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  IObit Birthday Pack - 90% OFF on 6
Posted by: Sasha - 11 hours ago - Forum: Hot Deals & Discounts - No Replies


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  Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2 [PC Game]
Posted by: ahmed - Yesterday, 10:36 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: lSV4JVG.jpg]

Play 120 unique solitaire card deals!
Welcome to Victorian England! Dive into a magical atmosphere of love and romance in Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2! Explore an atmosphere of enchanting dances at a wedding ball in London's high society as you solve challenging solitaire layouts.

[Image: screen1.jpg]

System Requirements:
Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10; CPU: 1.0 GHz; RAM: 512 MB; DirectX: 9.0; Hard Drive: 55 MB



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  Weather Lord: Graduation [PC Game]
Posted by: ahmed - Yesterday, 10:34 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: WECGWp8.jpg]

Control the elements as you determine the destiny of a future queen!
The legacy of the Weather Lord continues as King Victor and Queen Victoria prepare to pass the royal torch to their daughter, Jenny. But before Jenny can rule, she must learn the ropes! That day comes when pirates steal the Great Dragon's golden egg. Help Jenny and her mentor save the day before the beast unleashes the full fury of her wrath!

System Requirements:
Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10; CPU: 1.6 GHz; RAM: 512 MB; DirectX: 9.0; Hard Drive: 532 MB



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  RoboForm Everywhere Giveaway 8 Licenses
Posted by: Mike - 07-30-2021 , 07:38 PM - Forum: Personal Giveaways - No Replies

[Image: JuIDttk.png]

Easy to remember passwords are also easy to guess. Additionally, re-using the same password makes you vulnerable on multiple sites if that password is ever compromised. Creating a strong and unique password for each account is the only way to avoid this. But how to keep track of all those passwords?

A password manager organizes and encrypts your passwords, increasing the convenience and security of your online experience. With RoboForm, instead of remembering hundreds of passwords, you only need to memorize your one Master Password.

With the RoboForm Everywhere license you will enjoy RoboForm software
on multiple Windows computers, Macs, and mobile devices - all with one license.

Get started quickly with RoboForm online tutorials.

RoboForm (Windows) Installation and Setup: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...-and-Setup

RoboForm (Mac) Installation and Setup: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...boForm-Mac-

Creating and saving a Login: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...ng-a-Login

Log in to a site: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...-to-a-site

Creating a Safenote: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...a-Safenote

Creating an Identity: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...n-Identity

Online checkout forms: form filling from an Identity: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...n-Identity

RoboForm web access: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...Web-Access

Import to RoboForm: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/categ...-Exporting

Creating a shared folder: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...red-folder

Security Center: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...ity-Center

Installing RoboForm on Android: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...on-Android

Installing RoboForm on iOS: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...orm-on-iOS

Enable 2FA: https://help.roboform.com/hc/en-us/artic...ur-account

Download RoboForm: https://www.roboform.com/download

To celebrate our Promo2day Anniversary I have 8 RoboForm Everywhere (1- Year) Licenses to giveaway. If you are interestd in this product just follow the rules below and you will be entered in this giveaway contest. This contest will run 3 weeks then winners will be chosen.


1. Add a share link of this giveaway (on social media or other forums) if possible.

2. Reply below with your Share Links and what you like about RoboForm Everywhere.
3. Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and get all the latest giveaways and contests delivered to you by email.

4. Winner will be selected by using the Wheel Of Names and Mike will send the license directly to you private message once giveaway ends. 

5. Non members can enter this contest but must first register HERE

Good Luck for ALL!

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  Refer Friends, Get RoboForm Everywhere for Free
Posted by: Mike - 07-30-2021 , 01:26 PM - Forum: Hot Deals & Discounts - Replies (1)

Refer Friends, Get RoboForm Everywhere for Free

Share all the benefits of RoboForm with a friend or colleague.

Personal RoboForm Everywhere Subscriptions


I use RoboForm Password Manager and love it; I think you would too!
As a first time user, when you purchase a RoboForm Everywhere subscription using my referral link, you'll receive an additional 6 months for FREE!

Purchase and learn more about RoboForm Everywhere:


Buy directly here:

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  Game Boy Adventure [PC Game]
Posted by: ahmed - 07-30-2021 , 12:55 PM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: D5Hi0z9.jpg]

A legendary platformer with an amazing jungle adventure.
Game Boy Adventure is a legendary platformer with an amazing jungle adventure. Let’s take an adventure, be a brave hero, 
and fight against the aliens, monsters, and Big Bosses.
Game Boy Adventure is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but at the same time challenging to master it, 
this platformer game takes you on an adventure unlike any other you can slide, jump, attack, fire your enemy comes to your way. 
Try to unlock other Lands if you have the skills to conquer them.

