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  Gears 5 "Operation 2: Free For All" Expansion Detailed
Posted by: baziroll - 2 hours ago - Forum: Gaming News - No Replies

Quote:The next big expansion for Gears 5 is slated to launch next week, and The Coalition has announced a veritable Brumak-load of additions and improvements. The update will be called Operation 2: Free For All, and is scheduled to release on December 11 pending certification. You can see the new additions in the trailer above.

The update leads with several new modes or additions to current modes, seven new maps, and a handful of characters. The Free For All versus mode will let 14 players battle it out to become the first to 30 kills. It will be available as a featured playlist at first, and then be added as a Ranked mode in January. Three new maps have been developed specifically to support the larger-than-usual FFA mode: Pit, Core, and Nethercutt.

source read more

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  Panda Dome Advanced (3 Licenses)
Posted by: ahmed - 6 hours ago - Forum: External Giveaways/Contests - Replies (1)

[Image: bTDnqMA.png]

We would like to thank our friends at SerialCart for giving us the opportunity to give away 3 (three) 1 Year licenses for Panda Dome Advanced. 1 license can be activated on 1 device.

More Info:

Raffle Page:

Arrow Starts on Dec 6, 4 2019 & Ends On December 20,2019

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  Nintendo Switch Online Adding Star Fox 2, Kirby Super Star, And More To Classic Games
Posted by: baziroll - 6 hours ago - Forum: Gaming News - No Replies

Quote:Nintendo has announced the next wave of classic titles coming to its Nintendo Switch Online service. From mainstay titles to more obscure releases, this wave of classic games looks to have something for most players.
In addition to beloved classics like Super Punch-Out!! and Kirby Super Star, the library is also adding the long-anticipated, rarely played Star Fox 2. The game, which was finished and originally planned for release in 1995 on SNES, finally officially debuted on the SNES Classic Edition mini-console in 2017. However, there hasn't been any other official release of the title since, so unless you were able to grab an SNES Classic, you've been out of luck. Nintendo is also releasing Breath of Fire II to its SNES library, and two games, Crystalis and Journey to Silius, to its NES library.

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  Abelssoft EverDoc 2020 v 4.02 [PC]
Posted by: ahmed - 8 hours ago - Forum: External Giveaways/Freebies - No Replies

[Image: 7051227alpha_everdoc_2x.jpg]

With EverDoc Abelssoft provides a software that creates order and simplifies everyday life by managing important documents as well as images and PDF files. There is a document manager that sorts and breaks down the data. With the full-text search all content can be found quickly. You can also search by file name, creation date and self-assigned keywords.
Digital document management of the future

For convenience EverDoc ensures the automatic archiving of all documents and files and the ability to drag and drop data from the file manager into the program window. EverDoc also captures all documents and emails that are printed. Also very convenient, is the cloud connection. This provides the ability to scan files stored on Dropbox, Onedrive and GoogleDrive.

PDFs, pictures or e-mails
you can now conveniently archive everything you need. Simply print the desired document and it will automatically be filed in the background without additional work.

Quick access - any time
Quick and easy access to your documents via full text search and different sort methods (name, date, keyword).

Safer with backup
EverDoc includes the possibility to create and restore backups of your library. This way you can always keep your documents safe.

[Image: htZ5JsH.jpg]

System Requirements:
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

Product Home:

Download Full Version:

The full version can be used indefinitely, there is free e-mail support and 6 months of free updates and new versions.


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  Mountain Troll [PC Game]
Posted by: ahmed - 9 hours ago - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: yAsMuwZ.jpg]

Mountain Troll is a simple 2D platformer in which you play as a mountain Troll. Imagine that you are the kindest Troll in the world and someone stole your stuff, you have to get them back! Your main purpose in this game is picking up stolen bags.
After all items in the level are collected, the door into the dwelling of the Troll opens, after which you will be directed to the next level. But don't think that it would be so easy, someone clearly does not want you to help the Troll collect the bags, on your way there are various traps, like bear traps and jagged rocks.
Be careful, this game won't let you get bored.

