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NVIDIA Vulkan GeForce 364.91 Beta Driver Is Out - Download Now
The new driver release updates Vulkan API to 1.0.8
NVIDIA has made available its 364.91 beta Vulkan GeForce graphics driver, which updates Vulkan API to 1.0.8, improves pipeline creation performance and multi-threaded scaling, and fixes minor driver and SPIR-V compiler bugs.
In addition to that, NVIDIA also managed to double the maximum bound descriptor sets, Implement support for asynchronous transfer queue, as well as reduce VkPhysicalDeviceLimits bufferImageGranularity r
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Linux can still beat Windows in the desktop war, and Linus Torvalds is 'working on it
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About a year ago, I declared Windows 10 was "the final nail in the coffin for the Linux desktop". What I meant by this was not that Linux on the desktop was really dead, but that the Linux community had failed to capitalize on the negative sentiment towards Windows 8x. What I didn't expect at the time, howeve
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Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is due for release in July
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Microsoft's Windows 10 Roadmap for business users reveals that the eagerly-anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is due to launch in July this year. At Build 2016 earlier in the month, Microsoft said that the big update was due to launch 'this summer', but did not get any more precise than this for the Redstone branch release.
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Clock Is Ticking for Windows Vista As It Enters Last Year of Support
Clock Is Ticking for Windows Vista As It Enters Last Year of Support

Extended support for Vista will be pulled on April 11, 2017

[i][color=#8093b9][size=x-large][font=museo_sans_cond][color=#002873][size=large][font=museo_sans_cond][b]Another Windows version will be retired in 12 months, but this time, Microsoft is expected to manage the whole
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MyNews.is Pro
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NVIDIA GeForce 364.96 Hotfix Is Available - Download Now
The new driver release adds support for DOOM Open Beta

NVIDIA has announced the availability of a new GeForce graphics driver, namely version 364.96 hotfix, which includes support for DOOM Open Beta and might also bring a fix for the performance drop due to P-state bug.

However, take into account that NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience might show the “GeForce Experience encountered an error and must close” error when launched without a network connection.

In terms of compatibilit
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Malware Created with Microsoft PowerShell Is on the Rise
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Microsoft's PowerShell task automation framework is becoming one of the most popular tools for coding and enhancing malware, a Carbon Black study has discovered.
Aggregating data from over 1,100 separate investigations from 20 security firms, Carbon Black says that PowerShell was used in 38 percent of all the attacks they analyzed.
Respondents said that, in
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How the cyber crime business model is changing
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Cyber crime is an increasingly serious business and a new report released today by Trustwave looks at the top trends from the past year based on real-world data from data breach investigations.
Key findings from the report include that 97 percent of applications tested by Trustwave in 2015 had at least one vulnerability. In addition 10 percent of the vulnerabilities
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RansomWhere Is a Mac App to Detect Crypto-Ransomware on OS X
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Despite not being a big problem for Mac users yet, Patrick Wardle, lead researcher at Synack, has created a nifty little app that can identify ransomware-like behavior by detecting the quick creation of encrypted files, stop the suspicious process, and then alert the user.
Called RansomWhere
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Opera's VPN Is Just a Proxy, Developer Says
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Two days ago Opera announced a new version of their browser that featured a built-in VPN service that users could turn on to safeguard their online activity from prying eyes. A Czech developer begs to differ and claims that Opera's VPN is nothing more than a proxy server.

Michal Špacek, a PHP developer, was alerted by the small text under Opera's VPN settings section that read