Game Boy Adventure GamePlay:
Jump and Run through various mysterious lands and mythical worlds to discover breathtaking places and reveal their hidden secrets.
Try to win as many trophies as you can!

[Image: 55e62542331f1f751e7e1114bb37d205.png]



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  Discord Ransomware
Posted by: tarekma7 - 07-29-2021 , 09:20 PM - Forum: Video Reviews - No Replies

Discord Nitro Ransomware encrypts files and demands Discord Nitro as Ransom, and threats in general continue to grow on platforms like Discord and Slack.


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  Kutools for Microsoft Word: boost your work efficiency
Posted by: tarekma7 - 07-29-2021 , 07:08 PM - Forum: Member Shared Reviews - Replies (1)

[Image: VfMjIeo.png]

Kutools for Microsoft Word is a powerful add-in that provide users with a series of file management capabilities that are not available in the official app itself. It will efficiently frees you from time-consuming operations which the majority of Word users have to perform daily. It contains groups of tools for saving hours of your time and boosting your work efficiency.

Insert multiple images across folders into Word document at once
Merge and combine multiple Word files across folders in to one with your desired order
Split the current document into separate documents according to heading 1, section break or other criteria
Convert files between Doc and Docx, Docx and PDF
Convert images to equations with one click, other collection of tools for common conversions and selection, etc

[Image: jywgVTM.png]





Changelog and new features:


Full details about the new version 10:


Current version:

v 10.00  Release date: December 15, 2020

Free Trial:

Full-featured free trial in 60-day.

File Size: 21.00 MB

Support Office (32/64): Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010 (32/64), 2013, 2016 and 2019 (32/64) / Office 365.

Support System (32/64): Windows 7/8/8.1/10, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003-2019, Citrix System / Windows Terminal Server. It's not compatible with MAC!


This handy add-in is a real time-saver for you to use Word 2019 - 2003 or Office 365! Price is 49.00 USD
 Lifetime License, Use Forever.
 Free Upgrade and Support for 2 Years.
 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
 24x7 Email Support Service.
 100% Secure Online Ordering.


The built-in features are accessible through the extra tab located on the ribbon interface of Microsoft Word.

[Image: Hj0TyZv.png]

Kutools Tab:

File Group: handy tools for reopening, renaming, copying Word documents, and easily access the default file folder.

Favorites Group: using a group to manage document in Word.

Insert Group: handy tools for inserting check box, frame, barcode,and images of scanner or camera device.

Bookmark Group: a group of handy tools for managing bookmarks in Word.

Remove Group: handy tools for removing any kinds of breaks, html controls, footnotes and so on.

Paragraph Group: handy tools for selecting, removing and managing specified types of content by paragraph in Word.

Select: handy group of tools for selecting current page/odd pages/even pages/specific pages, tables and paragraphs

Convert: a collection of tools for common conversion in Word daily work

[Image: 7DzY5QP.png]

Kutools Plus:

Export / Import Group: handy tools for exporting or importing custom dictionarire and auto correct.

Advanced Captions Group: handy tools for managing captions much easier.

Table Group: handy tools brings more efficiency to handle table in Word.

Advanced Hyperlinks Group: handy tools for managing hyperlinks much easier.

Layout Group: handy tools to resize images and adjust and compress all paragraphs

View Group: handy tools for managing multiple Word windows much easier.

Easy manage of the contents of any word document:

The program will help you to easily and efficiently manage the content of any word file and will save your time. You can do many operations with simple mouse click. For example, auto-text, bookmarks, snapshot and much more. You can easily insert and remove bookmarks and access the bookmarks pane which will offer you more options. In addition, you can also copy multiple open word documents at the same time. You will have fast access to the default save location or the document's location

Manage page breaks

The program has built-in breaks management tools. This feature makes it easy for users to remove any unnecessary page or column breaks. In addition, you can easily remove the breaks from an entire document or a specific section.

Manage tables:

Users can simply select all tables in the document with a single click. In addition, they can also select single-row, single-column or single-cell tables. The program allows users to select specific rows or columns from all tables. This will improve your management capabilities. The built-in Export Table to Images feature lets you exports all the tables from the current document to a folder as a specific images format (Jpeg, Gif, Png or other image types).

