vpn 2x windscribe lifetime annual 3x

Windscribe VPN 2X Lifetime 3X Annual
Windscribe VPN

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Windscribe VPN 2X Lifetime 3X Annual


Windscribe : is one of the most trustful VPN that provide both free and paid version for all users with high efficacy with Great transparency in terms


1 - Data Protection: AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key

2- Privacy :

-Dynamic ip
-Double Hop ;Double VPN : If you have the browser extension installed while using the desktop app, you can connect to a second location which helps to further mask your traffic. However, your Internet connection get slower.

-Ad Blocker.
-Firewall:with different modes better than kill switch in other VPN.
-DNS leak protection.
-Anti-social : Strip out all Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and many other social trackers from websites you visit, that all report your activities to their individual companies.
-Split Personality - Rotates your browser's user agent every time you start your browser, which helps fight browser fingerprinting.
-Whitelist :to add website ;you trust on demand.
-Don't keep logs of your activity, your ISP assigned IP, or any metadata except for your bandwidth usage in a 30 day period. The record of your connection is discarded within 3 minutes of you disconnecting.

3- servers:45 pro & 8 free.

4- VPN Protocol: UDP,TCP & Stealth ( TCP protocol via Stunnel ).

5- Cross Devices Support.

6- Unlimited Devices for one pro account with unlimited bandwidth.

1 device and 10 Gb bandwidth for free account.

7- Optimal speed through Cruise Control: is a unique feature that automatically connects you to the best server which is closest to you

8- Browser extension for better performance.

9- Secure.link generator : Secure.link is a separate service operated by Windscribe. It works in a similar fashion to a URL shortening service, where you create a unique URL that points to any webpage of your choice.windscribe will scan it and give a "Privacy Score", which grades (from A to F, just like in school) the destination page in terms of how invasive it is with tracking practices.

I would like to thank Mr. Yegor Sak, the Founder of Windscribe, for sponsoring Windscribe VPN Pro lifetime & 3 Annual


1- Each participant create short video review and publish it on his youtube channel and share it on social media.

2- Each one must Reply here with video link and share link & write what feature he hope to be in windscribe in the future.

3-Giveaway End 22 June 2017 (Winners announcement on 23 June 2017)

4-5 winners will be chosen by random.org

5- First 2 will win Lifetime ,other 3 will win Annual

6- Winners must PM within 24 hrs of winner announcement.

Good Luck


Obviously would like to see more server to be added to their server list.  Would also like to see the missing live support in their website in the future.

Good luck to all!

Thanks the Founder of Windscribe, Mr. Yegor Sak, and P2D for this chance to win a license for really powerful and needful VPN Service!
Windscribe for Blackberry - would not be bad. (Just Kidding). Everything is already in order (еspecially with humor) - keep it up!

thank you very much
i like to see more backup login server for both addon and desktop Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

thanks for this giveaway my friend,

would like to see:

1. more server locations

2. SSTP and IKEV2 (IKEV2 already announced but should be configured manually) protocols which are integrated in windows installer without the need to be configured manually.

3. a live support and also an advanced search engine in website.

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I hope Windscribe will add more and faster servers. I also want Windscribe to add "modes" where each one is specially configured for doing a certain action.
Thanks! Heart
Thank you to Windscribe & Deathsmear for this generous giveaway. Heart Heart

Apart from adding more servers & introducing different modes like online gaming/torrenting/streaming for which dedicated pre-chosen servers are selected I don't see much else for improvement. Windscribe is already the neat, perfect & most feature rich vpn available there. Thumb

Shared video on facebook
thanks for giveawy

i will try to make better next time

what i want to windscribe in future many support  server in free account for android as in android support only for paid not free



I would like to see it for the linux system and can install it and one of its features is that it has extension

For chrome and firefox

Thank you for the giveaway of this awesome product.  

Here is my review.

It is a great VPN software I love all its feature but I would like to see more fastest server in the list also with better encryption. 
That's it.

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