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Adware Program Takes Screenshot of Your Desktop and Uploads It Online
Lawrence Abrams, a security researcher at Bleeping Computer, has stumbled upon a new type of adware that's not content with just blasting you with ads and collecting data on your system, as it also secretly takes a screenshot of your desktop and uploads it online.
Called Faster Internet, the program comes bundled with other legitimate software, but it is only when it's installed that the real damage is done.
The first thing it will do is to record details regarding each user's PC
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DVDFab Player 5 Takes on PowerDVD 17?
DVDFab Player 5 Takes on PowerDVD 17?

[color=#141414][size=small]Media player application is one of those must-have companions for people who often watch movies, TV Shows and other videos on their personal computers. There are tons of software players available, some are from big names, such as the Windows Media Player and Movies & TVs app from Microsoft, the QuickTime player from Apple, some are from dedicated software vendors, such as the VLC
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Windows Defender is an Antivirus It takes resources too (The PC Security Channel)
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQCZGckH...e=youtu.be]

Windows Defender is an Antivirus | It takes resources too      The PC Security Channel [TPSC]
Published on 8 Apr 2018
Whenever I talk about whether or not you need antivirus, people bring up Windows Defender as a counter-argument. Windows Defender IS an antivirus and works just like other AV programs, using system resources exactly the same way. And no, just because it is made by Windows does not mean it is
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RansSIRIA Ransomware Takes Advantage of the Syrian Refugee Crisis
[Image: https://www.bleepstatic.com/images/news/...screen.jpg]

[quote]A new ransomware called RansSIRIA has been discovered by MalwareHunterTeam that encrypts your files and then states it will donate your ransom payments to Syrian refugees. This ransomware is a variant of the WannaPeace ransomware and is targeting Brazilian victims.

According to MalwareHunterTeam, when executed, the ransomware will display a fake Word window that will take some time opening as it enc
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Microsoft Takes Over GitHub - UPDATE: It's Official! It’s a done deal,
https://news.softpedia.com/news/microsof...1380.shtml       Microsoft Takes Over GitHub - UPDATE: It's Official!
It’s a done deal, announcement coming soon
Jun 4, 2018 14:37 GMT  ·  By Bogdan Popa ·  Share:      
UPDATE: Microsoft has just confirmed that it's buying GitHub for $7.5 billion. You can read the full announcement in the press release box at the end of the article. Original story below.

Microsoft has reportedly purchased GitHub, and an announcement is projecte
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Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing the URL
[Image: https://media.wired.com/photos/5c50d1e7f...%20URL.jpg]

[quote] Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing the URL
In September, members of Google's Chrome security team put forth a radical proposal: Kill off URLs as we know them. The researchers aren't actually advocating a change to the web's underlying
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This Android Virus Takes Over Your Phone and Sends Out Offensive Messages
[quote]The latest iteration of Faketoken comes with added capabilities, technically becoming a mass texting tool that empties your bank account.

Faketoken has been around for several years already, as the malware was first discovered back in 2014. Each version, however, added new capabilities, so after working in conjunction with a desktop app and later stealing banking data on its own, Faketoken is back with a new approach.

Security company Kaspersky [url=https://www.kaspersky.com/
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Microsoft takes down global zombie bot network
[quote] Microsoft has said it was part of a team that dismantled an international network of zombie bots.

The network call Necurs infected over nine million computers and one of the world's largest botnets.

[color=#404040][size=small][font=Helmet, Freesans, Helvetica, Arial, sans-se
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Tor lays off staff as privacy takes another coronavirus-induced hit
[quote]When it comes to the casualties of the pandemic, your first thought might not be of your ability to anonymously view porn. And yet.

[size=large]The non-profit [color=#00aeef]Tor Project announced Friday that it was forced to lay off a sizable chunk of its team responsible for the pr
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Microsoft’s New Office Update Takes Full Advantage of the Best Feature in iPadOS
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/doe8ih7.png?1]

[quote]Office apps will support opening multiple windows

One of the best features iPadOS 13 is support for multiple windows, which makes it possible for users to work much easier with the same application on their iPads.

And Microsoft knows this best, especially as working with documents is one of the things that most people do these days.

Very often, running more documents side by side is required, and now that iPadOS comes