Batch Find and Replace:

This feature helps you batch find and replace multiple text contents in multiple documents, including closed ones.

Split Document: 

Using the program, you can easily splits the current document into multiple separate documents according to heading 1, page breaks or section breaks.

Insert RQ Code:

This feature can help you to create and insert a custom QR code in Word document, and save the custom QR code as an image.

Batch Printing:

With this feature, you can print the specified documents and their document information in the specified copies.

Text conversion:

This useful built-in tool will help users to easily transform tables in their documents to plain text. You can also convert lists to text with a single mouse click
The program helps to select paragraphs based on given properties.


Add different management tools for word documents,
Perform many operations with a single mouse click,
Save time and money


Kutools For Word is an easy to use, powerful Office Word Toolbox with more than 100 powerful functions and tools for Microsoft Word. It will help you and save your time. You can efficiently manage any word document. You can remove breaks between specific paragraphs or characters, add extra spaces or remove short paragraphs. You can also specify a delimiter between texts




Forum Support:

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  ReTureF [PC Game]
Posted by: ahmed - 07-29-2021 , 11:35 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: Usx6jyk.jpg]

A certain object can transform into three different states (stone-tree-bubble)
About the game:  A certain object can transform into three different states (stone-tree-bubble), using this ability you will need to go through obstacles and reach the exit from the secret experimental complex. The game has 10 levels.
Control keys:
Transformation = "Ctrl"
Game speed selection = "Home" "End"
Quit game = "Alt + F4"
If it gives an error at startup, then here is a possible solution to the problem:
- place the game on any disk in any of your user folders for example C: \ MyGame (it is better not to place the game in any system folders like C: \ ProgramFiles)
- if the game is located in C: \ ProgramFiles then run the file (.exe) of the game as administrator
- the path of the game directory should be only English letters

System Requirements:
Windows 7 / 8 / 10



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  Purple Virus [PC Game]
Posted by: ahmed - 07-29-2021 , 01:27 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: t7efP1M.jpg]

Control a nanorobot that has been implanted into the body of a sick person.
You control a nanorobot that has been implanted into the body of a sick person.To survive, you need to control the nanorobot to destroy all viruses in the human body. The virus can be destroyed in two ways. The first is that a collision with a virus destroys it, but in this case, the energy of the nanorobot decreases.Second, by moving particles, you can close the virus in a trap so that he cannot move, then after a while he will die. You also need to protect body cells. If all cells are destroyed then you are lost. Some viruses multiply. Other viruses destroy the protective particles.There is a dangerous virus that can attack a nanorobot, and can also very quickly destroy a cell of the body.You need to develop tactics to survive and destroy the purple virus.The game has 10 levels.



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  Watchdog Anti-Malware
Posted by: tarekma7 - 07-28-2021 , 11:06 PM - Forum: Developer Giveaways - Replies (2)

[Image: IRYiySD.png?1]

This is anti-malware solution with highly acclaimed multi-engine software that helps keep your computer secure. You will enjoy real-time protection with advanced malware detection and removal

Advanced Malware Detection and Removal
Browser Hijacker Removal
Effective Rootkit and Bootkit Detection and Removal
Real Time Protection
Anti Ransomware Protection Modules





15 day Free Trial available


Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
About 50MB disk space.
About 40MB memory.
Active Internet connection.

How It Works:

Launch Watchdog Anti-Malware, sit back, relax, and let our malware scanner do its magic!


First you simply start a scan in order to find suspicious files in your PC


When our software finds a suspicious file, it passes the fingerprint to our Cloud Scanning Platform where many different anti-virus engines perform checks


Watchdog Anti-Malware rapidly sets about removing any confirmed malicious software

[Image: WVZsLOl.png]

[Image: z1NmIKJ.png]

[Image: XbI74nQ.png]


[Image: mPTPERF.png]

Smart Real Time Protection:

Watchdog Anti-Malware uses our Cloud Scanning Platform, a highly optimized cluster of servers running several anti-virus engines with the latest updates. This provides you with the power of multi-engine scanning any downsides such as drains on system resources or conflicts between programs.

Effective Multi-Engine Malware Scanner:

It’s simply not practical to install dozens of different anti-virus programs on your computer because they’ll conflict with each other and slow your system down, but even if you could it would be prohibitively expensive. We’ve come up with a way to provide you with several anti-virus scanners to catch malware that your primary anti-virus program misses — all at a fraction of the price. And it is point-and-click easy to use. Watchdog Anti-Malware is designed to neutralize viruses, trojans, rootkits, worms, spyware and adware.

