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Download Any YouTube Vimeo Dailymotion Facebook Videos Right from Your Browser
[color=#333333][size=medium][font=Georgia, 'Times New Roman', 'Bitstream Charter', Times, serif]I am always trying to find a better way to download online videos, mainly YouTube, and watch offline. You see I have used 4K Video Downloader on Windows and MacX YouTube Downloader on Mac. They two are both very
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Facebook Paid $936K to Security Researchers in 2015, $4.3M in Last 5 Years
Indian security researchers made the most money

Facebook has revealed it awarded bug bounty rewards in excess of $936,000 (€833,500) in the past year, and more than $4.3 million (€3.83 million) since the program launched in 2011.

Facebook has one of the most famed and respected bug bounty programs around, and that's why many security researchers flock to work with the company, even if sometimes things don't go as planned.

Facebook rewarded 526
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Facebook Messenger for Android Updated with Support for Multiple Accounts
Switching between accounts requires a password

Facebook has just announced that its Messenger application received a new feature that will allow users to switch between multiple accounts.

The new feature is available on Android devices, so if you own one you should expect the new feature to rollout in the next couple of days.

“All over the world, hundreds of millions of people share their phones and tablets with members of thei
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How to Delete Facebook Virus?
How to Delete Facebook Virus to you today? We'll give the answer to this problem.

First, we reduce a few changes to Facebook you need to search some type Norton Safe Web application etkinleştiriyoruz.b at least in case of virus infection with your Facebook account through Facebook way.

Applications you use Facebook you know you do not know revise to remove the application settings for the gerekmektedir.b / Applications Section of easily kaldırabilirsiniz.bil have not been to a faceb
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Facebook for Android and iOS Updated with Lots of New Features
Replay comments, reactions, better discovery

Facebook has just announced it will introduce several new features for Android and iOS users in the next couple of weeks. All these new features aim to turn Facebook Live into a strong competitor to Periscope and other similar video services.

Among the new features that will be made available to all those who use Facebook Live, the company's live video platform, it’s worth mentioning the ability to see the comments that came in whi
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Facelift for Facebook Pages - Get More Likes and Followers on Your Page
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Get hundreds of likes, comments, shares, and new friends on Facebook for FREE with the world’s favorite Facebook boosting app!


1. Like, comment, share or follow other users on Facebok to earn coins
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The more coins you earn, the more likes, comments,
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Facebook video scam targets Chrome users
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Researchers at security company ESET have released details of a new piece of malware that spreads disguised as video posts on Facebook.
Malicious links appear as a video post you were tagged in on a timeline, or as a message sent to you via Facebook Messenger by a friend. They use the titles, 'My first video', 'My video', 'Private video' or a string of randomly genera
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Bug Hunter Hacks Facebook, Finds Someone Else's Backdoor Script
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While trying to find bugs in Facebook's services, a security researcher accidentally stumbled over a hacker's backdoor script that was logging Facebook employee credentials for some of the company's backend applications.

Orange Tsai, a consultant for DevCore, also spends a lot of his free time helping big name companies fix vulnerabilities via their bug boun
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Hacker finds Facebook backdoor leaking usernames and passwords
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The use of bounty programs to track down security vulnerabilities in websites and software is increasingly common these days, and it's a tactic employed by Facebook. One bounty hunter -- or penetration tester -- hacked his (or her… they are anonymous) way into the social network and made the shocking discovery that someone had already installed a backdoor.

Orange Tsai managed to compromise a Linux-based staff serv
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Facebook, Netflix Start Resetting User Passwords Because of Recent Mega Breaches
Facebook, Netflix Start Resetting User Passwords Because of Recent Mega Breaches