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How to protect your smartphone when it’s being used by your children
Kids love smartphones and tablets and it’s hard to keep the wee cherubs away from them. But did you know there are some simple ways of locking your phone or tablet down so the children can still use their favourite apps without causing mischief on your device? And here’s how.
[align=justify]If you have children you know what happens when you put your smartphone down. From the corner of your eye you see a swift moving shadow, there’s a faint sound and then rapid scurrying usually accom
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Avira Connect Free AV- being Part 3 of the Qihoo Series (cruelsister1)
Avira Connect Free AV- being Part 3 of the Qihoo Series
Published on Oct 23, 2016

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Avast Antivirus: SafeZone Browser (being discontinued)
https://www.avast.com/faq.php?article=AVKB209        Avast Antivirus: SafeZone Browser - FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

From September 2017, SafeZone Browser is being discontinued and will no longer be distributed. Our new browser, which includes a range of new security and privacy tools, will be available for download in the near future. If you already have SafeZone Browser installed on your PC, you will be automatically upgraded to our latest browser as soon as it is released.
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Man Killed After Being Sucked Into MRI Machine (International Business Times)
https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/man...smsnnews11         Man Killed After Being Sucked Into MRI Machine   International Business Times
Joe Difazio
15 hrs ago    An Indian man was killed Saturday after being sucked into an MRI machine at a Mumbai Hospital, according to Indian news broadcaster NDTV.

The man, Rajesh Maru, 32, was helping an elderly relative at BYL Nair Charitable Hospital when he entered the MRI room wi
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GandCrab Ransomware Being Distributed Via Malspam Disguised as Receipts
[Image: https://www.bleepstatic.com/images/news/...alspam.jpg]

[quote]A new malspam campaign is underway that is pretending to be PDF receipts, but instead installs the GandCrab ransomware on a victim's computer. This is done through a series of malicious documents that ultimately install the ransomware via a PowerShell script.

The start of the chain of events that lead to the installation of GandCrab is when a victim receives an email with a subject like "Rec
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Microsoft Still Can’t Fix Broken Surface Update, More Units Being Replaced
https://news.softpedia.com/news/microsof...pd_related     Microsoft Still Can’t Fix Broken Surface Update, More Units Being Replaced

Redmond replacing Surface Pro 4 with broken touchscreen       Dec 17, 2018 07:08 GMT  ·  By Bogdan Popa      Microsoft is reportedly replacing more Surface Pro 4 units suffering from a display issue caused by a mid-2018 firmwar
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Fifteen year old malware still being used in phishing attacks
Quote:A destructive form of malware is still actively being distributed, 15 years after it was unleashed causing over $38bn-worth of damage.

MyDoom first emerged in 2004 and is still regarded as one of the fastest spreading and most destructive computer viruses of all time – at one point, the worm generated up to a quarter of all emails being sent worldwide.

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Apple Safari flaw left users’ browsing activity open to being tracked
[QUOTE]In a seemingly rare case of huge tech firms looking out for one another, Google has revealed that it recently informed Apple of a serious security flaw that it discovered with its Safari browser. The vulnerability could have given hackers access to a user’s online behavior, with persistent tracking of a user’s web searches also possible, Google said.
Google said that the uncovered flaw put users’ data at risk as it offered access to an on-device list created by the ITP technology that “i
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Backdoor malware is being spread through fake security certificate alerts
Quote: Victims of this new technique are invited to install a malicious "security certificate update" when they visit compromised websites.

Backdoor and Trojan malware variants are being distributed through a new phishing technique that attempts to lure victims into accepting an "update" to website security certificates. 

[size=small]CONTINUE READING [url=h
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DuckDuckGo cries fowl after being expunged from Google's Android search
https://www.theregister.com/2020/09/29/g...uckduckgo/          DuckDuckGo cries fowl after being expunged from Google's Android search preferences menu for most of Europe
Pro-privacy upstart claims EU antitrust remedy is not fit for purpose
Tue 29 Sep 2020 // 16:32 UTC  Tim Anderson        Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo will no longer appear on Google's European search preference menu for Android in most countries, despite being the most popular choice after Googl