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  15k medical files of a hospital hacked
Posted by: dhruv2193 - 3 hours ago - Forum: Security News - No Replies

Quote:A cyber crime syndicate has hacked and scrambled the medical files of about 15,000 patients from a specialist cardiology unit at Cabrini Hospital and demanded a ransom.


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  10 Lifetime licenses of Shadow Defender
Posted by: ahmed - 4 hours ago - Forum: External Giveaways/Contests - Replies (1)

[Image: eRmKeUH.png]

What is Shadow Defender ?
Shadow Defender is an easy-to-use security solution (for Windows operating systems) that protects your PC/laptop real environment against malicious activities and unwanted changes.

Shadow Defender can run your system in a virtual environment called 'Shadow Mode'. 'Shadow Mode' redirects each system change to a virtual environment with no change to your real environment. If you experience malicious activities and/or unwanted changes, perform a reboot to restore your system back to its original state, as if nothing happened.

With Shadow Defender, you have the flexibility to specify which files and folders are permanently saved to the real environment. This ensures important files and folders are kept after a reboot.

If you want to make a maintenance-free computer, Shadow Defender will be your best choice.

Shadow Defender Features

  • 1. Prevent all viruses and malwares.
  • 2. Surf the internet safely and eliminate unwanted traces.
  • 3. Protect your privacy.
  • 4. Eliminate system downtime and maintenance costs.
  • 5. Reboot to restore your system back to its original state.
Shadow Defender Users
  • 1. Maintain a system free from malicious activities and unwanted changes.
  • 2. Test software and game installations in a safe environment.
  • 3. Protect against unwanted changes by shared users (suitable for workplaces and educational institutions).
Show ContentSpoiler:

System Requirements
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows Vista SP2 with KB2763674 installed
undefined Windows 7 SP1 with KB3033929 installed
undefined Windows 8, 8.1
undefined Windows 10


Competition rules:
  • To make a valid entry every participant must comment on "why do you need a free license of Shadow Defender ? or write something about Shadow Defender ".
  • Only one entry allowed per household.
  • You must use your real IP address to enter the giveaway.
  • If you enter the giveaway using a proxy or VPN then we will assume that you've got other accounts here, so your entry will not be counted and you will be disqualified.
  • If you're a winner and you don't respond to your private message within 4 days then someone else will be selected.
  • You only need to post once.
  • Any other posts will be deleted.
Competition run time:
This giveaway starts on the 17th.February 2019 and will end on 12th March 2019.

Winners will be randomly selected using RANDOM.ORG on the 12th March 2019 (all time is GMT+5.30).

Be sure you've got your private messaging enabled as that's how you'll be told if you're a winner.

Arrow Enter Here

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  SpyHunter 5
Posted by: Mohammad.poorya - 4 hours ago - Forum: Giveaway Suggestions - No Replies

Hello all
I would like to suggest a giveaway for this software


Thanks Thumb

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  BLACK & WHITE Projects v 4[PC & Mac]
Posted by: ahmed - 5 hours ago - Forum: External Giveaways/Freebies - No Replies

[Image: rEYV4mM.jpg]

BLACK & WHITE projects 4 is the perfect tool to enable all photographers with a special affinity for black & white photos to make their creative mark.

  • Sensitive selective photo editing with intelligent outline recognition
  • New algorithms for perfect colour filter emulations
  • BLACK & WHITE development studio for professional monochrome with 115 presets
  • For Mac and Windows
  • Can be used in various ways: Black & White projects 4 works as a plug-in to Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom®, and as a standalone application.
  • Give your photos a 100% analogue finish with high-res film emulations adapted from the classics like Ilford, Kodak, Rollei, Fuji and many more.
A variety of paths lead to BLACK & WHITE projects 4, and now Lightroom is one of them! This genuine plug-in ensures maximum ease and convenience when editing your favourite photos. Simply mark exposure series or images in your Lightroom library to then transfer them through the plug-in to BLACK & WHITE projects 4. After optimising the shots, the results will be automatically imported back into Lightroom and added to the original images in your gallery.
Black&White: Reduced to the Essentials

BLACK & WHITE projects 4 is the perfect tool to enable all photographers with a special affinity for black & white photos to make their creative mark. The brand new spectral sensitivity engine allows you to control every grey value for each converted colour and specifically adjust tones. The 115 handcrafted presets reveal the plethora of possibilities hidden in your image’s information..
Spectral Sensitivity

The brand new Spectral Sensitivity Engine gives you access to each gray value of a converted colour and adjust their tone specific. With 115 handcrafted presets that offer you a wealth of possibilities. Please have look at our product video as well.

