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idoo PC Cleaner
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idoo PC Cleaner is an easy-to-use tool whose mission is to keep your PC clean, safe, and efficient. Just by a few clicks, you may easily and thoroughly get rid of those junk files, rascal software, PC usage records and release the system memories, and you may also optimize the startup and service settings to accelerate the PC. 

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Idoo AntiSpyware Pro - Free - Use Mirror 1 to download
windows os - lifetime license with updates until the next major version and cannot be re-installed after giveaway

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idoo File Encryption Software
idoo File Encryption Software

[quote]idoo File Encryption is a software that can provide comprehensive and flexible protection to your files and file folders, and you may lock, hide or encrypt files and folders according to your needs. Authority settings helps you to encrypt or hide your HDD easily. And you may also monitor the programs and files anywhere by remote supervision. You can set the simultaneous monitor for your programs, folders or the whole hard discs as you need, and export the
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idoo AntiSpyware Pro
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AntiSpyware Pro provides full protection for your computer. With a regularly updated virus database, idoo can intelligently scan and kill unknown Trojan viruses, automatically supervise illegal programs, and simultaneously scan and block Trojan viruses in portable memory drives and HDD. Other functions which enable your computer to run more smoothly include: optimizing memory and Win
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idoo PC Cleaner 3.1 (100% Discount)
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[quote]idoo PC Cleaner is a great optimization tool for your pc.

Registry Cleaner: Scans, checks and rectifies the errors in the Windows Registry and effectively solves problems such as: slow-downs, blue screens, system halts, and program crashes. The operating system will run faster and more steadily.
Evidence Cleaner: Completely eliminates the data and records of online chats,
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idoo Video Editor Pro (10 Licenses)
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Professional and Powerful Video Editor Software. It has a user friend interface. Its powerful and comprehensive function would bring you high-quality and efficient work experience, as well as perfect audio-visual enjoyment. It supports most video and audio formats, in addition to the powerful conversion function. It can convert your video and audio into any media formats which fit your need, such as files formats for iPhone, Sumsun
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idoo PC Cleaner
idoo PC Cleaner
  • Effectively eliminate registry errors

  • Shorten the booting time by managing launching items

  • Thoroughly clear records of past chat, mail history and so on

  • Release and manage the system memories
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idoo Video Editor Pro Giveaway (10 Licenses)
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Prize: 10 Licenses of idoo Video Editor Pro (10 winners)

Enter Here or at the blog HERE

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idoo Video Editor Pro Spooktacular Giveaway
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Just in time for Halloween I am giving away a limited number of copies of idoo Video Editor Pro as a treat. 

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idoo Video Editor Pro Giveaway - 20 Licenses
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[color=#333333][font=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][size=medium]This is an advanced video editing application with a simple and user-friendly interface that offers numerous editing functions such as cropping, rotating, cutting or splitting the video, as well as adding watermarks, subtitle or image effects which can be easily customized and adjusted by the user.