[Image: vufA2OB.png]


Watchdog Anti-Malware provides you with the power of multi-engine scanning. It uses Cloud Scanning Platform with a highly optimized cluster of servers running several anti-virus engines with the latest updates.  


Watchdog Anti-Malware is extremely optimized and lightweight. Our software engineers designed it to work out of the box without the need to tinker with confusing settings. Simply start a scan and wait a few minutes while it searches your computer and eliminates threats.

Licensing and activation:

There are solutions for 1/3/5 PCs for duration of 1 or 2 or 3 years

[Image: i0ApTbM.png]


Watchdog Anti-Malware is a second-layer, second-opinion malware protection that uses cloud based multi-engine anti-malware software to keep your computer secure. It offers real time protection against malware, rootkit, Hijackers and many threats. In addition, there are built-in anti ransomware protection modules

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  [FastPCTools] Fast Screen Recorder
Posted by: tarekma7 - 07-28-2021 , 09:29 PM - Forum: Developer Giveaways - Replies (1)

[Image: ddeVL4P.png]

Fast Screen Recorder

Fast Screen Recorder is software to record your daily routine computer screen activities like your important video conference, video tutorials, educational activity, movies, music, online classes. If you are a gamer then you can record all moments of your game where you are playing after that you can share with your friends.

Record Any Screen Area
Record Video with Microphone and Speaker
Record only Audio
Set Auto Stop Recording
Unlimited Screen Recording
Record Mouse Activity
Free Updates

[Image: t3DlSYj.png]


The software is made by FastPCTools, World’s one of the fastest-growing software developing companies, India-based software development company that makes high-quality applications for computers.







[Image: 04tXk5R.jpg]

Fast Screen Recorder Features:

Fast Screen Recorder is a pack of solutions for screen recording. With the Fast Screen Recorder application, you can record any moment on your screen. Fast Screen Recorder helps record your online conferences, meetings, tutorials, gaming moment, and more. You can record only audio, video, and both also with or without mic voice.

Record Any Screen Area:

Select the screen area which you want to record. If you want to record the full screen of your pc then select the Full-Screen option button or if you need any specific area of the screen then you choose Custom area.

Record Video with Microphone:

Fast Screen Recorder provides an option to on/off your microphone before start recording. So you can create videos with your voice. This is very helpful to record tutorials and presentations.

Record only Audio:

With the Fast Screen Recorder, you can also record mp3 files with system audio and microphone. From this feature, you can record music, songs, lectures, etc.

Set Auto Stop Recording:

Fast Screen Recorder can auto stop recording. With this feature not required to sit every time when recording running. If you know your recording will stop after some time then you set and start recording. Your recording will auto stop the defined time.

Record Screen without Watermark:

With the Fast Screen Recorder registered version you can record your computer screen videos without a watermark.

Unlimited Screen Recording:

Fast Screen Recorder registered version not have any limit of video length and number of video recording.

Auto Video Optimization:

Fast Screen Recorder manages memory so, the recorded video size is optimized without quality loss.

Play After Record:

After recording video or audio from Fast Screen Recorder you will receive an option to play your recorded video.

Disable Record Mouse Activity:

If you do not want to record your mouse movement activity then you need to disable the option in the fast screen recorder settings.

Stop Countdown before Recording:

When you record a video from Fast Screen Recorder then the countdown is running every time. If you do not need a countdown on recording then disable the option from settings.

Change Shortcut Keys:

If you need to change the shortcut key of your screen recording software then you can change settings with the new keys combination. If you want to reset settings then click on “Reset to Default”.

Auto Update Application:

This screen recording application continues to upgrade features and fix minor and major report issues. So you need to always enable the auto-update option for the best results.

[Image: MD4yDst.png]

How to use?

Select Area of the screen:

This screen recording tool have also custom area selection on your computer screen. Also, have some default sizes. Full-screen area selection has two options, one is with Taskbar or the second is without Taskbar.

Record Speakers:

This option you can on/off. On this option, you can find a small down arrow near the icon. So you can choose you speaker which installed on your system.

Record Microphone:

With this option, you can select your microphone with the click on the down arrow near the microphone icon. You can also on/off microphone recording.

Stop record after some time:

This also a good feature of this screen recorder. With this option, you can auto-stop your recording after the fixed time which you define here.

