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Microsoft Won’t Update Windows 10’s Data Collection Services, and It Makes Sense
Redmond sets things straight in a long saga

Microsoft has finally put an end to a several-week-long privacy saga started following a third-party investigation claiming that Windows 10 sends tons of information from our computers to the company even when telemetry settings are off.

Reports that were published soon after this investigation argued that Microsoft might actually update Windows 10’s telemetry settings in order to allow users to switch them off complet
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AV-Comparatives: IT Security Survey 2016
Key Results:

• Among respondents, the four most important aspects of a security protection product were: o Good detection rate of malicious files  o Low impact on system performance o Good proactive protection without using the cloud o Good online protection rate while surfing the web  
• Kaspersky and ESET are the two most popular desktop security products worldwide, and feature in the top three products on every continent with significant results. 
• Avast is the most
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What Is Alexa Rank and How to Optimize It ?
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It Might Happen Again: Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3140768 Fails to Install
The latest cumulative update causing issues for some

If you’re a tech savvy user keeping an eye on everything Microsoft, you probably know that a number of Windows 10 cumulative updates have failed to install for some with various errors.

And the recently-released KB3140768 seems to be undergoing the same problems, as several users have already confirmed that after trying to install this update, the computer is then restored to th
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Microsoft’s new tool makes it easy for Evernote users to switch to OneNote
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Over they last few years, Microsoft has worked to transition OneNote from its initial lecture-hall focus into more of a note-taking app for your everyday needs. It’s latest move: pulling users away from competitor Evernote.
To do so, Microsoft is releasing its first ever official importer tool for OneNote, which the company claims can migrate all of your Evernote content into OneNote. Once you im
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Microsoft Releases Mysterious Windows Update with No Details About What It Does
KB3103709 is specifically aimed at Windows 8.1 users

KB3103709 is one of the updates released by Microsoft as part of this month’s Patch Tuesday rollout, but as compared to the typical Windows patch, this one comes with zero information about its content or purpose. So while users are being offered this update, nobody can tell for sure what it does.

Specifically, KB3103709 is only offered to computers running Windows 8.1 and is listed as optional, so users need to manually se
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Firmware 2.11.140 Is Available for WD My Cloud Personal Storages - Get It Now
The release improves the devices’ analytics logging support

Western Digital has managed to release a new firmware package targeted at several of its My Cloud personal storages, namely version 2.11.140, which improves the units’ analytics logging support and fan control and also adds some bug fixes.

Specifically speaking, certain models receive workarounds for the USB backup failure issue, as well as for the iSCSI LUN size that was limited to 3 digits (sometimes causing a fail
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Maktub ransomware phishing scam knows your home address and uses it as leverage
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Ransomware is one of the most prevalent security threats at the moment, and each week there are new examples that up the ante a little more. In recent months we have seen cross-platform ransomware, [url=http://betanews.com/2016/03/
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Linux can still beat Windows in the desktop war, and Linus Torvalds is 'working on it
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About a year ago, I declared Windows 10 was "the final nail in the coffin for the Linux desktop". What I meant by this was not that Linux on the desktop was really dead, but that the Linux community had failed to capitalize on the negative sentiment towards Windows 8x. What I didn't expect at the time, howeve
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Clock Is Ticking for Windows Vista As It Enters Last Year of Support
Clock Is Ticking for Windows Vista As It Enters Last Year of Support

Extended support for Vista will be pulled on April 11, 2017

[i][color=#8093b9][size=x-large][font=museo_sans_cond][color=#002873][size=large][font=museo_sans_cond][b]Another Windows version will be retired in 12 months, but this time, Microsoft is expected to manage the whole