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Find "Mysterious missing Free Space" on your Hard Disk Drives
[size=large][font=palatino linotype]This article applies to Windows Vista and Windows 7

Ever wonder why free space on your Hard Disk Drives suddenly seems to go missing without an explanation and you cannot figure out where this free space has gone?

About 6 months ago when I turned on my PC, I noticed one of my backup drives had significantly less free space than it should have (approximately 50 GB of free space missing). I didn't understand how this space was missing because I
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Star Wars "THe Force Awakens" Trailer
If you're a Star Wars fan, this looks like it is going to be great!

[Video: https://youtu.be/erLk59H86ww?list=PL148k...1R_oAceb-5]

[Video: https://youtu.be/ngElkyQ6Rhs?list=PL148k...1R_oAceb-5]
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Fake and Malicious "Deferred message" or "You Have Deferred Notification"
[Image: http://i65.tinypic.com/iwk5xc.jpg]

[size=large]Cyber-criminals are sending out fake email messages which appear as if they were sent by Google or YouTube with malicious links. I got one of these today and read the  malicious links will take the recipients who have clicked on the links to phishing websites created by cyber-criminals to steal their personal and financial information. The recipients may also be taken to malicious websites where they will be tricked into downloading an
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Free eBook Download "Rethinking Security: Fighting Known, Unknown and Advanced Threat
Free eBook "Rethinking Security: Fighting Known, Unknown and Advanced Threats"


It says on the page to enter your work email, but I used my regular email address and it worked fine.
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Enter to win a HP - Pavilion 17.3" Laptop (USA)
[quote]Enter to win a HP - Pavilion 17.3" Laptop - Intel Core i5 - 4GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive - Silver - Video chat with friends and family with a built-in HD webcam, surf the Web with high-speed Wi-Fi access and get work done with basic multitasking capabilities. The expansive HD+ display lets you enjoy vivid visuals for movies.

[color=#111111]Eligibility: Sweepstakes (the "Sweepstakes") is open only to those who sign up at the online sweepstakes page and who are at least 21 years old at th
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"The Star Spangled Banner" - Lady Gaga SuperBowl 50
[Video: https://youtu.be/KRe1W1KEU1M]

Great job she did at singing "The Star Spangled Banner"
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Free ebook - "Building Web Applications with ArcGIS"
Building Web Applications with ArcGIS Ebook

In case you are interested it is available only for today at

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April Fools' Day: Google Removes "Mic Drop" Button from Gmail After Backlash
Some users pushed button accidentally, lost potential jobs

You don't hear this very often, but Google's April Fools' Day joke wasn't funny at all this year, ending up confusing users, some of which even complained about losing jobs because of it.

Yesterday, as the first countries around the globe were entering the month of April, Google announced a new feature in Gmail called "Mic Drop," an obvious April Fools' Day prank.

[b]Gmail's Mic Drop was also shutting down conversa
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BlackBerry CEO Explains "Lawful Access" to Company's Master Decryption Key
[Image: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/imag...3173-2.jpg]
BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, took time aside from his busy daily schedule to pen a carefully worded blog post explaining the "lawful access" granted its global decryption key to Canadian police.
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iPad Pro 9.7" contest