Recording Action:

After setting all things you click on the Record button, the Big Red Color round button to start your recording.


Fast Screen Recorder offers you a simple, powerful, user friendly and easy-to-use software designed to capture screen video and audio with great accuracy. It is very useful for many users specially gamers and students. There is more need for this software with online classes during the pandemic

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  novaPDF Professional 11 Giveaway - 10 Licenses
Posted by: Mike - 07-28-2021 , 11:42 AM - Forum: Developer Giveaways - Replies (3)

[Image: fenIMRL.png]

Using novaPDF, both individual users and businesses are able to create PDF documents and easily share them, making the process of collaboration more efficient. With just a few clicks you can have your company's reports, contracts, workflows, agreements, marketing plans, spreadsheets, forms, products list, price list, charts, emails or other printable documents converted in PDF format.

Its purpose is to enable users to exchange electronic documents easier, independently of the application in which they were initially created. The resulted PDF files can be viewed on any computer with a PDF viewer (reader) installed.

This PDF printer driver requires the .NET framework (you'll be prompted during installation if it's not already installed). It is compatible with these operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (32/64-bits); Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008R2

Here’s an overview of all features and updates that novaPDF 11 includes:

PDF add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Create PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-2u compliant PDFs

Create PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3b and PDF/A-3u compliant PDFs

Quick Access Tray application

N-up page layout options

Print multiple pages per sheet (up to 16) and set page order

Pause/Resume PDF printing process

Set default signature when sending email via Outlook

Request delivery receipt to emails sent via Outlook

Change Sensitivity for emails sent via Outlook

Detect and convert telephone links

Ignore missing files when adding other file attachments to emails

New options when file exists in the destination for Copy actions

novaPDF has three major editions: Lite, Standard and Professional. novaPDF Professional has all the features enabled, while novaPDF Lite and Standard have limited functionality.

You can download a trial version and test it free for 30 days. You'll be able to choose an edition to test at the first run.

You can download it here

I would like to thank the Backup4all team for sponsoring this giveaway for the Promo2day Anniversary Celebration.

Giveaway Details:

Number of licenses: 10

Value of each license: $59.99 USD

Giveaway ends: August 31, 2021

Winners selection: Random.org

To have a chance to win a novaPDF Professional 11 license You must be a registered forum member and can join here: https://www.promo2day.com/member.php?action=register

Please follow these Simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and Post the share link with your comment below.

2. If you don't have a Facebook or Twitter account, please share on another forum or website.

3. Comment why you would like a license for novaPDF Professional 11

4. Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and get all the latest news, giveaways and contests delivered to you by email.

5. Winners Selected must provide Mike a valid email to where licenses should be sent within 5 days after the giveaway ends.
Good Luck for ALL!

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  Backup4all 9.1 Review and Giveaway - 10 Licenses
Posted by: Mike - 07-27-2021 , 10:31 PM - Forum: Developer Giveaways - Replies (1)

[Image: q2xYdvB.png]

What if you woke up one day to find that you lost precious photos of dear ones? How about losing your business documents, research and other important data? The answer is simple: Backup.

Backing-up is a crucial process that everyone should do in order to have a fail-safe, for when the inevitable happens. The principle is to make copies of particular data in order to use those copies for restoring the information if a failure occurs (a data loss event due to deletion, corruption, theft, viruses, etc.)

You can perform the backup manually by copying the data to a different location or automatically using a backup program. Backup4all is a feature-rich backup software that automatically protects your valuable data from total or partial loss. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use for beginners, but also includes advanced features for power users.

With Backup4all you can easily backup to multiple destinations:

Local - back-up to local HDD or to DVD, CD, Blu-ray

External - back-up to external HDDs (USB/Firewire enclosures) or removable media (i.e. USB drives).

Network - back-up to network destinations

Remote - back-up to FTP, FTPS and SFTP

In the Cloud - back-up online to Google Drive & Cloud Storage, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Azure, BOX, Hidrive, Hubic and 37+ S3 Compatible cloud destinations.

Starting with version 9, you can also add backup sources from the cloud or FTP/SFTP servers. For example you're now able to backup files from Dropbox onto Google Drive.


Download a trial version now and use it for free for up to 30 days.

Download Current version:


Download Previous Versions:


Backup4all can be used for up to 30 days for FREE, with all features enabled. During the 30 days trial period, you have all the functionality of the installed edition. After 30 days, the program will no longer work, unless you purchase a license and activate it.


The latest version was first released in May 2021 and it is still being enhanced.  It is SUPPORTED on the following operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3, Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 (32/64-bits).

