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[Giveaway] Mass Planner is giving $500 in prizes.
[quote]Enter to have a chance at winning one of the 11 Mass Planner 6 months licences worth $44.95 each!
We are giving away 11 licenses valid for 6 months and valued at $44.95 each, so you can supercharge your social media marketing!
Follow the steps below and you will get a chance of winning one of the prizes.
[*]Step 1: Share the news about this giveaway with your friends on Twitter
[*]Step 2: Enter your name and e-mail address
[*]Click “Submit” and your entry will be registered after yo
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The Future is Now | Back to the Future Part II | Pepsi Perfect
[Video: https://youtu.be/XrwRdzFP-fY]

Pepsi will finally debut a soda modeled after the one in "Back to the Future 2" on October 21, 2015, the day Marty travels to the future.

If you're planning to purchase one, you'd better be quick. Pepsi is only releasing 6,500 of the Pepsi Perfect bottles and each one will cost $20.15.
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Sidekick: be able to see when Your Sent email is open

Get live notifications when someone opens or clicks on your emails. Know when and have access to this information instantly. You choose which emails are tracked.
Email Services

Sidekick can track emails from:

Apple Mail
Outlook (Desktop, Outlook.com)

Sidekick email tracker
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Domino’s is giving away FREE medium pan pizzas!
This offer goes live at 3PM EST TOMORROW 10/12, but you should make an MLB account before then .

This offer will go extremely quick, so be ready before 3PM and keep checking for the code in your MLB account.


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Sword Coast Legends is free to try this weekend
[quote]Should you be hankering for a cRPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe this weekend, Sword Coast Legends has you covered: it's free to play from December 17-22 (hoping to translate those free days into some discounted Christmas impulse purchases, I'll wager).

I did the review for Sword Coast Legends and was unenthusiastic. It was playab
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How long is your password? HTTPS Bicycle attack reveals that and more
A new attack on supposedly secure communication streams raises questions over the resilience of passwords, security researchers warn.
The HTTPS Bicycle attack can result in the length of personal and secret data, such as passwords and GPS co-ordinates, being exposed from a packet capture of a user's HTTPS traffic.
The attack – discovered by security researcher Guido Vranken (and summarised below) – refocuses attention on topics such as encryption, authentication, privacy and most specifically
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Hosts Block is a new auto-updating Hosts manager
Hosts Block is a free program for the Windows operating system that has been designed to protect the hosts file and update it regularly with lists of blocked malicious, adware or spyware domains.

The program has been designed with ease of use in mind. Simply install it on your Windows PC and it will run quietly in the background for the most part.
The application adds an icon to the Windows system tray which you can use to open its interface and control some of the features it makes availabl
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Change Your Password Day RoboForm is offering a 1 year FREE license
[quote]It’s almost that day of the year again… it’s National Change Your Password Day! Never heard of it before? National Change Your Password Day was created by Gizmodo and Lifehacker back in 2012. They wanted to recognize February 1st as a day that is completely devoted to changing passwords, and creating new secure passwords, to keep online data safe.

We, here at RoboForm, want to show our support and so we are challenging you – RoboForm users. We want all of our users to change the passwo
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Bill Gates Dancing at Windows 95’s Launch Is the Best Thing You’ll See This Year
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Valentines Day 'Perfect Partners' Buy One Get One FREE Sale is on ALL WEEKEND!