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LastPass users vulnerable to Phishing attacks
The potential dangers of storing all your important passwords in a single place have been exposed by a most recent attack againstLastPass users. The [url=http://www.thewindowsclub.com/how-to-identify-phishing-attacks][color=#215a
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India Among Nations Most Prone To Cyber Attacks
I guess that there is no surprise here to read that India along with China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and South Korea 
are the most vulnerable nations when it comes to cyber attack, well that is according to a research led by an Indian-American scientist.

[color=black][size=small][font=Arial, sans-serif]Apparently another report published in November by sec
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Repeated DDoS Attacks Force Coinkite Bitcoin Wallet to Close Down Web Service
Company will move on to Bitcoin-based hardware products

Coinkite, one of the earliest Web-based Bitcoin wallet services, has announced today plans to discontinue its service and focus on a hardware-based Bitcoin products, all because of a barrage of relentless DDoS attacks.

Coinkite, which launched in 2012, started off as a cloud-based cryptobank, with support for Bitcoin and Litecoin. Operating out of Canada, the service became very popular, allowing users to store Bitcoin i
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Firefox Extensions May Be the Harbingers of Malicious Attacks
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"Extension reuse" attack leverages popular Firefox add-ons to carry out malicious actions on behalf of another add-on

[b]Speaking at the Black Hat Asia 2016 security conference in Singapore, two US researchers have explained how well-known Firefox extensions can be used by other (malicious) extensions to carry out attacks against users, The Reg
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Emergency Patch Coming to Adobe Flash Tomorrow to Fix Bug Used in Live Attacks
New Adobe Flash Player version arriving on April 7
Adobe is trying to raise awareness for a Flash security bug scheduled for release tomorrow, a vulnerability which the company claims it's actively exploited in real-world attacks.
The issue (CVE-2016-1019) affects Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions, running on all platforms, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.
[b]CVE-2016-1019 lets attackers hijack workstat
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Ransomware attacks through Flash
Adobe issued an emergency update to its Adobe Flash Player software today after researchers discovered a vulnerability that was being exploited to deliver ransomware (variants of Cerber ransomware). Flash has over one billion users, so odds are you are affected by this update.

This is exactly the type of zero-day attack Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium can protect you
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WordPress Sites Targeted with New Attacks Using C99 PHP Webshell
Unpatched WordPress plugins are to blame, yet again

A surge in attacks using the PHP-based C99 webshell has forced IBM's Managed Security Services (MSS) team to issue an alert regarding this dangerous threat.

According to security researchers keeping an eye on malicious traffic, during the last two months, traffic that resembles the one seen from the C99 webshell has spiked, with 404 different incidents in February and another 588 in March.

Webshells are files uploa
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Only 23 percent of businesses can effectively respond to cyber attacks
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NTT Com Security today released its annual Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR), which examines the threat landscape by analyzing the attacks, threats and trends from the previous year.
This year’s report is the most comprehensive to date, featuring key findings from partners including Lockheed Martin and the Center for Internet Security and pulling information from 24 security operations centers, seven R&D
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AI platform better predicts cyber attacks thanks to human experts
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Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have collaborated alongside the machine learning startup PatternEx to demonstrate how an artificial intelligence platform that makes use of continuous input from human experts would be able to predict cyber attacks better than the systems that exist today.
CSAIL and PatternEx are calling their new AI platform
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Cyber Threat! How to Manage the Growing Risk of Cyber Attacks
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An in-depth examination of the very real cyber security risks facing all facets of government and industry, and the various factors that must align to maintain information integrity.
Written by one of the nation’s most highly respected cyber risk analysts, the book describes how businesses and government agencies must protect their most valuable assets to avoid pot