Directions/Registration Info(Read Me!)
Show ContentSpoiler:
Terms and Conditions:
  • This is a 2-computer lifetime license, for noncommercial use
  • No free updates; if you update the giveaway, you may lose it
  • No free tech support
  • You must redeem your license key before this offer has ended
  • May not be resold
Technical Details:
  • Developed by FRANZIS
  • Version is v4.41
  • Download size is 139 - 148 MB
  • Supports Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X

7 days or less time remaining as of now today February 21,2019
 & this time may be extend,reduce or SOS has own rights to cancel this giveaway before the expiration date!!

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  AdGuard Premium (20) X1 year licenses
Posted by: Mohammad.poorya - 9 hours ago - Forum: External Giveaways/Contests - Replies (2)

[Image: ef539193eabfe38cd4a0a6894046518cd5a9b6fe..._image.jpg]

Competition rules:

  • Only one entry allowed per household.
  • You must use your real IP address to enter the giveaway.
  • If you enter the giveaway using a proxy or VPN then we will assume that you've got other accounts here, so your entry will not be counted and you will be disqualified.
  • If you're a winner and you don't respond to your private message within 4 days then someone else will be selected.
  • You only need to post once.
  • Any other posts will be deleted.
  • If you don't want to enter the competition then don't post in this thread.
  • ----------------
Competition run time:
This giveaway starts on the 20th.February 2019 and will end on 20th. March 2019.

Winners will be randomly selected using RANDOM.ORG on the 20th. March 2019 (all time is GMT+5.30).

Be sure you've got your private messaging enabled as that's how you'll be told if you're a winner.

[Image: click-here.jpg]

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  Avast Premier 2019 (8 License)
Posted by: ahmed - Yesterday, 07:24 PM - Forum: Personal Giveaways - Replies (10)

[Image: T526a9H.jpg]

8 License are available that i have collected from last Giveaway/promotion(Computer Bild Advent Calendar 2018). I would like to giveaway of those Licenses. If you would like to be entered in this giveaway contest, then just reply below. I will pick 8 lucky  winners by the help of Random.Org once the giveaway has ended!! (March 06,2019)

Here is a Details about The software:

->You should have at least 2 post in the forum(Any sections) & Newly Registered Member ? Please Introduce yourself to Member Introduction Section!! HERE

->Just leave comments-Why you like Avast Premier ? Its Pros & Cons... etc

According to AV-comparatives, Avast has awarded the best product of the year 2018 !

[Image: wLJwUef.jpg]

Giveaway Starts Now!
Good Luck Smile Big Grin Wink

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  VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription 88% off
Posted by: Sasha - Yesterday, 07:03 PM - Forum: Hot Deals & Discounts - No Replies

[Image: 258883eb593d.jpg]

Online privacy and protection of your data that will virtually last forever, as well as unrestricted streaming and access to the content you want: That's what you get with a lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, a top-notch VPN solution from the security experts with 5 years of experience. More than 10 million customers globally have entrusted their online protection to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. Add it to your cybersecurity toolkit, and enjoy a massive selection of servers worldwide, a rich variety of VPN protocols, and much more to keep hackers out of your sensitive data! 

Tech.Co: “From its simple interface to its genuinely practical features, VPN Unlimited has plenty to recommend it.” 

VPN Special: “KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers amazing services and its advanced features makes it a solid VPN service provider.” 

