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Guide to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Manual Migrations
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Published on Apr 16, 2017
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Many break/fix techs are looking to learn how to do more Microsoft Exchange Migrations as requests are coming in more and more for Office 365 help. Exchange is the #1 product in the Office 365 Product line, if you don’t know it, you c
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How to take a photo in manual mode on your smartphone - Gary explains
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Published on Jul 18, 2017
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Many camera apps offer a manual or pro mode that gives you direct control over the camera. But what do all those settings mean? Let me explain!

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Warmlight - Manual Camera
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Warmlight is a remarkably easy-to-use camera and photo editing tool. It lets you take professional-looking shots and access extended image editing parameters for great results.

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Manual Samuel -PC Game for free @Humble Store
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Manual Samuel is a classic adventure - almost. After a pact with the Grim Reaper, our hero, the spoiled rich Samuel, has to steer his entire body by hand for 24 hours. Breathe, blink, drive, work - it's all up to you. It will be difficult because death accompanies you. So you are really deep in the faeces!

[Video: https://youtu.be/y5re4Bnj9vg]

Special features:

  • A story about love, redemption an