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Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware BETA 5 (0.9.14)
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Ransomware Is Out of Control, Hits Hospitals, Churches, Schools, Courthouses
More and more users fall victims to ransomware

During the past month, ransomware infections have gotten out of control and have infected not only home users, but many high-profile targets like courthouses, hospitals, schools, and even churches.
After earlier this month, the ransomware infection that paralyzed the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles made headlines around the world, it appears that many mo
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Russian Ransomware Encrypts Your Files and Then Speaks to You
Cerber ransomware distributed as a Raas service

The latest addition to the ransomware spectrum is a new threat called Cerber that encrypts users' files and then provides a TTS (text-to-speech) feature that reads out the ransom note.

First signs of Cerber infections appeared last week, and according to security firm SenseCy, the ransomware is the product of a team of Russian coders who are advertising it as a RaaS service via underground hacking forums in Russia.

RaaS stand
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iCloud Account Hijacking Scam Is as Bad as Ransomware
Crook hijacks iCloud account, locks victim's Mac

Crooks have discovered a method of turning Apple's security features against the company's users, hijacking Apple iCloud accounts and making them behave as ransomware, locking users out of their devices and data.

An Apple customer reported this new novel attack scenario to US cyber-security vendor Malwarebytes, complaining abo
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Remove HYDRACRYPT ransomware (Virus Removal Guide)
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HYDRACRYPT is a file-encrypting ransomware, which will encrypt the personal documents found on victim’s computer using RSA-2048 key (AES CBC 256-bit encryption algorithm), appending the .hydracrypt_ID_[8 random characters] extension to encrypted files.

 HYDRACRYPT then displays a message which offers to decrypt the data if a payment of 1 BTC (around $400) ransom is made within 72 hou
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The threat of ransomware is so great, the US and Canada issue joint security alert
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Malware is far from being a new problem, but the inexorable rise of ransomware has taken many by surprise. There have been a number of very high profile instances of ransomware such as PETYA, and the threat is perceived as being so high that the US and Canada have taken the unusual step
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How to mitigate ransomware risks
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Ransomware has already caused businesses real trouble this year and recently, security firms have warned about a sudden surge in junk mail messages containing this kind of malware. It seems that organized criminals are now increasingly targeting businesses, which can offer them bigger returns than going after individuals.
The first wave of ransomware started in 2005 and was called Trojan.Gpcoder. Now the se
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Maktub ransomware phishing scam knows your home address and uses it as leverage
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Ransomware is one of the most prevalent security threats at the moment, and each week there are new examples that up the ante a little more. In recent months we have seen cross-platform ransomware, [url=http://betanews.com/2016/03/
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Ransomware attacks through Flash
Adobe issued an emergency update to its Adobe Flash Player software today after researchers discovered a vulnerability that was being exploited to deliver ransomware (variants of Cerber ransomware). Flash has over one billion users, so odds are you are affected by this update.

This is exactly the type of zero-day attack Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium can protect you
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Keygen alert: free password generator released for PETYA ransomware
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The PETYA ransomware is just one of the recent examples of malware that encrypts victims' hard drives until a fee is paid. The advice from the government is not to pay the ransom -- or at least not expect to get a