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Mini Hockey Stars
[Image: http://android.giveawayoftheday.com/wp-c...578381.pngMini Hockey Stars

[quote][color=#333333][size=small][font='Open Sans', Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]Emotional and simple gameplay, great physics. Mini Hockey is easy and fun to play! Play with your friends online. Play blitz games against players from all over the world. You can play offline aga
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UMI eMAX Mini smartphone Giveaway
[Image: http://i.imgbox.com/rTihMvFD.jpg]

[quote][UMI eMAX Mini giveaway] Hi friends, our giveaway at this week is coming. Thanks for the support of UMI company, we will give away one UMI eMAX Mini smartphone this time. Do you like this phone? Join us and maybe the phone can be yours.
1. Like [url=https://www.facebook.com/
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Jide Remix Mini Android PC Giveaway
[Image: http://i65.tinypic.com/21108ir.png]

[quote]The holiday season is finally here, and with that 2015 is quickly winding down to a close. This past year MobileCupOfJoe went through a lot of changes and a couple rough patches, but things are slowly getting back to the awesome place where they used to be.
Since I've got the best fans ever, I wanted to give back to all of you who stuck it out with me throughout this year, or even welcome newcomers who just found out about MCOJ recently.
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iPad Mini 4 International Giveaway!
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February iPad mini Giveaway
Witness firsthand how a Rafflecopter giveaway works! Enter for a chance to win an Apple iPad mini

To the right is a Rafflecopter giveaway we’ve created for the month of February. Once logged into the entry form, you’ll be able to enter three ways:
  • Answering an open-ended question

  • Signing up for the Rafflecopter newsletter

  • Tweeting out a message
The winner will also receive a free month of the Rafflecopter premium subscription and some [i]exclusive[
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Win iPad Mini 4 tablet
Win a brand new iPad Mini 4 tablet


[Image: https://d36eyd5j1kt1m6.cloudfront.net/us...1456756625]

[quote]We are fans of the iPad mini 4, I hope you’ve guessed that by now. Rocking an 8-inch display, the latest in iOS software, backed by powerful internals and a plethora of accessories, this near-pocket-sized tablet is great for work and play. We want you to enjoy this experience, so we’re giving another
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Gold iPad Mini
Louis Vuitton, Designer Sunglasses, Gold iPad Mini

[Image: http://www.pintereste.hu/wp-content/uplo...96x687.jpg]

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Apple iPad Mini 4
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iPad Mini 4 International contest
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iPad Mini 4 International contest