest update to the Windows Store universal app that was delivered a few hours ago brings a pretty important change for Windows 10 users: apps developed for the new operating system come with a special label confirming that they’re optimized for this particular version.

A reddit post reveals that the “Built for Windows 10” label is mostly being used for universal apps and that pretty much make
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Beware, KB3135173 for Windows 10 may reset default apps (again)
Reports are coming in that the recent patch for Windows 10 with the identifier KB3135173 may reset default applications on systems it is installed on.
We have talked about Windows 10 resetting default applications before, the first time happening shortly after release of the operating system.
The changes did not affect all users of Windows 10 back then who installed the responsible update at that time but those who were affected reported that default apps for web browsing, pdf viewing and p
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343 Android Apps Infected with Clickjacking Malware Found on Google Play Store
Porn Clicker Trojan strikes again, this time worse than ever

Yet again ESET researchers have found clickjacking malware in Android applications that managed to squeeze by Google's highly lauded app screening process and made their way on the official Play Store.

This particular issue is nothing new, neither to ESET or Google. Something similarly has happened three different times last year, first in April, then May, and then again in July.

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Do You Use Antivirus Apps on Your Smartphone or Tablet?
AV-Test.org tests gave top marks to Alibaba Mobile Security, AVL by Antiy, Baidu, BitDefender, BullGuard, ESET, G Data, Kaspersky Lab, Qihoo 360, and Sophos antivirus apps. Your risk of downloading malware depends on the mobile platform that you use, as do your options for preventing it. No matter what smartphone or tablet you have, it’s probably a good idea to run at least some kind of protection. Do you currently use a security app? If not do you plan on it? Let other members know
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Best Antivirus Apps for Windows 10 Enterprise
AV-TEST performs new research of enterprise security suites

There are many ways to protect a Windows computer, but the main one continues to be installing an antivirus solution that can do almost the whole job for you. And although Windows 10 features significant security improvements, antivirus apps are still needed.

German security institute AV-TEST conducted a new research to determine the best antivirus solutions for enterpris
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Free Ebook - Google Apps Script for Beginners
Google Apps Script for Beginners Ebook

Building on your basic JavaScript knowledge, this book takes you into the world of Google Apps Script and shows you how to develop and customize your own apps. The step-by-step approach provides all the necessary skills.

   Quickly develop exciting Google scripts using JavaScript
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   Build your own applications progressively with the help of real world examples and scenarios.

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