System Requirements:
Windows XP\Vista\7\8\10



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  Avalon Optimizer PRO
Posted by: Sasha - 9 hours ago - Forum: External Giveaways/Freebies - No Replies

[Image: 63603219ec9b.jpg]

Avalon Optimizer PRO

Make Windows Faster and More Secure

Speed up your system and network performance
Disable unnecessary Windows services
Disable Windows telemetry
Disable Office telemetry (works only with 2016)
Disable Cortana
Disable Windows 10 automatic updates
Uninstall UWP apps
Block Skype ads
Clean up your system drive
Fix common registry issues
Remove unwanted programs running at startup
Change Microsoft Edge download folder
Edit your hosts file
Add items in desktop right-click menu
Define custom commands for run dialog
And many more...

Securely Cleans Up Useless Files and Makes Your Computer Run Faster

Over time, junk files, temporary files, all kinds of system files and other items you do not need at all accumulate on your Windows Computer. Those useless files take up valuable hard disk space and slow down your computer. AVALON OPTIMIZER can delete these unnecessary files on your hard disk to free up disk space and make your computer run faster. It also provides many custom options to allow advanced users to clean up more files they don’t need.

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 1-PC lifetime license, for noncommercial use

  • No free updates; if you update the giveaway, it may become unregistered

  • You get free tech support

  • You must redeem the license key before this offer has ended

  • May not be resold
Technical Details
  • Developed by Avalon

  • Version is v1.0

  • Download size is 1.5 MB

  • Supports Windows (7, 8/8.1, and 10 [32-bit and 64-bit])

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  Magoshare AweClone for Windows 2.6
Posted by: Sasha - 9 hours ago - Forum: Promo2day Time Limited Giveaways - No Replies

[Image: a1b860f2287c.png]

NEW >Magoshare  AweClone for Windows 2.6


Magoshare AweClone offers you an easy, secure and quick way to clone all contents of a hard drive to another hard drive/device. Thanks to sector-by-sector cloning technology of AweClone, you can completely move all data including files/software/settings to another hard drive or clone your hard drive to an external hard drive, etc.

AweClone offers you incredibly simple solution to make a full copy of your hard drive or system. You just need to select the resource hard drive and the target hard drive. Then AweClone will move all contents from the resource hard drive to the target hard drive without any loss.

[Image: ec8e4a97529d.jpg]
Clone Windows system to another hard drive or external hard drive.

[Image: 73d7dd1a8943.jpg]
Clone entire hard drive disk or external storage device.

[Image: ff661db28fd2.jpg]
Clone hard drive partition without any loss.

[Image: 8866dbe6e7ac.jpg]
Clone HDD to SSD or Clone SSD to HDD.

Clone old hard drive to new hard drive.

Make a backup of your hard drive data.

Easily restore your data from the cloned backup.

AweClone is 100% safe disk cloning software. It will never cause any data loss or physical damage. This powerful software is fully compatible with all popular Windows systems and Windows Server systems. If you want to make a full backup of your hard disk drive, or want to duplicate your hard drive to other computers, AweClone is your best choice – it is powerful, safe and pretty simple to use.

Version 2.6, supported OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Server OS

Homepage: https://www.magoshare.com/disk-clone/disk-clone.html

Thanks to Frank from Magoshare, we can distribute AweClone for Windows 2.6 to all members of our forum. Just download the program and activate it using the specified license code below.

Download link: https://www.magoshare.com/trial/AweClone.exe

Lifetime license code, activate until 2019-12-09


PS: This is Mike’s distribution, I just posted.