  • Reliably protect your data on any public WiFi
  • Surf w/ no speed or bandwidth limits
  • Access a wide range of VPN servers w/ 70+ locations globally, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia & Hong Kong. check the list here
  • Surf on a variety of VPN protocols, like IKEv2, OpenVPN & KeepSolid Wise
  • Access streaming servers for US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN+ & HBO Now
  • Enjoy a better browsing experience w/ handy features, like Trusted Networks, Ping Tests & Favorite Servers
  • Easily configure your VPN connection on your router.
  • Convenient management of connected devices
  • 24/7 customer support

  • PC Mag's Top VPN for 2017
  • Editor's Pick Award by Software Informer for 2017
  • Laptop Review Pro's Best VPN for Laptop for 2017
System Requirements
  • Android 4.1 and later
  • mac OS 10.11 and later
  • macOS 10.10 (standalone version of the app)
  • iOS 9.0 and later
  • iPhone 5S or later
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Linux: Debian GNU/Linux 8.0, Ubuntu 14.04+
  • Windows Phone 8.1 (including Update 1)
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Language options for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows: English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish, and Turkish
  • This service is available for setting up on WiFi routers
  • This product is available to residents of the UAE, China, and Russia

Important Details
  • Length of access: lifetime
  • License deadline: redeem within 30 days of purchase
  • Restrictions: use on up to 5 devices simultaneously; you can deactivate devices at any time (1 per week), to free a slot for a new device to have 5 total activated at a time
  • VPN works with torrents or P2P
  • See VPN countries with servers here
  • Use on up to 5 devices simultaneously; you can delete existing devices at any time (1 per week), and then add new ones to have 5 total activated at a time
  • Updates included
  • Language options for iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows: English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish, and Turkish
  • Please contact support@keepsolid.com with questions regarding compatibility with your router/setup
  • For technical questions, please see the VPN FAQs here, or contact them directly at support@keepsolid.com

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  Why Would You Want a VPN for Xbox One
Posted by: mikebrian01 - Yesterday, 03:31 PM - Forum: Gaming News - No Replies

The inspiration to get a VPN for xbox your gaming console is a comparative reason you'd need one on your PC. Virtual private frameworks let you spoof your territory so you can watch a film on Netflix that is only open in Canada or an amusements preoccupation that is closed out in your city. They also cover your identity and scramble your data, keeping you protected from software engineers and government snooping. Most of this applies to your gaming console as well. So whether you're spouting video on your PS4 or making a purchase through your VPN for Xbox One, it justifies having a VPN. 

Likewise, you may more likely than not find better courses of action on redirection by scouring the PS4 and Xbox One propelled client confronting exteriors in different parts of the world. You could even get early access to another video if it's released in a couple of countries first.

VPN Must Have Feature Like;

·        Protection of DDOS
·        High speeds, low latency
·        Availability of gaming-optimized servers
·        Router compatibility or availability of a virtual router feature
·        Multiple simultaneous connections per license
·        A broad network of servers

Any further opinion regarding my post feel free to share your reviews ???

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  [Steam]Trolley Gold
Posted by: ahmed - Yesterday, 02:59 PM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

Do you want to collect all the gold in the world? The game Trolley Gold gives you this opportunity! In this game you have to get into the role of gold miners team. You control the two crew members who using uncomplicated mechanism drive the trolley. You need to catch the gold nuggets, which another friend of yours produces. He skillfully wields a pickaxe and never gets tired. Also you have other friends who are happy to help you with a variety of useful things, so that your team would be able to fulfill its main goal - to collect as much gold as possible. But it’s not so simple, throughout the game you will have to face many obstacles and enemies that with all the forces want to hinder you. Well, who said it would be easy? During the game you will visit several places around the globe and learn a lot of interesting things about the life of gold diggers.

Features Of the Game:
-5 original colorfully drawn locations
-Original enemies and obstacles throughout the game
-System of assessment of passing the level
-Realistic physics in the 2d world
-Fascinating and original gameplay


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  POS firm says hackers planted malware on customer networks
Posted by: Mohammad.poorya - Yesterday, 10:53 AM - Forum: Security News - No Replies

Quote:Nearly 140 bars, restaurants, and coffee shops all over the US have had POS systems infected with malware.
North Country Business Products (NCBP), a Minnesota-based provider of point-of-sale (POS) products, announced a security breach last week. The company said hackers compromised its IT system and later planted POS malware on the network of some of its customers.
The breach occurred on January 3, 2019, according to NCBP. The company said it detected suspicious activity on its network on the second day and started an investigation with the help of a third-party forensic investigator.