Supported languages:

Backup4all has its interface translated in several languages. This helps you use Backup4all as efficiently as possible, especially if English is not your native language.

There is no need to download a language pack or add-on as all the languages are included in the setup. Once installed, you can easily switch the interface to a different language. Just open Backup4all, go to File, Options, General and select your language from the Language section.


In ALL versions:


You can load plugins for backing up or restoring specific programs' settings or other custom data (like game saves, email data, etc.).


Backup4all employs a unique system that decides automatically what backup type to use in order to save the most file versions (within the same allotted storage space) on your destination and improve the backup speed.


Backup4all creates standard ZIP files. This format is compatible with any zip utility currently available on the market. Unlike other backup programs, for zip files greater than 2 GB, Backup4all uses ZIP64 technology. This allows unlimited ZIP file size and also lets you encrypt your data using AES encryption (256-bits).


Backup4all shows messages when certain actions occur (i.e. when finishing a backup).


Powerful file and folder filtering engine with lots of options to filter by attribute, size, date, name and type).


Backup4all can now check for updates either manually or automatically at a scheduled date. This allows you to better stay in touch with the latest development of Backup4all.


Backup4all includes a step-by-step wizard with instructions to create a new backup job by selecting Where, What, How and When to backup.


Backup4all stores a summary snapshot of the file and folder information into a backup catalog file (".bkc") each time a backup runs.


Backup4all uses the Volume Shadow Copy service that allows you to back up local open files from NTFS partitions. Now you can back up your emails and settings without closing Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or other email clients.


A command line version of this backup application is available too and it will allow you run different operations using parameters.


The operations performed by Backup4all are logged. This allows you to see the status of performed operations (backup/test/cleanup/restore). A backup job/group History view is available too


The application tests the backups (using CRC32). This ensures that the files have been backed up properly and the backup is safe.

Features in the Pro version only:

Cloud Backup:

Back-up your data in the cloud to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, BOX, Hidrive, Hubic, Google Cloud Storage and over 36 Amazon S3 Compatible cloud destinations (i.e. Backblaze, Cisco, Tiscali, Verizon). This way you benefit from the most powerful infrastructures for protecting your data online, while using the backup program you're used to.


Backup4all can back-up using an incremental backup type. Incremental backup provides a faster method of backing up data than running full backups. During an incremental backup, only files changed since the most recent backup are included. Its advantage is that it takes the least time to complete.


Block-level backup speeds up the backup process of large files as it only back-up the modified blocks of data instead of the entire file. As an example, if you have a backup job for a large Outlook profile, whenever you receive a new email Backup4all knows to back-up only the bits of data that modified rather than the whole PST.


Backup4all offers four backup types to choose from: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and mirror backup. By default it uses a smart backup option to automatically chose which backup type to execute for optimizing backup speed and keep the most file versions possible without exceeding the allotted storage space.


You can configure Backup4all to send custom emails after a backup finished, with success, error and warning notifications (via SMTP or Gmail). Additional options allow you to attach the backup log file and send the email to several addresses. Backup4all also displays notifications in the Messages section when certain actions occur (i.e. when finishing a backup).


You can easily set up a powerful scheduler using predefined (or custom) scheduling configurations to make unattended backups. This way you set the backup and forget about it. Backups can also be scheduled to run when the computer shuts down. You can also schedule restore operations.


You can protect your ZIP files by setting a password for each backup job. Besides normal password protection, Backup4all also supports 128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit AES encryption. These numbers reflect the encryption key size used to encrypt the data - a higher key strength provides stronger encryption. Currently the 256-bit AES encryption is considered military-grade.


Backup4all offers an option to lock its interface so that when it starts you will need to provide a password in order to unlock it and be able to make changes to its settings. This way sensitive information is protected (i.e. server/email passwords).


You can store the backup Locally on the internal HDD, on another computer in the same LAN, on media such as CD/DVD, on external or removable drives and online to FTP/SFTP/Cloud

Types of backup supported by the program:

Backup4all performs all four backup types: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and mirror backup. It also employs an unique type (smart backup) that will decide when to use full, differential or incremental automatically. It also backs up blocks of data (true incremental backups) which means that for large files it will only back-up the small parts that changed in it since the last backup.

[Image: mnMIgjG.png]

Smart Backup

Smart backup is the default backup type. When executed, Backup4all will decide which backup type should be performed: full, differential or incremental. It will also decide whether to merge or delete older backup versions, all in order to efficiently use the destination free space and accommodate other user options.
It will try to keep as many backup versions as possible in the available destination space.