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  Earthcam: New Hampshire beach snowed in by large storm
Posted by: Mike - Today, 03:04 AM - Forum: Photo Albums, Images, & Videos - No Replies

Click on photo above

Quote:TENS OF THOUSANDS LOSE POWER, NY DECLARES EMERGENCY: Large parts of the Northeast are starting to dig out after two days of constant snow. We're live in Hampton Beach, NH, where nearby towns saw 30+ inches of snow. New York declared emergencies in 7 counties yesterday, and at least 7 deaths were blamed on the storm. As of Monday, snow covered over 46% of the lower 48 states, the most for Dec. 2 since the weather service began keeping snow cover records. Extreme snow in the U.S. is linked to the climate crisis, as warmer ocean temps help create more severe eastern U.S. snowstorms. Extreme U.S. snowstorms have doubled in frequency over the past century.

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  Gordo Loco 12 days of Christmas
Posted by: Mike - Today, 02:51 AM - Forum: Photo Albums, Images, & Videos - No Replies

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  EVE Echoes – Open Beta (iOS & Android)
Posted by: baziroll - Today, 02:35 AM - Forum: Gaming News - No Replies

Quote:EVE Echoes is now in open Beta, with iOS and Android users able to download it and join in the mobile-based space sandbox MMO fun.
As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up back in August, EVE Echoes is an ambitious new space MMO that aims to bring an authentic EVE Online experience to iOS and Android users. Players will be able to explore, fight, harvest resources, trade and form alliances as they a vast universe set across 8000+ solar systems.
There are over 100 different types of ship to pilot which you can pilot and explore the vast persistent universe in. You can go it alone if you like, but as in EVE Online, you’ll also be able to form alliances and corporations, forming fleets of up to 100 people – which should make for some epic battles!

read more

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  The Division 2 is getting santa hats, snowballs and permadeath
Posted by: baziroll - Today, 02:26 AM - Forum: Gaming News - No Replies

Quote:The Division 2 is a game about various armed militias competing for dominance in a post-disaster Washington D.C, but that doesn't mean Christmas is cancelled. Quite the opposite: in the game's forthcoming 6.1 title update a brand new 'Sleigher' weapon will be introduced, and it's basically a grenade launcher, except the grenades... are snowballs. There will also be free Santa hats, too.

But if Santa hats and snowballs are a little bit too thematically awkward for you, there's a new Hardcore mode rolling out which will introduce permadeath to the game. As the name implies, all progress and items are lost upon death, and Hardcore characters won't have access to the Stash. This mode will get its own servers and Hardcore characters will always play together. If you live to see level 2, you'll get a special YOLO hat, because it's true. It's actually true.

read more

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  Win one of 10 Ivacy VPN Subscriptions>twitter
Posted by: Sasha - Today, 01:44 AM - Forum: External Giveaways/Contests - No Replies

 Giveaway ALERT FOR WestHam FANS

Still buzzing about the win against Chelsea? Let's double that joy!

TEN lucky winners will WIN a FREE Ivacy VPN Subscription

To win:

1. Follow IvacyVPN 

2. Retweet


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  Firefox Private Network
Posted by: sidemoon - Today, 12:53 AM - Forum: Hot Deals & Discounts - Replies (1)

  Protect the connection for your whole device, including all apps. 
  Available for limited-time beta pricing of $4.99/month.

  Note: Only available at the USA

[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8)][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8)]  [/color][/color]

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  Is your browser safe from tracking? Browser test
Posted by: Sasha - Yesterday, 11:55 PM - Forum: Guides, Tips & Tricks - Replies (1)

Is your browser safe against tracking?

When you visit a website, online trackers and the site itself may be able to identify you – even if you’ve installed software to protect yourself. It’s possible to configure your browser to thwart tracking, but many people don’t know how.

Panopticlick will analyze how well your browser and add-ons protect you against online tracking techniques. We’ll also see if your system is uniquely configured—and thus identifiable—even if you are using privacy-protective software. However, we only do so with your explicit consent, through the TEST ME button below.


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  Browser security testing tool
Posted by: Sasha - Yesterday, 11:46 PM - Forum: Guides, Tips & Tricks - Replies (2)

Browser security testing tool

It has long been believed that IP addresses and Cookies are the only reliable digital fingerprints used to track people online. But after a while, things got out of hand when modern web technologies allowed interested organizations to use new ways to identify and track users without their knowledge and with no way to avoid it.

