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Rotten Friend Horror Halloween
Rotten Friend Horror Halloween

[quote][color=#333333]Rotten Friends (Horror & Scary Photo Editor) is a horror-film inspired app. Nothing’s easier and more satisfactory than pulling a prank at a friend by turning him into a zombie or an infernal creature. In case you are tired of tons of cute apps, you love horror or willing to take part in All Hallows Eve – you got the right app.[/c
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Friend Needs Help Selecting a Smart Watch For His Android Phone
[size=small]Hey everyone,

I am not sure how many members here have a smartwatch for their phones (Android in particular) - but a friend of mine wants to purchase one for his Samsung Galaxy S5 and asked me for advice. I do not own a smart phone so I have no experience with this - but I told him I may be able to get some advice from friends and members here who may know something about Android Smart watches.

He wants to spend anywhere from $80 to $150 on one. He said it doesn't have to b
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VPN Unlimited Best Friend Day Deal
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[ask] is there a friend here who is familiar with using BIBM from terabyte unlimited
hallo everyone,
I want to be able to use this app, I tried dual boot windows xp and linux mint in VirtualBox, I want windows to have 2 partitions (c: system and d: data) linux can see partition d: data but can not see partition c: system and I want windows can not see the Linux partition, I hear it can be done, is there any friends here who are willing to make a tutorial for this, thank you
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Drunk man's best friend: Loyal dog stops anyone from waking up its owner
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/vi...treet.html       Drunk man's best friend: Loyal dog stops anyone from waking up its owner as he sleeps off a hangover in the middle of the street

In the footage, filmed in Colombia, the pooch lies on top of the man and barks at anyone who comes near him. The dog licks its owners face and paces around his body in a circle to try protect him.
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CyberGhost Refer a friend program
The Best Ghostie program enables you to safeguard up to 3 of your best buddies’ online privacy. In exchange, you’ll each be rewarded with 30 free days of CyberGhost!

I have 3 invites if anyone has plans on buying a subscription.
Get 30-days premium extra by using my link to buy a subscription!

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Need help our friend in the competition. Who will support?
Need help our friend in the competition. Who will support?

[quote]Please could you vote for my slogan/comment on https://www.easeus.com/campaign/2019-ann...ry-15.html

Entry No. 1370
I will vote for yours after you share the entry no. also if you have made. 

Also vote for 1367 please.

Note- To see comments, click on daily prize draw and then s
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How marrying for beauty made my friend a man of constant sorrow.
[align=center]Secondary Music Link 
How to become a "Man of Constant Sorrow." - Dan Tyminski

[b][size=medium][color=#00369b]This is a cautionary ([/c
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1 x My Friend Pedro [CLOSED]
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My friend Hank said He knew how to make burgers that matter.
[align=center][Video: https://youtu.be/2xkqpj5D1fg]
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Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?  - Waylon Jennings

"My friend Hank said knew how to make burgers that matter, but I don't think Hank done them this away."