[Image: oreo_learn_more_button.png]

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Posted by: ahmed - Yesterday, 09:02 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - Replies (1)

Wishmaster is a game with an interesting and complex history of human desires and about the fact that not everything will go the way you wish. The game includes a part with Visual Novel, where you will learn about the world and the people themselves, and, certainly, about their dreams. The second part of the game is the game Match-3, where you will search for mysterious energy to fulfill all the dreams of mortal creatures. Also you will be able to track your progress in the gallery.

You start the game as a magical creature that was born only a few moments ago and doesn’t know anything about itself. Using the advice of the master and the power of Wishboard, you will fulfill the wishes of the living. But do people really want their desires to be fulfilled? And is it possible to trust a new “friend”?

- More than 30 characters with diverse wishes
- You can decide which wish to fulfill
- Company mode for not one playthrough!
- Mode on time for relaxation
- Gallery with your progress


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  How to Download Your Google+ Data Before it Gets Deleted
Posted by: tarekma7 - Yesterday, 08:38 AM - Forum: Guides, Tips & Tricks - No Replies

Quote:Did you use Google+ at some point? Here's how you can download your data before the consumer version of Google's social network shuts down on April 2.

After years of trying to edge its way into social networking (remember Google Buzz?), Google is throwing in the towel and will shut down the consumer version of Google+ in April.

Google admits that adoption was weak; "90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds," a VP said last year. But the impetus for this year's shutdown was a security breach that exposed the private data of thousands of Google+ users. At first, Google planned to shut down Google+ in August 2019, but when another breach was uncovered, that date was moved up to April 2.

As a result, Google+ users now have less than two months to save their data before the platform goes dark for consumers. If you want to preserve your Google+ posts, comments, and media, here's how.

[Image: go-to-google-takeout_vsx8.1080.png]

Go to Google Takeout

Takeout is a repository of all the data Google has stored about your account, from Google Drive and Google Photos to YouTube and Hangouts. You'll also find your Google+ data here.

Get started by navigating to takeout.google.com; if you're not already logged in, sign in with the account associated with the Google+ profile in question.

You will see a list of all the Google products associated with your account and by default, everything will be selected. To make things easier, click "Select None" up top, which will de-select everything.

[Image: choose-your-data_s6bb.1080.png]

Choose Your Data

Now, scroll down to find Google+. You will notice there is no single option for Google+ user data. Instead, there are several different pieces of information available for download: Google+ +1s on websites (your +1 recommendations); Google+ Circles (your contacts); Google+ Communities (your community data); Google+ Stream (all your posts); and Profile (your profile data).

This data is delivered in various formats. Your +1s will only be available in HTML, while your Profile data can only be attained in JSON. Meanwhile, you can choose between vCard, JSON, CSV, and HTML for Circles data. You can also choose specific Communities or Stream data to download, and select between JSON or HTML.

Click everything you want to download, scroll to the bottom, and click Next.

More information HERE

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  NYC Bus Simulator (PC Game)
Posted by: Mohammad.poorya - Yesterday, 04:05 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: 2xNlVdz.jpg]

[Image: 59060c190cbeef0acff9a657.png]
[Image: download-now.gif]
Please read license key info below:
This is a special exclusive build that does not require a key.
Exclusive Giveaway Club and MyPlayCity  offer: no third-party ads and browser add-ons!

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  [GOG] 200+ Games (85% Off)
Posted by: ahmed - 02-19-2019 , 06:51 PM - Forum: Game Deals - No Replies

[Image: TH0zeCi.jpg]


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  Tipard Media Pro Bundle (83% Off) & More
Posted by: ahmed - 02-19-2019 , 06:02 PM - Forum: Hot Deals & Discounts - No Replies

[Image: DiFaSpr.jpg]

Deal Page:

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  Rietspoof malware spreads via Facebook Messenger and Skype spam
Posted by: Mohammad.poorya - 02-19-2019 , 01:44 PM - Forum: Security News - No Replies

Quote:Avast researchers spot new malware spreading via instant messaging clients.
Avast security researchers have discovered a new malware strain named Rietspoof that's currently being spread to victims via instant messaging clients such as Facebook Messenger and Skype.

In a report published over the weekend, researchers described this new threat as a "multi-stage malware," that was first spotted in August 2018, but which was largely ignored until a noticeable uptick in distribution efforts last month.