BrowserLeaks is all about browsing privacy and web browser fingerprinting. Here you will find a gallery of web technologies security testing tools that will show you what kind of personal identity data can be leaked, and how to protect yourself from this.


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  How To Activate the Hidden Super Administrator Account in Windows
Posted by: tarekma7 - Yesterday, 09:40 PM - Forum: Video Reviews - No Replies

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  ESET Internet Security 2020 Review | Test vs Malware
Posted by: tarekma7 - Yesterday, 09:30 PM - Forum: Video Reviews - No Replies

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  I made a Next Gen AI Engine for Ransomware
Posted by: tarekma7 - Yesterday, 09:29 PM - Forum: Video Reviews - No Replies

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  Edward Snowden Warns
Posted by: Sasha - Yesterday, 08:50 PM - Forum: Security News - No Replies

Edward Snowden Warns Against Data Collection and Surveillance

Edward Snowden, former contractor for the NSA, is a controversial figure to many Americans. Best known for being a notorious whistleblower, Snowden has committed his life to increasing awareness for privacy and the handling of data. Snowden takes issue with the current climate of the world as it relates to surveillance, claiming that “the most powerful institutions in society have become the least accountable to society” at the Web Summit tech event in Lisbon, Portugal.

Snowden's Surveillance Concerns

Snowden, who did not appear at the event in person, spoke to an audience via live video feed. Snowden has been confined to Russia, the only country to grant him asylum, since the United States Government charged him with espionage and theft of government property in 2013.
Snowden spoke to the event following the release of his memoir, “Permanent Record”, that tells the finer nuances and details of the events that predicated his whistleblowing. Snowden spoke on his personal experiences and reminisced about how the atmosphere surrounding government and corporate surveillance and data collection have only increased in intensity since then, calling it “a system that makes the population vulnerable for the benefit of the privileged.”

Read the full article

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  5 VPN Myths you need to know
Posted by: Sasha - Yesterday, 08:00 PM - Forum: Security News - No Replies

5 VPN Myths you need to know

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service allowing users to access the Internet privately and securely. It works by masking your Internet Protocol (IP) address and other relevant data while you’re online. So, spyware, malware, and hackers will have a difficult time accessing your valuable information. There are, however, misconceptions about this service. Here are five debunked VPN myths you need to know. 

5 VPN Myths you need to know

1 . VPN’s are Only for Illegal Activities

2. VPNs Make the Internet Connection Slow

3. VPNs Give You Complete Anonymity

4. All VPNs are the Same

5. TOR is Better than VPN

1 . VPN’s are Only for Illegal Activities

Many people say that you don’t need to hide anything if you’re not doing anything wrong. VPNs might be useful for hiding criminal activities, but hacking and gathering illegal data aren’t the intended purposes of private networks. 
Data security is still an essential element for many Internet users. Casual users can secure their valuable information when browsing the Internet. Consider this scenario; imagine sitting in a mall and freely accessing the mall’s Wi-Fi on your phone in order to check the latest discounts from your favorite online store. You see an item you like and gladly place it to your cart for checkout. The next step is for you to input your credit card details to pay for the item. It sounds like a straightforward process, but you might not know if a hacker is lying in wait for you to make the transaction. Keyloggers and other spyware can capture the data you input online, which includes your credit card information. 

A VPN helps masks the source of the data to and from your device. So, other people would need to go through various digital protocols before they can reach your online information. That operation might require a significant amount of time and effort. Many hackers know when a project is too strenuous for them to handle, so they might walk away from an attempt to steal your data. 
Also, VPNs can mask the identities of average consumers and business entities. For the latter, companies can use private networks to help encrypt and secure sensitive business information from the world wide web. 
In summary, it might still be a possibility that people can use VPNs for illegal activities, but these services don’t limit themselves to illicit activities. You can still use a VPN to help secure your digital information from cyber attackers. 

Read the full article, it’s good to know.

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