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[root] Double Tap to Wake
[root] Double Tap to Wake

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Beschreibung mit Google Übersetzer in Deutsch übersetzen?

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Get Wake Up-Free On PC,Mac & Linux
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Why do we dream? How do you know if you're dreaming? What horror does your mind possess? Wake Up is an adventure game that lets you explore dreams with tricky puzzles and horrors unlike anything you've seen before.

The game is inspired by 90s classics such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and the brilliant TV series Twin Peaks. Those inspirations takes shape in fixed camera angles and tank controls, surreal environments and cryptic storytelling.

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[Game News] (From 02/08) Alan Wake + For Honor Free at Epic Games Store
(From 02/08) Alan Wake + For Honor Free at Epic Games Store

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[Epic] (Game) For Honor & Alan Wake Free
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Ryuk Ransomware Uses Wake-on-Lan To Encrypt Offline Devices
[quote]The Ryuk Ransomware uses the Wake-on-Lan feature to turn on powered off devices on a compromised network to have greater success encrypting them.

Wake-on-Lan is a hardware feature that allows a powered down device to be woken up, or powered on, by sending a special network packet to it. This is useful for administrators who may need to push out updates to a computer or perform scheduled tasks when it is powered down.

According to a [url=https://twitter.com/VK_Intel/status/12163519310204