Full Backup

The Full Backup creates an archive out of all the folders and files that were selected to be backed up. Because the Full Backup stores all files and folders, backing up frequently will allow faster and simpler restore operations. When you choose other backup types, restore jobs may take longer.

Differential Backup

A Differential Backup contains all the files that have been added or changed since the last Full Backup. The advantage of the Differential Backup is that it has a shorter backup time. However, if  you perform the differential backup too many times, eventually the size of a backup archive might grow to be larger than the reference Full Backup archive.

Incremental Backup

An Incremental Backup stores all the files that have been added or changed since the last full, differential or incremental backup. Since this method doesn't back up the same exact files multiple times, an Incremental Backup takes the least time to complete. However, during a restore operation, each Incremental Backup must be processed, which could result in a lengthy restore job.

Mirror Backup

A Mirror Backup is identical to a Full Backup, with the exception that the files are not compressed into a single zip file. A Mirror Backup is most frequently used to create an exact copy of the backup data. It has the benefit that the backup files can be readily accessed using tools like File Explorer.
Using the Mirror Backup type, you can also choose to archive each individual file, preserving the folder structure, which also allows you to use the zip compression and encryption features.

Block backup

You can use block backup option to copy only the modified parts of the source files. This is useful for large files (such as .PST or database files), as only the modified part of the file will be backed up  instead of the entire file. You can use an automatic block size or you can set the block size manually.

How can you save your storage space?

In Backup4all you have two options for saving storage space. To reduce the overall backup size, you can either limit the number of file versions to be stored or limit the number of backups. When you limit the number of backups, you can merge backups in order to avoid exceeding the set limit. These options can only be used for Full, Differential, and Incremental backup types.

Backup4all will not interfere with any other backup software, because it does not need to read or  change the archive flags, instead it uses the catalog file to decide which files have to be backed up and which do not.

Compare editions of Backup4all:

There are 4 editions for Backup4all: Professional, Standard, Lite and Portable. Backup4all Professional is the fully featured edition, while Standard and Lite have fewer features enabled. Backup4all Portable is a portable version of Backup4all that can be installed ONLY on USB flash drives.


Purchase and Activation:
You can purchase a new license or upgrade from previous version

New License:


Upgrade License:

Backup plugins:

There are currently over 100 free backup plugins that you can load in Backup4all and easily back-up specific apps and data sets. These plugins are free and can be used only in Backup4all.

You can create your own backup plugins by downloading the Plugin Creator.


Automatic backup for Outlook

The program supports easy automatic backup of your Outlook. The process is very easy, simply you just have to define a backup job where you define various settings (such as where to keep the back-up, when to run the back-up, what type of backup to use) and that's it, Outlook will be backed up regularly (if you choose to schedule it).



Knowledge base:


Final Words:

Backup4all is a backup software that will help you to easily backup and restore your data and information. The program is easy to use and doesnot need experience. You can store your data in many locations;local, external storage, network and online. You will never lose any data again. The program has smart backup feature that automatically select the best backup type for you. There is also a built-in scheduler that automate the whole process for you

The program has 30 days free trial, why not to download and try it yourself!

I would like to thank the Backup4all team for sponsoring this giveaway for the Promo2day Anniversary Celebration.

Giveaway Details:

Number of licenses: 10

Value of each license:
$59.99 USD

Giveaway ends: August 31, 2021

Winners selection: Random.org

To have a chance to win a Backup4all Professional 9.1 license You must be a registered forum member and can join here: https://www.promo2day.com/member.php?action=register

Please follow these Simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and Post the share link with your comment below.

2. If you don't have a Facebook or Twitter account, please share on another forum or website.

3. Comment why you would like a license for Backup4all Professional 9.1

4. Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and get all the latest news, giveaways and contests delivered to you by email.

5. Winners Selected must provide Mike a valid email to where licenses should be sent within 5 days after the giveaway ends.
Good Luck for ALL!

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  Ultimate Puzzles Collection [PC Game]
Posted by: ahmed - 07-27-2021 , 09:19 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: M6cJS0K.jpg]

A new puzzle series that combines several previously released collections.
Ultimate Puzzles Collection - this is the first part of a new puzzle series that combines several previously released collections. 
This collection combines Ultimate Puzzles Animals and Ultimate Puzzles Animals 2, but now with an improved design, a 16:9 aspect ratio and a smaller size.
Choose the animal you like and put it forward.
Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but the complication is that the puzzles need to be rotated in the right direction.

