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BackupSF Pro (Something wrong with this giveaway)
[quote]Oh no, looks like there's a techy problem with today's deal!

[color=#084bbc][size=large][font=HelveticaNeue, 'Helvetica Neue', HelveticaNeueRoman, HelveticaNeue-Roman, 'Helvetica Neue Roman', Helvetica, 'Segoe UI', Tahoma, Geneva, Arial, sans-serif][b]We've got our best pe
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What Might Have Gone Wrong with Microsoft’s Delayed Security Updates
What Might Have Gone Wrong with Microsoft’s Delayed Security Updates
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Sometimes it's very wrong but this is "MY WAY"
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[b].I refuse to do it any way but "MY WAY." -  Frank Sinatra [font=Roboto, Arial, sans-serif][size=small][color=#00369b] ([/c
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See what's wrong with some professional politicians.
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[b]Maybe "ONLY FOOLS RUSH INTO PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. [color=#008e02]- The "[size=small][i]
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Windows 10 KB4532693 Update Bug Hides User Data, Loads Wrong Profile
[quote]Reports are coming in that the Windows 10 KB4532693 cumulative update is loading an incorrect user profile and causing the user's desktop and Start Menu to be reset to default.

On February 11th, Microsoft released the Windows 10 v1909 and v1903 KB4532693 cumulative update as part of their February Patch Tuesday updates.

Since then, reports are starting to come in that after installing the update, some users state that their normal user profile is missing, their desktop files are mis