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MikeForum Donations
Want to show how much you care about our forum? With web hosting, domain, and advertising costs it's quite expensive to keep our forum up and running. Currently all of these expenses come out of the administrator's pocket. We have decided to now offer a method for members to donate and help us stay online! We will be thankful for ALL donations given, rather it be big or small. None of the money collected will be used for our personal expenses. 100% of the donations received will be used just for Promo2day forum expenses. To get started simply visit the blog and click on the Donate button as shown below. Enter the amount and select how you would like to donate.

Thanks for all your help.
The donate button has also been placed on the forum up top on the right as shown in screenshot below for members convenience.

[Image: hcqDxop.png]
Dear users, let`s show some support for which has given us so many enjoyable moments and facilitated the creation of a very nice friendships.
I have met here some excellent friends, have made some good deals and have built some nice relations with cool users around the world.  :my: Thumb
I donated $20, so i advise other members to make a donation also, irrespective of the amount donated, it will be a reverse support from our side.

The donation buttons are still available as shown above on the forum and blog if anyone would like to help out with the upcoming web hosting costs.
I just made my small donation to help keep this forum from disappearing.
Come on, together we can get it.
everyone to donate what they can
Only the fun that this forum provides is already worth a little money.
if we do not help all the forum will disappear.
I just gave a donation as well  :-)
only three donations, what are you waiting for?
I know there are many people who cannot
but ... there are also many people who can.
hello mike,

you should get some money via paypal soon. hope to help a bit.

take care and stay safe.
I would like to Thank all of you that have made a donation to help with the hosting costs.
It is time for billing for the hosting fees to keep the forum active for another year

All donations are appreciated. Use donate button in the upper corner

More details HERE

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