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How To Enable Windows 10 Dark Theme
Turn on Dark mode on Windows 10

You need to open up the Registry Editor in the Windows 10 to enable Dark mode. There’s a value known as “AppsUseLightTheme” that you need to tamper with in order to get the Dark mode on the Windows 10 overall.

To open the Registry Editor, open up the search bar and type “Regedit” and then launch the app.

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Enable Dark mode on Microsoft Edge
Enable Dark mode on Microsoft Edge

If you have been using Microsoft’s latest browser, Edge then you certainly know how great it is and you will also notice that the above hack doesn’t work on the browser at all because it’s still using the light theme even after you have enabled dark mode system-wide. Well, don’t go about hating on the latest browser because it actually lets you switch between dark and light theme dire
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Dark Souls™ 3 Steam Pre-order Giveaway
Welcome to The Giveaway Geek’s first giveaway for Dark Souls™ 3 Steam Pre-order.

This giveaway will end March 28th, 2016 at 11:59 PM CST. The giveaway is open World Wide!

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Someone is selling 33 million Twitter passwords on the dark web
Twitter's account hacking woes aren't about to end any time soon. 

Days after a number of prominent Twitter accounts got hacked — including those belonging to musicians Katy Perry and Drake as well as Twitter co-founder Evan Williams — nearly 33 million Twitter usernames and passwords are be
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Dark Souls III Steam Giveaway
$60 PC game giveaway going on now.

11 Days left to Enter: https://gleam.io/w3n4R/dark-souls-iii-steam-giveaway
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Dark Castle 3D Screensaver
[Image: https://giveawayoftheday.com/wp-content/...6b435.jpeg]

Relax watching the wonderful view of mystic Dark Castle on your computer screen. You will enjoy the captivating picture of a castle at night and extremely realistic sound effects. Feel the atmosphere of Gothic mystery with Dark Castle 3D screensaver!

[Video: https://youtu.be/ueuGvdYuxW0]

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The Dark Side of Shopping Apps (pandasecurity)

    Mobile News Mobile Security

The Dark Side of Shopping Apps

    March 16, 2017

Are shopping apps safe?

As we shoppers get better at identifying scams, cybercriminals are having to create new ways to try and steal our money. Effective PC security tools like Panda Safe Web can identify and block fake websites before scammers have a chance to trick us.

But increasingly we are shopping from ou
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Dark Web and Deep Web Explained
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11ertOJV...freload=10]
Published on Apr 28, 2017
EARLY ACCESS, BONUS videos + extras: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsT6...

Malware Blocker Blog: https://malwareblocker.tumblr.com/

Purchase Emsisoft:

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Collision 2017: Avast CEO addressing the dark side of the IoT
https://blog.avast.com/collision-2017-av...ity-things    AVAST NEWS
Collision 2017: Avast CEO addressing the dark side of the IoT

  Natasha Pearce, 2 May 2017
Avast CEO Vince Steckler to explore the dangers of using smart devices whose security isn't smart enough, putting your personal data at risk, at Collision 2017.

IoT just doesn’t stand for the Internet of Things. It also means the Insecurity of Things. As we race to create new technological innov
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Hospitals Across England Go Dark After Massive "Cyber-Attack"; Hackers Demand Ransom
http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-12...and-ransom    Hospitals Across England Go Dark After Massive "Cyber-Attack"; Hackers Demand Ransom

Tyler Durden's picture
by Tyler Durden
May 12, 2017 11:39 AM
Hosptials across the UK have been hit by what appears to be a major, nationwide cyber-attack, resulting in the loss of phonelines and computers, with many hospitals going "dark" and some diverting all but emerge