[Image: JItXVol.jpg]



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  David Bowie Puppet & Terry Fator sing "Under Pressure" by Queen
Posted by: Mike - 07-27-2021 , 03:56 AM - Forum: Photo Albums, Images, & Videos - No Replies

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  Warhammer Vermintide 2 [50 Licenses]
Posted by: ahmed - 07-26-2021 , 10:51 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: uoroXaz.jpg]

Join and Win! Vermintide is back – darker, bloodier and more intense than ever!
The critically acclaimed Vermintide 2 is a visually stunning and groundbreaking melee action game pushing the boundaries of the first person co-op genre. Join the fight now!

  • Fight through endless hordes of enemies together with up to 3 friends in this visceral co-op action experience
  • Choose between 5 different characters, each with 3 branching careers to master
  • Evolve your skill and climb the difficulty ladders, from Recruit, Veteran, Champion to Legend
  • Customize your own unique style of play with 15 different talent trees and 50+ Weapon Types
  • Explore the war-ravaged lands of a dying world with a wide range of stunning levels to experience

System Requirements:
Windows 7/ 8 (8.1)/ 10 (64-bit )


Enter Here:

(6 Days left from now!)

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  SPACE Craft [PC Game]
Posted by: ahmed - 07-26-2021 , 10:48 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: 5taQI7Z.jpg]

Your ship crashed on the unknown planet BURA 0-5.1.
Your ship crashed on the unknown planet BURA 0-5.1. This planet is not yet unknown to your race and who knows what awaits you here! You will have to set up your camp, establish contact with civilians and protect yourself from hostile creatures that are waiting for you with the onset of pitch darkness!
Game combines elements of survival, construction and exploration of a mysterious planet. In SPACE Craft only you will find several chapters that you need to go through to complete your story!
You will find: free movement around the island, research of local customs. Discover the secrets of this planet and the race that inhabits it!

[Image: bd642b5b367279c7a557d8233885cfb7.jpeg]

System Requirements:
Windows 7/8/10



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  New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters [PC Game]
Posted by: ahmed - 07-25-2021 , 09:56 AM - Forum: Game Giveaway of the Day - No Replies

[Image: p6XB6o2.jpg]

Pursue a snow-white deer through an enchanted forest!
When the legendary ruler summons Sir John and Mary to complete another quest for him, they reluctantly leave their modern-day ranch and prepare for another sword-swinging, magic-casting adventure. But nothing they have experienced has prepared them for what they will face as they track a strange creature who's on a pressing quest of its own!

[Image: 20a2c04b8b4937a574c25b9ce7eea5a4.jpeg]

System Requirements:
Windows 7/ 8/ 10; CPU: 1.6 GHz; RAM: 768 MB; DirectX: 9.0; Hard Drive: 403 MB



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  Koodo Reader 1.2.9 Freeware (Open Source)
Posted by: mrtrout - 07-25-2021 , 04:20 AM - Forum: Freeware - No Replies

https://koodo.960960.xyz/log          Changelog
What's new about each version of Koodo Reader

Version 1.2.9
New Logo stylized for Big Sur
Rename digest to highlight
Now you can hide navigation button in Reader Option
Click Setting icon -> Survey to take a small survey, so we can know you better
No loading animation when exiting reading
Progress panel is now fully supported
Highlight theme will be persisted
Now you can turn off analytics service in the Setting
Fix the bug with Dropbox authorization
Double click to open books works even when Koodo is running
Fix the format issue when exporting books
Fix the scrollbar issue in some formats of books
Fix the sync issue
Fix the fullscreen issue on macOS, which will show an blank window
Fix the UI issue in My Notes and Highlights          https://github.com/troyeguo/koodo-reader...tag/v1.2.9    Latest release
@troyeguo troyeguo released this 21 hours ago · 1 commit to master since this release

Changelog: https://koodo.960960.xyz/log                    Koodo-Reader-1.2.9-Portable.exe
52.3 MB    Download:  https://github-releases.githubuserconten...tet-stream                    Koodo-Reader-1.2.9-Win.7z
51.7 MB    Download:  https://github-releases.githubuserconten...tet-stream       Koodo Reader 1.2.9 & Portable Koodo Reader 1.2.9  100% Free, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. & Scanned With  Malwarebytes Premium 4.4.3  &  Hitman Pro 3.8.23

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