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Vipre Lifetime License can't be transfered!
Hello all dear Promo2day members,

I'm not sure whether someone likes Vipre and wants to buy it. But I notice that Vipre lifetime license can't be transfered!

That means you can only use it on the only one computer in which you install and activate it. It's impossible if you want to use it on another PC though you have uninstalled if from the former.

Please pay attention to that Smile

Best regards,
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Microsoft Says Windows 10 Can Block Anyone from Spying on Governments
Redmond bets big on government adoption of Windows 10

In addition to consumers, who are currently under strong pressure from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10, the Redmond-based software giant is also targeting governments around the world with its new operating system.

In a new post today, Microsoft’s Mandy Tidwell, Windows Technology Solution Professional, State & Local Government, explains that Windows 10 offers a very advanced security system to governments, citing the modern a
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Attackers Can Hijack Wireless Mice and Keyboards to Install Malware
Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, Logitech devices affected

Vulnerabilities in USB dongles used for wireless mouse and keyboard peripherals can allow an attacker to take control over a victim's computer and carry out malicious actions.

This attack currently affects mice and keyboards sold by companies like AmazonBasics, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, Logitech, and Microsoft.

Only Logitech has issued a firmware update to protect their dongles against this type of attack. The other comp
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Hackers Can Trick One of Microsoft's Security Tools to Disable Itself
Researchers find simple Microsoft EMET exploit

Researchers from security firm FireEye have discovered a method through which malware can use Microsoft EMET to disable... Microsoft EMET.

Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is a collection of security features packed into one single toolkit, which Microsoft has offered as an optional download through its official website.

The project launched in 2009, and at
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Can You Guess How Much a Russian DDoSer Makes per Day?
Security firm tracked DDoS botnet for three months

By leveraging their access to Russian underground hacking forums and their powerful DDoS botnet surveillance platform, analysts from Arbor Networks have managed to estimate how much a regular DDoS booter makes per day from one single botnet.

For their experiment, Arbor chose a random threat actor who went under the name of Forc
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Attackers Can Hijack 95 Percent of All HTTPS Connections
Supporting HSTS is easier than you'd think

Because server admins fail to properly set up HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), a large amount of today's HTTPS traffic can be hijacked via trivial attacks.

HSTS is Web security policy supported by most of today's Web browsers. HSTS helps webmasters protect their service and their users against HTTPS downgrades, man-in-the-middle attacks, and cookie hijacking for HTTPS connections.

[b]One in twenty HTTPS connections is in dan
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Microsoft Adds New Feature in Office 2016 That Can Block Macro Malware
How-to guide also included, showing sysadmins how to protect their enterprises from malicious macro malware

Microsoft is finally addressing the elephant in the room in terms of security for Office users and has announced a new feature in the Office 2016 suite that will make it harder for attackers to exploit macro malware.

For years, macro malware has been the easiest avenue in infecting Microsoft users, and despite all the warnings and examples where macro-transmitted malwar
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Happy Easter! Can you find the Easter egg hidden among the bunnies?
[Image: http://i.imgur.com/ae8tMZIl.png]

Happy Easter! Can you find the Easter egg hidden among the bunnies?

Solution: http://dudolfsolutions.blogspot.hu/…/03/easter-solution.html
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Hackers Can Unlock Any HID Door Controller with One UDP Packet
Hacking like in the movies! Sometimes it's that easy

If you ever want to impress your friends and hack doors with one command and a push of a button, like in those cheesy and unrealistic Hollywood movies, then choosing an HID door controller for your demonstration is the sure way to get a jaw-dropping reaction.

The reason is that Trend Micro researchers have discovered a severe vulnerability in HID door controllers that allows you to send one malicious UDP request to a door a
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Never 10 Can Easily Disable or Enable the Windows 10 Upgrade