Rietspoof's main role is to infect victims, gain persistence on infected hosts, and then download other malware strains --depending on the orders it receives from a central command & control (C&C) server.
Persistence is gained by the malware by placing an LNK (shortcut) file in the Windows /Startup folder. This is a noisy operation because most antivirus products know to keep an eye on this folder, but Avast says Rietspoof is also signed with legitimate certificates, allowing the malware to bypass security checks.

The infection routine is made up of four different stages --described in greater detail in the Avast write-up here. The actual Rietspoof malware is dropped in stage three, with the last stage being reserved for downloading a more intrusive and potent malware strain.



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  SecureAPlus Premium 5.3.0 (2 Year License)
Posted by: ahmed - 02-19-2019 , 09:20 AM - Forum: Giveaway of the day - Replies (1)

[Image: F63R71Y.jpg]

SecureAPlus is a security software that protects PCs from malware and viruses with its powerful but easy to use Application Whitelisting, and reliable detection rates of more than 10 cloud Anti-Virus engines with Universal AV. It leverages the power of the cloud allowing for low resources used and compatibility with other installed anti-virus and anti-malware applications making it the perfect security upgrade for any Windows PC.
SecureAPlus now has a companion app on Android phones. You can download the SecureAPlus Antivirus for Android by visiting this page. To add the mobile device to your SAPPortal Account by logging in to the Android App, please consult the following support page.

Note: the program includes a two year license! You can take a look at the short registration instruction here


System Requirements:
Windows Server 2003-2012/ Windows XP SP3/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10; 2 GHz Pentium 4 or higher processor; 1GB of RAM; 300 MB hard disk space; Min.screen resolution: 1024×768; Local hard disk that is formatted with NTFS file system

Direct(for 24 hours)
Installation(Read Me!)

Show ContentSpoiler:


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  Kerish Doctor 2019 Giveaway - 16 licenses (First Come First Served)
Posted by: Mike - 02-18-2019 , 11:00 PM - Forum: Personal Giveaways - Replies (24)

[Image: cover_box.png]

Kerish Doctor 2019 is an integrated solution for computer maintenance that utilizes the most promising developments in this area.

Due to its unique system, Kerish Doctor 2019 prevents Windows crashes in real time and also safely fixes registry errors and is suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

The application regularly performs a maximally thorough and safe cleaning of your system to eliminate accumulated digital "trash", thereby increasing the efficiency of your computer in the best way possible.

Kerish Doctor 2019 protects your PC against malware and potential vulnerabilities and monitors computer settings that are important from the point of view of security.

The Smart Update system promptly updates the application's databases, which are constantly being improved by our experts. Thanks to this system, the software suite is becoming more effective every day, making our solution the most promising in its class.

[Image: EquUaaR.png]

Overview of the technologies used in Kerish Doctor 2019

[Image: E6j26Wn.png]

[Image: gWxCaKn.png]

Kerish Doctor 2019 download: http://www.kerish.org/en/download.php

I would Like to thank Kerish Products General Manager for sponsoring these unique license keys.

Giveaway Details:
Number of Licenses: 16

Validity of Licenses: 1 year (expiration date of keys: March 29, 2020) can be used only on one PC (any count of OS, reinstalling OS does not affect the license and can be activated again) Home/Personal use only.

Value of each license: $19.95 USD

Lost giveaway license keys can not be restored by the developer.

Submitting of the license key in the public domain may lead to license blocking without providing a replacement.

Mass activations of license key on several devices (more than one PC) may lead to license blocking without providing a replacement.

I have 16 Kerish Doctor 2019 licenses left over from a recent giveaway that I would like to give to our forum members. This giveaway will remain active until all licenses are given out. If you would like one just reply in this thread and I will be sure to private message you one.

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  Giveaway: ChemTable Soft Organizer v6.11 for FREE
Posted by: uyar64 - 02-18-2019 , 10:31 PM - Forum: External Giveaways/Freebies - No Replies

Giveaway: ChemTable Soft Organizer v6.11 for FREE


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  Intrusta anti-malware
Posted by: dhruv2193 - 02-18-2019 , 12:12 PM - Forum: Giveaway Suggestions - Replies (1)

New antivirus/antimalware company. Please vote if you want its giveaway.

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